Which Industries Are Suitable for K-Alloy Material?


K-Alloy or A304 alloy is an alloy of aluminum for casting which was introduced back in 2003. K-alloy comprises a certain percentage of magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, etc.

Many industries around the world are using k-alloy die casting components because of their unique properties. K-alloy parts don’t require certain post-production processing like chromating, painting, and anodizing and so manufacturers prefer it over other alloys.

Some example of industries which are suitable for k-alloy material are:

  • Automotive
  • Lighting, Telecommunication, and Electrical
  • Military and Marine
  • Furniture and Recreational
  • Agriculture and Construction

Industries that are suitable for k-alloy materials

We have discussed some of the industries below that have a good application of k-alloy parts.

Automotive Industries


The automotive industry utilizes k-alloy in different parts due to its superior material properties. They make a variety of components such as electronic housings, roof racks, powertrains, LED lighting housings, gear housings, etc. using the A304 alloy.

Electrical Industries


In the electrical industries, many components such as integrated circuits, diodes, relays, resistors, capacitors, etc. are made using K-alloy die casting. Manufacturers use it to make these parts because these parts have to be highly thermally conductive.


Examples of different k-alloy components

Lighting Industries


Die-cast manufacturers use k-alloy mostly to make outdoor lighting components because of its corrosion resistivity. For example, stadium lights, floodlights, street lights, boating lights, etc. need it for the lighting housings and lighting bases.

Military Industries


The military and marine industries use this alloy to make different parts such as drones, antennas, radios, and other parts. Because these components are used in rough environments and so these require high corrosion resistivity.

Other Industries


Manufacturers also use A304 or k-alloy parts in many other industries. For any other industries that have high requirements for mechanical and physical properties, k-alloy die casting can be a viable solution for them.


Need a Good Aluminum Alloy Die Cast Manufacturer? Sunrise Metal Is the Solution


Sunrise metal is one of the best aluminum alloys die cast manufacturers in China. In Sunrise metal, we use advanced technology to manufacture parts using different aluminum alloys such as A380, A383, and A360.

We have professional engineers and workers with over 10 years of experience. For this reason, clients from all over the world including Germany, the USA, Japan, are satisfied with our services.

Long-Standing Experience in Aluminum Alloy Casting


Sunrise metal has been manufacturing die cast aluminum alloy components for over a decade. Hence we are the right choice when it comes to manufacturing parts with different aluminum alloys.

The A380 alloy has good elongation and so we use it to manufacturing components that require more flexibility. But A383 alloy has better thermal conductivity. So we use this alloy for making parts that are used mostly at high temperatures.


A380 and A383 alloy component made in Sunrise Metal

One-Stop Aluminum Alloy Parts Production


Sunrise metal not only manufactures aluminum alloy parts but also provides additional services like tooling, machining, finishing, designing, and so on. We have a variety of capabilities such as:

Altogether, we offer a wide range of alloy choices for our customers. However, we also value our customer’s needs and try to fulfill their demand for other alloys. You can contact us if you need help with k-alloy die casting as well.


Why Choose K-Alloy Over Other Aluminum Alloys?


Aluminum die casting is popular all over the world for many reasons. But for die casting, aluminum alloys are used rather than pure aluminum. The main reason for this is alloys have better mechanical properties than pure aluminum. However, there are different types of aluminum alloys available. For example, A360, A380, A383, and of course A304 alloy or k-alloy.

K-alloy and A380 are both are highly corrosion resistant but aluminum alloy parts require high thermal conductivity as well. In this case, k-alloy beats A380 because it has better thermal conductivity than A380.


Parameters Units K-Alloy/A304 A360 A380 A383 A413
Tensile Strength Psi 43,000 46,000 47,000 49,000 42,000
Elongation 5.00% 3.5 % 3.5 % 3.5% 3.5%
Yield Strength Psi 25,000 25,000 23,000 23,000 19,000
Density gms/cm3 2.63 2.63 2.71 2.74 2.66
Thermal Conductivity W/m.K @ 77°F 120 113 96 96 121
Corrosion Resistance Best Good Average Average Good

On the other hand, A-383 has better die-filling characteristics than A380. That is why it is suitable for complex casting parts. However, A383 is not as flexible as k-alloy. It has 5% elongation whereas A383 has 3.5%.

When it comes to A360, it is the strongest alloy amongst all the other alloys above. It also has better corrosion resistivity than A380, A383, and A304. But unfortunately, the A360 alloy is very difficult to cast and so manufacturers avoid using this. Instead, k-alloy is a better choice than A360 for ease of casting.

Benefits of Using K-Alloy for Die Casting?


Some amazing k-alloy properties make it an ideal choice for die casting in various industries. Some benefits of using k-alloy are discussed below:

  • It has higher elongation than most other aluminum alloys. That is why the parts are sturdier than other alloy components.
  • Many aluminum alloy parts require high thermal conductivity so that the environment can be kept cool. K-alloy is the perfect material for this because of its excellent thermal conductivity.
  • A304 alloy has better flowability than other alloys and is easier to cast. It spreads perfectly inside the cavity and so the parts achieve precise shapes.
  • K-alloy or A304 alloy components require less post-production processing than other aluminum alloy components.
  • K-alloy components have good corrosion resistivity and so these are suitable for rough or harsh environments.
  • The A304 alloy components have very good surface finishing and so there is no need for additional polishing.
  • The parts made from k-alloy don’t shrink much after solidification and as a result, k-alloy parts are more precise in dimension than other alloy parts.

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