Things to Consider When CNC Machining

Large Parts


CNC machining is genuinely one of the most advanced and effective manufacturing methods. Almost every industry in the current world relies on the machining method for accurate and precise parts.

However, one significant obstacle of CNC machining is the size limitations. In general, the process is best suited for small to medium-sized parts. But often, a company might require machining for large parts.

And usually, typical machining shops aren’t able to do the process with large parts. Another thing is that, even if they have the capability, the lack of experience and knowledge can severely hurt your projects.

In this guide, you’ll learn essential things about large part machining and finding the right partner. Stay tuned.




What to Consider When Machining Large Parts


Machining big parts is a tricky thing to do. It isn’t very easy and you have to consider certain things to assure the best result.


The Capability of the Machine


This is one of the first and most significant obstacles that you have to face for your project. You have to make sure the machine you depend on for the job can do the job. Because machines have a limitation to the weight of the part in general.

So if the workpiece is heavier than what it can take, this won’t work. The same goes for the height. If your parts are too big to enter the machine, you’ll have to reconsider.


Planning and Preparation


To make the process successful, you have to plan and plan strategically. Your planning should include segmentation of the large part. Because if the machine can’t process the part at once, it’s best to break the setup and process into multiple sections.

Arrange the Tooling


Before starting the process, you need to consider managing all the necessary tooling for the machining. Because mainly, the machining process is applied to the smaller parts. And that’s why it’s a bit harder to get the tooling material you need for this kind of project.


Precision and Accuracy


While machining large parts, maintaining accuracy is a vital challenge for the manufacturers because it requires a lot of attention to detail.


Why Choose Sunrise Metal for Large Part Machining


Sunrise Metal is an industry-leading expert in CNC machining. When it comes to getting the best parts for your company, we’re one step ahead of all our competitors.

You may require large part machining from time to time. And it’s not always easy to find a machining shop that can do this kind of project. Maintaining quality in large part machining is a challenging job for any machining shop.

However, when you work with us, you get the utmost peace of mind. Because you know your project is in the right hands. Our one-stop solution manufacturing facilities are capable of machining large parts as you require.

Regardless of your order size, parts size, and needed service other than machining, we’re always by your side. If you haven’t worked with us before, we welcome you to have a meeting with us and find out how we can make your machining project a great success.



Tips and Considerations in the Designing Stage


The designing stage plays a vital role in this kind of production. While you’re making a design or finalizing it, make sure you’re aware of the size. Because the things that machining tools can do for smaller parts may not be possible with the more extensive parts.

For the best result, we recommend you finalize a design that is not too complicated. As it will generate a lot of heat in the process, it’s already a hard thing to do to maintain accuracy.



Tips and Considerations in the Manufacturing Process

Ensure Enough Room


The first thing to do is to ensure more room for the parts. Because you’re working with bigger than usual parts and generally, the machine setup will require more open up for it. Sometimes it needs to remove the enclosure entirely. You can remove the tool changer in certain situations to make enough space for a marginal component to fit.


Be Careful About Collisions


The worst thing that can happen to a machining project is a collision. And when the parts’ size is big, there’s always a risk for it. So before the machining starts, make sure that your manufacturer is taking necessary precautions to avoid that.


Test Different Angles


Although it’s always best to work on the straight edges, the scene is different for this project. To make the job easy and smooth, you may need to experiment with different angles. Make sure the tools can move freely and the part fits right.


Able to Support the Weight


The equipment has a weight limit in most cases. And usually, they work with smaller to medium parts. When the workpiece is bigger, you need to consider this carefully. Make sure the equipment assigned for the task is capable of weight.


Apply Sliding Technique


When machining large rectangular parts, sliding can be very effective. As a stop for the job to slip against, install a couple of round pins in your table’s T-slots. Place them parallel to the machine’s X-axis, ensuring that the element has an edge all the way around. This will help in keeping the squareness.


Split The Part Into Different Segments


If it doesn’t hamper the quality of the parts, you can break down a large component into a series of sub-assemblies. It will make the process a whole lot easier for the manufacturer.


Use CNC Routers


One great advantage of routers is that they can handle bigger parts than typical machining equipment. Manufacturers can use it to move larger parts using its envelopes or use it to improve the accuracy of the parts.




CNC machining is ideal for smaller parts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this excellent manufacturing method for producing larger parts.

Here at Sunrise Metal, we understand the need of companies like yours for this kind of project. Thus, we introduced the top of the world technology for producing large parts effectively.

Like any other services, we don’t compromise the quality here as well. Our investment in heavy and hi-tech equipment has allowed us to provide this value to you.



Now, if you require machining bigger parts, you don’t have to be worried or confused. Like any other services that we offer, we’ll exceed all your expectations here as well.

Interested to know the cost of large machined parts? Leave us a message and we will gladly get back to you in hours!

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