Why on Machine Inspection Is Key to

Precision Machining

On-machine inspection is vital for ensuring the quality of your parts. It’s the process of inspecting and qualifying the machining process, equipment, cutting conditions, etc before or during the process.

In general, CNC manufacturers check the quality of the parts using the CMM method after production. This is important as well for ensuring better quality for the buyer.

However, CMM or Coordinate Measuring Machine is not enough when you need higher precision and top quality parts. This is where on-machine inspection comes in. It allows the manufacturers to have more control over the process while ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

How Does Sunrise Metal Ensure the Highest Level of Quality Control in CNC Machining?

Sunrise Metal is the leading manufacturer in the CNC machining industry in China. Over the years, we have served hundreds of clients with high precision and top-quality CNC machining projects.

Here at Sunrise Metal, we put a considerable emphasis on the quality of our parts. Our goal is to provide ultimate satisfaction to our clients. This is why, if you require high precision parts, we can help you with all your requirements.


Now let’s see how the on-machine inspection system helps to provide our buyers with top-quality CNC parts.

1.Increasing the Efficiency Level

The probing system is a great way to ensure on-machine inspection for any machining project. When a reliable probe is set up on the machining device, manufacturers can have various benefits.


First of all, it saves a lot of time for the machinist by automatically identifying and setting up the workpiece. Both these tasks can take from 10-15 minutes if done manually. In addition, it measures the parts while in the process and after the production cycle as well. All while the workpiece is still on the table.Even more, the probing system monitors the surface condition of the parts and instigates automatic corrections. Despite all these features, probes do not cause any disruption to the actual process. So the machinist can get all the benefits without any trouble whatsoever.

2.Refine Accuracy After Production

On-machine inspection has a massive impact on improving the accuracy of the parts. Machining cast parts are always harder than machining extruded metal. Therefore, there is a significant concern of accuracy and precision with forged or cast parts.

Cast parts tend to have some variations between different pieces. This makes the job harder for manufacturers to ensure the highest accuracy. And the probe system helps us accomplish that. It’s even more essential when we are working with pressure die casting and investment casting parts. Because it helps us ensure accuracy as a secondary process.

3.Completes the Quality Control Requirement

Coordinate the Measuring Machine method is necessary for ensuring quality. But it cannot deliver the expected results. Especially in cases of precision machining.

quality-control-for-machiningRelying solely on CMM will cause two major problems. First, it will double the labor time and second, it will increase the cost. Both are significant losses and manufacturers or buyers wouldn’t want either of them.

On the other hand, an on-machine inspection ensures that the errors are fixed right on the spot. So, there is no need to work on a piece twice or go back and forth with the same unit.

4.Improving Quality of Molds

The inspection process is an undeniable asset for mold making. Especially for injection molding and other types as well. Because machining cavities and cores require a higher level of accuracy. And the probes can deliver that very effectively.

Even before the machining starts, the probe may help the process in different ways. For instance, it can determine the rotation and orientation of the parts. Other than that, it helps increase the accuracy by locating the workpiece automatically as well.

In fact, the probe helps with mold making in various ways during production as well. For instance, it aligns the cutting tool and allows offsets to react better to temperature fluctuations. Meanwhile, it also checks the electrode condition, which has a significant impact on the final result.

Why Is On Machining Inspection the Key to Ensure Highest Precision Machining?

The CMM or coordinate measuring machine can offer better quality assurance for the buyers. However, this should not be the only thing manufacturers should rely on. Because there are many drawbacks of the system and it may often miss ensuring the highest quality.

machining-in-processSimilarly, the CMM system can not ensure the productivity of the machinist as well. Because when there is a fault identified with the CMM system, it’s more bad than good. Because then it has to be reworked, which is a tiring process for all the parties.

On the other hand, the on-machine inspection can save manufacturers and buyers from all these hassles. It identifies and amendments the changes during the process before the workpiece leaves the table.

This is why manufacturers tend to rely on on-machine inspection more and more. It helps us save time and cost while ensuring optimum quality for the items.

Benefits of on Machining Inspection?

You’ve seen the importance of machining inspection for any CNC project. Let’s have a look at some of the primary advantages of this process as well:

  • Especially useful for cast and forged parts.
  • Can amend or give feedback instantly.
  • Essential for mold cavities.
  • Reduce the pressure of the CMM method.
  • It identifies faults in the beginning stage.
  • Saves a lot of time on the inspection.
  • It improves the overall productivity of machines and machinists.
  • Helps with ensuring the highest level of precision.
  • No need for manual offset correction; it does it automatically.


As you know, CNC machining is a very intricate process. And the quality control method can make or break any project or parts. If you’re a company that needs precision CNC machining, you wouldn’t want your parts to be any less than top quality. Likewise, we don’t want to produce parts that we are not proud of.

If you’re like us and believe only in the highest quality of work, reach out to us now. And see for yourself how we can help your company with precision and high-quality CNC machined parts.

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