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Sunrise Metal is a prestigious name in the Chinese die casting and metal manufacturing industry for over 10 years now. Our competent and vastly experienced team of professionals is known both in China and around the globe for its top-notch die casting and rapid tooling service.

Our products match and overtake the offerings from any big-name metal casting, CNC machining, and rapid tooling company anywhere in the world. Detailed customization and rapid turnaround are among the myriad benefits that you can avail of with Sunrise Metal. In fact, we have one of the shortest lead times that any comparable rapid tooling supplier will struggle to match.

Your Rapid Toolings Coming From Sunrise High-end Mold Machining Equipment

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    Mold CNC Machinery
  • Mold-Machining-Rapid-Tooling-Service
    Die Casting Mold Machining
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    Electrode Making Machine
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    Refined Mold CNC Machine
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    Electric Discharge Machining

Partner Up with the Right Rapid Tooling Company in China

You Can Always Count On Sunrise Metal's Superior Service!
Perfect Rapid Tooling Service for Low Volume Orders

Sunrise Metal is known for its innovative rapid tooling technology and offers various solutions for your die casting and injection molding needs. Using methods such as short-run production tooling and bridge tooling among others, we provide first-class prototypes to help you figure out what works best for your business.

Furthermore, our efficient client service team always keeps you in the loop with regard to manufacturing progress. This ensures that your industrial demands are fulfilled perfectly.

Our Rapid Tooling Service to Speed up Your Parts to Market

At Sunrise Metal, our highly seasoned engineers and technicians are specialists in rapid tooling. With an extensive manufacturing setup providing state-of-the-art facilities, they are capable of simultaneously delivering die-cast parts, rapid tooling service, and injection molded parts. All of this is done while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Two major advantages of having Sunrise Metal as your rapid tooling supplier:

  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effectiveness

One-stop Tooling Solution In-house

Tooling design & Mold construction & Tool validation & Repair and Maintenance.

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  • Strong-Technical-Mold-Design-Engineer-Team-Rapid-Tooling-Service
  • Validation-Technology-Mold-Stimulation-Rapid-Tooling-Service

Rapid Tooling Parrs Supported By High-Tech Process Machines At Sunrise

  • heat-sink-made-by-die-casting-mold-Rapid-Tooling-Service
    Heat Sink Prototypes
  • lamp-holdermade-by-die-casting-mold-Rapid-Tooling-Service
    Lamp Holder Prototypes
  • pedal-made-by-die-casting-mold-Rapid-Tooling-Service
    Pedar Prototypes
  • power-cover-made-by-die-casting-mold-Rapid-Tooling-Service
    Power Tool Prototypes
  • radar-covermade-by-die-casting-mold-Rapid-Tooling-Service
    Radar Cover Prototypes
  • radar-housing-made-by-die-casting-mold-Rapid-Tooling-Service
    Radar Housing Prototypes

Looking For Competitive Options For Industrial Parts?

As compared to other rapid tooling service providers, we are also better able to deal with the challenges associated with it. In comparison to conventional tools, rapid tools tend to have shorter life spans and wider tolerances.

This is one more aspect that sets Sunrise Metal apart from other players in the market. Our expert research and development (R&D) staff has worked extensively to ensure that we have rapid tooling equipment with significantly better life spans than usual.

Get Your Project Off the Ground with Sunrise Metal!

No. Name Stroke Q’ty
1 Mazak 7-axis turning&milling Machine Ø658*1011MM 1
2 Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machine Ø850/Ø600 4
3 3-axis CNC machine center 2000*1500MM 1
4 4-axis CNC machine center Ø250*800MM 8
5 3-axis CNC machine center 1000*600*600MM 20
6 CNC Lathes Ø320*800/Ø610*1000MM 2
7 Sodick Wire cutting Machine 400*400*200MM 3
8 EDM machine 500*400*400MM 2
9 Surface grinder 600*300*200MM 1

No. Name Brand Q’ty
1 CMM Carl Zessis 1
2 CMM SanYou 1
3 Spectrometer China 1
4 Microscope China 1
5 Projector China 2
6 X-ray Detector SANDT 1
7 Cleanliness Test Equipment China 1
8 Leakage Test Equipment China 2
9 Salt Spray Testing Equipment China 1
10 Pneumatic Measuring Instrument China 2
11 Hardness Testing Machine China 1
12 Color Meter Machine China 1
13 Thickness Testing Machine China 1
14 Electronic Balance China 1
15 Density Balance China 1

Why Sunrise Metal Is Best-Suited to Your Needs?

The pricing offered by Sunrise list among the most competitive in China and the international market.

Research and development (R&D) team par excellence.

The rapid pace of production resulting in a lead time which is half of the industry average (local and global).

Vastly experienced personnel with at least 10 years in the field.

ISO 9001-certified rapid tooling company.

Tired of Substandard Rapid Tooling Service? Time to Contact Sunrise Metal!

Here is just a small part but an important way that we’re serving you for rapid tooling projects.

Sunrise Metal can offer full chain service for you if you have any demands on aluminum die casting projects, looking learn more about aluminum die casting.



Sunrise Metal is capable enough to precisely make models that can serve as patterns through its rapid tooling services.

We output excellent parts and responsible in case any problems occur. We have 23+ years of rapid tooling experience and manufacture quality parts with extreme reliability and consistency.

We can handle your CAD data accurately and other design formats also.

When asked by new clients, Sunrise Metal will gladly provide the names of customers for whom it has completed similar rapid tooling projects.

What is the Rapid Tooling Service?

Rapid Tooling is when Rapid Prototyping techniques and standard tooling rehearses are utilized together to deliver a mold rapidly.

The rapid tooling process is likewise used to manufacture parts and prototypes from CAD data in less time and at lower cost contrasted with traditional manufacturing methods.

Rapid tooling is utilized to manufacture and produced injection molded parts and works as a channel.

There are generally two ways that an RT (rapid tooling) system can work: Either the engineers can use a fast prototyping model as a particular example. Or it utilizes the fast services related to prototyping while a vast majority of prototypes required by customers.

Likewise, a rapid tooling system is required while delivering few practical models to test the product development cycle.

Furthermore, rapid tooling services are also known as prototype or bridge tooling services because of its quick and cost-proficient approach to do injection moldings for a vast majority of parts.

When steel or aluminum molds are made with the rapid tooling services, it tends to be used as an aspect of a general process (molding process) to manufacture various duplicates of a particular part.

Rapid tooling services are used to make a molding to fulfill the fast production requirements in an abbreviated period or to bridge the hole before any high-volume manufacturing and production.

There’s consistently a requirement for some moderate tooling to create few prototypes or useful tests during the product development cycle.

These little volumes are utilized for advertising tests, assessment purposes, production process designs, and production measure plans. Hence, Rapid Tooling has become even more crucial to the manufacturing industry.

At Sunrise Metal – China, we always combine our manufacturing and production capacities, experience, cutting edge technology, and advanced knowledge to deliver excellent and high-quality rapid tooling services for prototypes and short manufacturing runs.

Our engineering team works straightforwardly with every client to guarantee that we make the ideal arrangement. Our experience justifies itself with real evidence.

The team at Sunrise Metal – China is well-prepared to deal with your rapid tooling and large-scale manufacturing mold making requirements.

However, if you are prepared to begin large scale manufacturing, learn more about Sunrise Metal injection molding services.

 Rapid Tooling Services by Sunrise Metal Art

How does the Rapid Tooling Works?

Rapid tooling basically is the injection molding process, which is consists of three possible significant parts.

The first part is an injection molding machine, the second one is a raw material, and the third one is machined mold.

The raw material is softened in the injection molding machine and afterward infused into the mold where the cooling process starts and cements into the last part.

Furthermore, When the part has cooled, it is eliminated, and the surface finished if required according to our customer requirements.

Rapid Tooling Working Art Design

What are the advantages of Rapid Tooling Service?

Rapid production tooling gives a number of advantages over other methods of prototype production:

  • Rapid processing: Prototype tooling outputs rapid outcomes, so the transition among development and production is short.
  • Customization: The rapid tooling process, despite everything, takes into consideration progressed customization of the mold.
  • Proof of testing: Rapid tooling encourages design testing and debug. It additionally empowers fast and exact manufacturing of new tooling that executes design changes and upgrades.
  • Speed to advertise: Fast production and precise tooling add to effectiveness in production, ultimately giving a quick introduction to the market than other different techniques.
  • Competitive valuing: The affordability of the rapid tooling services converts into a positive effect on the primary concern for our clients.
  • High Volume Production: More yield when compared with other assembling and manufacturing services.
  • Wide Range of Materials: Most of the steel and aluminum alloys can be processed through rapid tooling and can give precise output.
  • Reduce Processes: Complex assembly cycles can be united into one process.
  • Repeatability: The mold can deliver an enormous number of items without wearing out.

Advantages of Rapid Tooling Services

What are the key benefits of using Rapid Tooling Services from Sunrise Metal?

Sunrise Metal is one of the best rapid tooling services provider and manufacturer and additionally, give some of the best key benefits to its customers:

  • The part is dispatched into the market inside the turnaround time.

This is the reason why you prefer rapid tooling whenever you have any customer requirements and requests for assembling, manufacturing, and casting mold.

Doing so will benefit you in two ways, first, it’ll assist you to fulfill the time constraint, and second, it will inspire a positive company reputation.

  • In general, for any research, parts manufactured through rapid tooling that functionally operates should be dispatched.

However, the important thing to know here is that these parts, devices, or prototypes are not dispatched in mass volume for the consumers but in a limited quantity for the scientists and researchers.

Rapid tooling is amazingly gainful as the process of rapid tooling can permit you to dispatch the items, parts, or prototypes rapidly in short production and process times.

  • Since the production and manufacturing costs are low, our customers can get the required items at a low rate contrasted with the costs of the mass-produced ones with standard tools.

That is the reason a few new companies or even enormous ones want to utilize this apparatus to extend their income and accomplish an edge over the individual and small companies in the market.

  • It likewise encourages the manufacturing and production of various items in a more prominent scope of materials.
  • It helps in decreasing the production time and price of product manufacturing.
  • Rapid tooling is considered as an ideal approach to meet little volume requirements.
  • Sunrise Metal also uses rapid tooling for the purposes of troubleshooting and debugging existing technical glitches in-order-to achieve the maximum part precision possible.
  • We can produce molds for different applications using rapid tooling as the time lag is really short from starting the process to the finishing point.

That is the core reason why a vast majority of organizations are trying to utilize rapid tooling nowadays.

  • Our rapid tooling services open the extent of individual alteration and customization for singular purposes.

This offers a much-anticipated reprieve from the tedious experimentation methodology and process.

This system incorporates placing the product design under the CAD program where individual tweaked molds can be manufactured to debug all the relative issues.

  • Our team and staff at Sunrise Metal – China decides the sort of rapid tooling materials to be the best fit for your parts.

This relies upon the interest of the customer and accessibility in the industry.

That is the reason its creation is quite specific, and there’s less possibility of wastage.

  • Sunrise Metal staff is very productive in managing rapid tooling customer requirements.

They effectively grasp and analyze the necessity of the customer and convey the final products as needs are. They guarantee complete consumer loyalty.

  • Furthermore, elective and most suitable processes require large scale asserts and time, frequently inaccessible to the starting or struggling companies.

Indeed, even huge companies don’t try to waste their assets when such a simple way is accessible by hand.

Eventually, it assists with boosting the business and develop income by reducing the production time and cost.

Key benefits of using Rapid Tooling Services from Sunrise Metal

What is the Rapid Tooling Process?

The process of rapid tooling is exceptional and includes the production and manufacturing of a specific mold utilizing either aluminum or soft steel based on our customer requirements.

Rapid tooling is perhaps the best strategy for satisfying little cluster orders implied for use in promoting tests, item assessments, and process design.

Customary or traditional tooling is frequently restrictively costly for little projects.

Sunrise Metal custom rapid tooling services are exceptionally cost-effective, and it’s proven most productive in circumstances where low-volume is required initially and no high-volume requirement later on.

Our rapid tooling process is usually utilized in modern production and manufacture settings for functional parts and prototyping solutions or for debugging product design issues and errors, giving a simple prologue to mold making.

What is the difference between Aluminum Mold and Steel Mold in Rapid Tooling Services?

Aluminum Mold Tooling:

Aluminum Parts with Rapid Tooling

An exceptional and most preferred decision for rapid prototyping, aluminum mold tooling gives a rapid and cost-effective approach to deliver molded parts.

Since they are anything but difficult to cut and process, aluminum molds are able to decrease tooling and production costs by 20-25% contrasted with various other mold materials.

Furthermore, they reduce the manufacturing and process cycle times by up to 35% as compared to the other mold tooling materials.

However, this means a quicker turnaround for our customers. Aluminum equally absorbs heat, which gives dimensional stability in tooling.

This altogether decreases deformation and delivers less waste during the manufacturing and production cycle.

Note that aluminum is not as stable and strong as steel; hence aluminum has a short life-cycle and is less helpful when it comes to the high-volume production.

 Aluminum Parts with Rapid Tooling

Steel Mold Tooling:

Steel is a tough, strong, excellent tooling material; however, it isn’t reasonable for all possible parts and applications.

Soft or hard steel molds have the ability to perform their best for a long period and are along these lines ideal for high-volume production. Steel mold’s life-cycle is more extended as compared to aluminum molds.

Steel can likewise be utilized to deliver molds from engineering-grade materials that are resistant to wear and corrosion.

In spite of the fact that it includes different advantages, steel is a more costly material for rapid tooling as compared to aluminum.

Furthermore, it requires more turnaround time to manufacture and produce molds and prototypes.

Steel Parts with Rapid Tooling

What are the different Rapid Tooling Services?

Sunrise Metal offers a wide range of rapid tooling services to serve your requirements and needs. We manufacture and produce prototypes through both bridge tooling and short-run production tooling.

Rapid tooling is essentially a process that joins rapid prototyping services and conventional tooling techniques to make a mold in impressively lesser time.

Or it can be to produce bits of a useful model from the fed CAD data in less time and at moderately lesser costs as against the customary machining methods.

Consequently, rapid tooling was acquainted with making it conceivable to deliver little amounts of prototypes for promoting, item process designing, or assessment and evaluation reasons.

The primary advantages of rapid tooling services are that they significantly lessen the tooling time.

These services also decrease the overall cost in contrast with customary tooling measurements.

Mentioned below are a few of the most critical rapid tooling services.

  • CNC Machining – This is the most utilized out of all the rapid tooling procedures and rapid tooling services out there.

CNC machining has made the machining process significantly more adaptable and has considerably diminished the lead time. There is no need specific fixture since the volume is very small and all dimensions are well known.

Best of all, utilizing CNC machining for rapid tooling services empowers the requesting of a little clump without the need to contribute tremendous sums for parts.

  • 3D Printing – The most recent and latest in technology processes have only recently begun to be used for delivering rapid tooling services.

The best advantage of 3D printing is the unparalleled adaptability that it offers. Besides, there is no requirement for any installations or spaces.

You can even make cooling channels and sharp corners that can’t be made through different cycles.

  • EDM Tooling – Electric Discharge Machining is the most crucial of all rapid tooling services.

This rapid tooling service is best utilized when you have to deliver tooling utilizing some hard material.

For example, a portion of the dyes that are utilized to deliver hard steel alloy parts can withstand a ton of weight even while the prototype is produced.

Thus, instead of cutting smalls chips utilizing milling focus, it is smarter to make a switched cavity structure on a significantly delicate material, for example, copper or aluminum, and afterward, introduce it onto the EDM machine.

Different Rapid Tooling Services

What is the future of Rapid Tooling Services?

The rapid tooling services are promising in the current period of customized products.

That is the reason a lot of organizations put resources into research that worries about designing better approaches to fast tooling fabrication and manufacturing.

Existing rapid tooling processes and services are continually improved. Just a couple of years before, we were limited to use machined printed items and parts just for models.

Now, practical and functional machine-printed parts are utilized in a wide scope of various machines.

CNC machining precision, materials, and rates are being enhanced and improved too.

New cutting velocities are arrived at consistently, and the upgrades are just developing at a very fast rate.

Many different things can be said for the future of rapid tooling services and molds, which are being relieved in the stove currently to expand their solidness.

Moreover, the latest aluminum and steel alloys are, as a rule, continually produced.

What are Hard Rapid Tooling Services?

Hard tooling molds are made of metal, for example, steel and aluminum, and can deliver a lot bigger runs of prototypes – from hundreds to thousands of pieces.

They are significantly more vigorous than soft molds and can be re-machined and adjusted once delivered.

Such tools are clearly more costly than their ‘soft’ cousins, yet this can be more than made up for by their life span and higher production limit.

Parts can be made with no human intercession, and this can make such manufacturing quicker and much more cost-effective.

Capacity and development can be an issue with hard tools, particularly enormous ones, and rapid tooling companies are needed to have unique cranes to move huge molds around the company.

What are the Limitations of using Rapid Tooling Services?

  • The Mold Should Be Strong: It ought to be sufficiently extreme to manage the injection molding process.

The machine is being estimated by pounds per square inch. It possibly implies that if the mold material isn’t sufficiently intense, it will be unable to endure.

Likewise, the mold ought to have the option to withstand injections of hot material.

  • The Mold Should Be Smooth: Besides being solid, the mold ought to be smooth enough, especially for the aluminum and steel parts for simple discharge.

However, customary steel machined molds are cleaned and smoothed for problem-free ejection.

The normal issue that you may experience in rapid tooling is material build-up. It decreases the perfection of the mold.

Is Time-To-Market a key in Rapid Tooling Services?

Rapid tooling services with taking care of frameworks make it conceivable to produce parts through “automated” short-term activity.

These outcomes in short throughput times and hence impressive time savings.

The key term here is “time-to-market.” Quick accessibility and monetary productivity are the primary core interest.

An essential for all parts made with rapid tooling services is that they are intended for injection molding from the beginning.

Rapid tooling is especially appropriate for item improvement, guaranteeing reasonableness for series production, moving discoveries to series production, or the assembling of little series of up to 50,000 parts.

By utilizing high-quality aluminum materials and an extra surface coating (with an adequate arranged amount), it is conceivable to deliver up to 100,000 parts from a solitary injection-molding tool.

EDM, draw-cleaned, or reflexive finishes are conceivable. Tool tolerance of under 0.01 mm can be accomplished.

In our bordering, state-of-the-art injection-molding company, we can handle practically any accessible material.

Contingent upon the number of pieces, the tools can be intended for manual expulsion or as a self-loader or completely programmed falling-parts form – cost-effective as per client/amount requirements.

Complex over-molding and inclusion of links, stepping and twisting of parts, and the production of multi-segment parts all fall inside the extent of our services.

Our frameworks likewise incorporate on horizontally and vertically turning machines, which are ideal for these applications.

We start each activity with an analysis of the client’s needs and a top to bottom interview – so as to locate the most cost-effective and time-optimized answer for the main job.

Every quotation remembers a straightforward proposition for the type of tooling idea.

At the point when a request is set, we continue with extra special care: from design and toolmaking to injection molding in the first material.

At Sunrise Metal – China, when we use the word “rapid,” we really mean it.

For straightforward tooling tasks, our standard help incorporates the making of the mold and manufacturing of the injection-molded parts incorporating complex parts with an ensured lead time.

What is the Classification of Rapid Tooling Methods?

To beat a portion of the downsides of indirect methods, some rapid tooling services providers and manufacturers have proposed new rapid tooling methods that permit injection molding and die-casting inserts to be manufactured directly from 3D CAD models.

Direct rapid tooling methods empower inserts manufacturing. The inserts manufacturing is equipped for getting by from few to countless cycles.

Furthermore, the inserts manufacturing speaks to great options in contrast to customary mold-making procedures.

The toughness or future of the inserts delivered by these methods differs essentially, relying upon the material and the rapid tooling strategy utilized.

This makes the application region of direct rapid tooling measures likewise wide, covering prototype, pre-manufacturing, and production tooling.

As indicated by their application, rapid tooling cycles can be divided into two primary groups.

The first group incorporates more affordable methods with shorter lead times that are proper for instrument approval before changes become expensive.

Rapid tooling methods that fulfill these requirements are called methods for “firm tooling” (otherwise called “bridge tooling” [Jacob, 1 996a]).

Rapid tooling measures for firm tooling fill the hole among soft and hard tooling, creating apparatuses prepared to do short model runs of around fifty to a hundred parts utilizing a similar material and assembling measure with respect to definitely manufactured parts.

The subsequent gathering incorporates rapid tooling methods that permit embeds for pre-production and manufacturing parts to be constructed.

Rapid Tooling services provider and manufacturer market these methods as “hard tooling” solutions. Presently, accessible answers for “hard tooling” depend on the production of sintered steel.

The following figure shows the classification of rapid tooling methods according to their application.

Classification of Rapid Tooling Services

What are the popular applications of Rapid Tooling Services?

In general, the significant use of rapid tooling advances in modern assembling is Rapid Tooling in metal casting. Rapid tooling methods can be characterized by the accompanying three classes:

Direct tooling – utilization of the RP-created model as a replacement for conventional tooling means.

Indirect tooling – utilization of RP-created models as a method for the production of actual tooling.

Tool-less cycles – mechanical cycles in which real centers or molds are made without customary tooling, directly by an RP-framework.

Instances of these three methodologies (direct and indirect tooling, toolless cycle) applications are demonstrated as follows.

  • Functional Prototypes

Artificial Leg Prototype

  • Concept Prototypes
  • Workable Prototypes (Figure 13.5 & 13.6 – Aluminum Prototypes

Aluminum Prototypes by Rapid Tooling

  • 3D Models
  • Precision Parts
  • Functional Molds

How Rapid Tooling Services speed up your project?

At Sunrise Metal – China, we offer rapid tooling services for clients with low volume needs. Any metal could utilize our rapid tooling service. Altered bundling and surface treatment are accessible.

Our talented engineers, industrious laborers, and progressed machines empower us to convey high caliber rapid tooling services.

Rapid Tooling (RT) is a cost-effective approach to create a device or item. Sunrise Metal’s rapid tooling service is a brisk assembling measure for low volume production.

We utilize incredibly special dies to decrease your expense and lead time. One of our laborers will change mold cores in under five minutes.

Four mold clamps are to be loosed before the cooling or warmth channel is detached. After the mold manufacturer slides another mold core into the mold base and associates the warmth or cooling channel, the next round of mold production starts.

A wide scope of materials, for example, steel and aluminum are accessible. Various types of surface finishes are proposed as far as the structures and properties of the material you pick. A portion of the materials are:

Materials for Rapid Tooling Services

  • Steel [P20, H13, 2344]
  • Aluminum [ADC12, A380, AlSi12]

We are pleased with taking care of your project right from idea, design, production to assembly, and successful delivery. The Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software encourages us to streamline your design by refining details.

From a CAD file to functional part

The machines and experienced toolmakers empower us to meet low-volume just as high-volume production. What’s more, the absolutely in-house administration assists your arrangement to the market in a limited measure of time and budget.

What are the Rapid Tooling Capabilities?

The following are the two core capabilities of rapid tooling services:

  • Over-molding: Over-molding is a process joining two sorts of materials. The first material is formed onto the substrate, making the viewpoint of the item smooth and aesthetic.

We are proficient at metal over-molding. Applications: power source parts, telecommunication, industrial handles.

  • Insert Molding: Unlike over-molding, insert molding should be possible for one time. The metal is injected into a mold where an insert has been set ahead of time.

Insert Molding

Insert molding is a more advantageous technique for parts with threaded holes. Various customers have gotten incredible outcomes from our insert molding services and solutions. Applications: electronic parts, connector.

How does Sunrise Metal contain the Quality Control on every step of Rapid Tooling?

We have set up stable organizations with dependable material providers. While working with Sunrise Metal, it’s easy to access a wide range of materials for our clients. We assist you in confirming the quality at the source.

You will get ideal molding and low volume production solutions just from Sunrise Metal – China.

Saving you pointless issues with respect to the supply chain is what we manage to do over the years.

Quality Control at every single step:

  • DFM Report: Our specialists and engineers will send you a DFM report. Resins to be utilized, draft point, gating way, and separating/parting line are components in the DFM.

DFM Report Sample

  • Process Flow Diagram: In the wake of accepting the plan paper that you’ve affirmed, we will work out a modified process flow diagram prior to manufacturing and similar to DFD (Data Flow Diagram).

Process Flow Diagram

  • Detailed Inspection: Our mold specialists and engineers will check the resilience, appearance, and size of your part during the production phase.
  • Assembly Inspection: When the parts are off the production line, engineers will double-check the finalized parts as far as size, resilience, and appearance.
  • Mold Inspection & Testing: The parts are to be tried on the injection machine. Mold testing is a fundamental advance in our endeavors to guarantee that you get the ideal parts.
  • Mold Preservation: Sunrise Metal is experienced to keep your mold perfect for two to four years. Less time and money will be spent on our next cooperation.

Why choose Sunrise Metal for your Rapid Tooling Projects?

Sunrise Metal is the best choice to make a rapid prototype in China.

  • Quickly Response: After Sunrise Metal gets your request, we will survey all requirements and needs in time by our team and provide the quotation.
  • Competitive Price: The all production cycle is finished, and part is finalized in China, and the cost is a lot less expensive than Europe and America, about 30% – 60%.
  • Quality Assurance: We have an exacting quality control system and quality management system all through the entire production process.
  • Professional Analysis: Most of our engineers have more than 10-15 years of field experience, and each project will be carefully carried out by our professional and skillful team.
  • Following up on the Project: To tell you more about the venture status, we will take some evidence to you during the production phase.
  • Comprehensive Service: From prototyping, modest rapid tooling service, and low-volume production to finishing and assembly, Sunrise Metal will provide an in-depth understanding.

What are the most distinguishing features of Rapid Tooling?

The following two are the most distinguishing features and most important considerations of rapid tooling;

  • Speed: An expert rapid tooling company is able to give a progression of rapid tooling services, including quotation, DFM (Design for Manufacturing), analysis, injection mold making, communication, and project management, test conveyance, production plan, products assembly, and delivery.

All that cycle ought to be in a rapid and effective way.

  • Cost: Rapid tooling is generally for small amount prototypes, low volume production, or bridge tooling for market testing.

The instrument is generally for creating and unmatured item. Part and product designers or mechanical engineers might not want to invest a significant expensive injection molding tool before a careful check.

While by rapid tooling, with its much lower cost, it would be an extraordinary decision at these stages.

What are the specialties about Rapid Tooling Services?

  • Soft Tooling Insert: Tooling inserts generally are made of mild steel. P20 is the frequently utilized tooling embed material for a large portion of the injection molded parts.

While for high reflexive or clean parts, H13 and 2344 would be the ideal choices.

  • More superficial Tooling Structures: Most rapid tooling, the cavity number (compression number), is around 1-2 offs.

In the event that for the far-reaching venture with multi parts, family mold is consistently a thought, so that to lessen tooling quantity, then tooling cost.

  • Cooling system – generally only cooling lines, for high parts or parts with streaming issues while the cooling tower is rarely considered.
  • Shared tooling Components – For instance, mold base, shared mold base, angle Pins, hot sprinter.

However, exchange or replace tooling inserts if one part is of a different version and slightly different in limited area.

  • Agile Application: Rapid tooling is identified with injection molding production. Per our understanding, rapid tooling would likewise be agile manufacturing for part development. They have lots of usages:
  • Low-volume production – Several thousand conventional manufacturing needs of a speedy turn mold.
  • Material Testing – It would be a similar material for high volume production. It’s useful for various material preliminaries or diverse brand material for testing before settling on an ultimate conclusion for another item.

One notice is the material shrinkage; if shrinkage is unique, we would need to be advised this before tool building.

  • Injection Mold Making Feasibility Testing – In the event that in light of mechanical limitation, the complex and risky structure would be an absolute necessity, rapid tooling could be a generally excellent choice for a careful check before hopping into a production tool.

For instance, the shining capacity of ling part, molding issues anticipating, undercut for bump-off, thin wall, and thin steel.

  • Agile manufacturing for market testing – It relies upon the market reaction, despite the fact that unit cost would be higher than high volume production.

In any case, contrasting with CNC machining, casting it would be a lot of productivity and adequate.

  • New design debugs – In the event that any new design debugs are required, rapid tooling is a decent alternative.

Tooling engineer change cost is ordinarily, not high, and adequate. Contrasting with CNC machining, its cost would be more proficient if for making another prototype with a design change.

How can Rapid Tooling integrate with mass manufacturing processes?

If your present assembling and production process requires molds, rapid tooling can make these with higher subtleties and a lot quicker than conventional methods.

Rapid tooling can assist you with assembling prototypes quicker by smoothing out your manufacturing process, permitting you to exhibit exceptionally excellent plans to customers sooner.

The elevated level of precision of added substance fabricating processes could even improve your item’s quality, making them more point by point and moderate.

How fast can you get molding through Rapid Tooling Services?

The time to manufacture a mold successfully is completely dependent upon the size and geometry of the finalized item.

For a typical open and close the mold with customary size part, for example, 300 x 300 x 50 mm, manufacture of tools and moldings should be possible within two weeks.

At Sunrise Metal, our engineers are experienced enough to manufacture required moldings 20-35% faster as compared to our competitors.

What does it mean by a one-stop Rapid Tooling Services provider and manufacturer?

A rapid tooling services provider and manufacturer which offers all the services related to rapid tooling.

Sunrise Metal – China has a field experience of 23 years in Rapid Tooling. We have been taking into account customers from over the world.

We have an exceptionally experienced team of experts and the most recent innovation for Rapid Prototype Manufacturing (RPM).

Rapid Prototyping is an extraordinary method to try out new and inventive thoughts. Prototypes are a physical example of a design idea. It is hearty and more affordable as well.

In the event that you need a working prototype to exhibit before the company board members to get it went for production, Sunrise Metal – China can assist you with accomplishing this.

We will furnish you with an incredible working prototype with minute subtleties and specifications gave. It will have a fantastic quality, and we will exhibit working too.

In case of any progressions required, we will assist you with that also. The prototype will experience further testing and validation and afterward will be sent ahead for production.

It will spare you for your time and cash. Along these lines, let us take on your prototype design and assembling needs.

We put stock in after-deals service to manufacture a drawn-out relationship with our customer. We can give all of you the customer service you need in fresh and clear English.

How the Sunrise Metal guarantees the quality of the rapid tooling process?

CNC Rapid prototyping manufacturers are common as per the genuine needs of clients to make a prototype.

Great quality prototypes have solid dependability and are more helpful for confirming the examination of new items.

You may consider how the CNC rapid prototyping manufacturer and services provider (Sunrise Metal) ensures the quality of the processing?

First, Sunrise Metal will begin with the choice of materials, and the selection of materials is significant. Afterward, thinking about the quality, strength, and environmental execution of the material.

The second is the processing cycle. Under the severe and private production framework, the skilled and experienced CNC rapid prototyping team at Sunrise Metal follows up the entire cycle to guarantee stable processing quality.

At last, the surface finish chooses the proper cycle, and the means are done to control the subtleties.

At the point when the parts finished, and it will be sent to our quality division for assessment. Key measurements are estimated and recorded on our various reports.

The Sunrise Metal team has over 23 years of joined experience in prototype machining, CNC manufacturing, and all the services identified with rapid tooling. Besides, Sunrise Metal has a significant level of an innovative team.

The handling nature of rapid manufacturing is steady, the preparing exactness is high, and the appearance is choice.

Sunrise Metal has been giving top-notch rapid prototype manufacturing services for significant industries.

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