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Specialized Rapid Prototyping Services in China

Certified by ISO9001 & IATF 16949, Sunrise Metal specializes in rapid prototyping services in China. Using advanced engineering techniques, we quickly fabricate the most realistic models of your products. With these representations, you can easily visualize your product’s performance before embarking on the costlier aspects of production.

We use high-precision production machines and in-house 3D CAD/CAM facilities to produce complex components in a single hit, thus reducing lead times without compromising quality. With our cost-effective rapid prototyping services, you also save on expensive tooling and time-consuming processes.

Our rich experience in a wide range of industries such as medical devices, automotive, telecommunication, etc., makes us a leading one-stop rapid prototyping supplier in China.

Bring Your Product Idea to Life With A Short Turnaround Time And Reduced Risks.

Custom Rapid Prototyping By Combining Vacuum Die Casting Machines, CNC Machines, Massive Venting Technology

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    CNC Precision Machining Process
  • CNC-Machined-Center-Rapid-Prototyping-Service
    Complete CNC Machining Centers
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    High Accurate Milling Machine
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    CNC Turning Machine
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Make Your Rapid Prototyping Projects Successful With Our Industry-Leading Expertise

Detailed Design Consideration

From our management to engineers, Sunrise Metal team has decades of combined experience in the global manufacturing industry. We craft high-performing prototypes using cutting-edge equipment while considering every important detail, including:

  • Dimensions, walls, and air gaps according to the extrusion
  • Tolerance of the material and industrial part
  • Wall thickness minimum and maximum limits
  • Wall cutouts or holes
  • The diameter of the holes in the part
  • Height of horizontal slots
  • The material between hole and edge or between holes
  • Intricate features, such as small lettering
Compliance With Global Industry Standards

Sunrise Metals is an ISO9001 & IATF 16949 certified prototyping supplier. Therefore, we offer well-planned production combined with good quality control to ensure satisfactory outcomes for our clients.

We listen to your unique die casting requirements and provide turnkey solutions tailored to your specific requirements and expectations.

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  • ZEISS CMM-Sunrise Metal

10000+ Prototyping Parts Manufacturing Experience From 500+ Global Clients

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    High Precision Prototyping Display Frame
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    Rapid Prototyping Medical Base
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    Prototyping Robot Wheel
  • Prototyping-Medical-Fluid-Dispenser-Rapid-Prototyping-Service
    Prototyping Medical Fluid Dispenser
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    Prototyping Mount Bracket
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    Custom Prototype Bracket

High-end and Quality Assured CNC Machined Parts

CNC machining at Sunrise Metal keeps the rapid prototyping services at its best. This technique has numerous benefits and continues to remain a top choice when compared with other methods.

Sunrise Metal is your reliable, quick-turn prototyping supplier of CNC machined metal and plastic components. With hundreds of advanced CNC machines, we take pride in our unmatched in-house capacity to ensure all parts are shipped on time.

Our CNC machinery and trusted manufacturing partners can handle both rapid prototyping as well as low-volume production of high-end components. In addition, CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) opens doors to countless possibilities in prototyping.

CNC machining is ideal for most manufacturing processes for prototypes. Our Mazak 7 axis turning & Milling multiple functions machining center and Mazak & Haas 5 axis CNC Milling Center at Sunrise Metal can achieve your highest tolerance requirement. Our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines can work on multiple sides of the metal to produce more intricate designs.

While preparing orders based on customer specifications, we focus on core functionality & visual appeal & mechanical characteristics.

With all this, we help customers with excellent design finish, cost-saving processes, faster turnaround time, and manufacturability validation in the early product development stage.

1Mazak 7-axis turning&milling MachineØ658*1011MM1
2Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machineØ850/Ø6004
33-axis CNC machine center2000*1500MM1
44-axis CNC machine centerØ250*800MM8
53-axis CNC machine center1000*600*600MM20
6CNC LathesØ320*800/Ø610*1000MM2
7Sodick Wire cutting Machine400*400*200MM3
8EDM machine500*400*400MM2
9Surface grinder600*300*200MM1
1CMMCarl Zessis1
6X-ray DetectorSANDT1
7Cleanliness Test EquipmentChina1
8Leakage Test EquipmentChina2
9Salt Spray Testing EquipmentChina1
10Pneumatic Measuring InstrumentChina2
11Hardness Testing MachineChina1
12Color Meter MachineChina1
13Thickness Testing MachineChina1
14Electronic BalanceChina1
15Density BalanceChina1

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Prototyping China is an important stage of your product development process. And, rapid prototyping makes the stage easy, cost-effective, and fast.

Sunrise Metal is your one of trusted rapid prototyping manufacturers China. We have a hands-on approach to product prototyping in almost all industries.

Give us the opportunity to realize your concept the way you envision it.

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Sunrise Metal can offer full chain service if you have any needs for aluminum die casting. Looking learn more about aluminum die casting.



Rapid Prototype Services are a set of procedures used for visualizing, building, analyzing, and constructing in product development.

These services are reliant upon information that is available through 3D computer-aided design.

What Are Rapid Prototyping Services?

Rapid Prototyping Services assist in creating a prototype of a product using 3D computer-aided design, better known as “CAD”.

The concept prototype is derived from two Latin words namely, proto (meaning original) and typus (meaning model).

Rapid prototyping services are generally used for creating a model of a product to test design, dimensions, relevance, and stability.

These services are being used widely since the 1980s specifically in fabricating prototypes for the automobile industry.

In the manufacturing industry, rapid prototype services China have become an essential requirement to create models that are similar to the end product and at the same time, which offer leverage to alter shape, design, or dimensions.

These services heralded into the industry, a much-needed transition in the areas of product development, tooling, and manufacturing.

Rapid Prototype Services are being used all over the world, including China to manufacture designs and patterns for aluminum die-casting.

These services are integrated for building models for the medical and engineering industries for the purpose of research and development.

These services use both the additive & subtractive layering concept.

What Are The Different Types Of Rapid Prototyping Services?

The types of rapid prototyping services that are available in the market are namely, stereolithography (SLA) or also known as Vat Photopolymerization;

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS);

Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Binder Jetting;

Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) better known as Sheet Lamination;

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) or better known as Material Jetting;

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) or also known as Powder Bed Fusion.

Stereolithography is a rapid service where liquid which is photosensitive is amalgamated.

This process is rendered one layer at a time via ultraviolet light and controlled by a computer.

This procedure is famous and universally used among 3D methodologies. Works best for aluminum die-casted products and is cost-effective.

Selective Laser Sintering service is a process where prototypes are built on a plate using powder media.

A laser is used to sinter powder media to form the prototype. Works best for aluminum die-casted products and is cost-effective.

The above two rapid prototype services are the most commonly used by companies all over the world including China

Where Are Rapid Prototyping Services Used?

Camera Prototyping Part

Rapid Prototyping Services are used in the three-dimensional production of electric cars who have a timeframe for build and testing.

These services are also used in the domains of Aerospace, Healthcare, Product Development (Aluminium Die Castings), Automobile, Architecture, film making and set designing, medical, auto-sport, and defense. These services are used to build a 3D prototype of a product for testing design, build, durability, strength, and level of efficiency.

These services help explore, examine, and comprehend products in terms of cost and time efficiency.

The services also help in the perception and understanding of the product’s design and properties.

Almost every industry in China has shifted to these services as they are cost-efficient and at the same time precise with lesser lead time than traditional manufacturing methods.

 Connector Prototype Part

What Are The Benefits Of Using Rapid Prototyping Services?

  • A physical and practical prototype assists product developers and designers to initiate pre-production corrections.
  • These are cost-efficient and less time-consuming when compared to traditional manufacturing.
  • Once the critical analysis’ and correction is done, you can use the prototype for mass production.
  • These services which are used globally and also in China are especially beneficial for aluminum die casting as the manufacturing of molds and tools can be a costly venture for you.
  • Your satisfaction is paramount to global and Chinese organizations, so they endeavor to reduce or eradicate risks involved.
  • Plus, the services also allow enhanced user participation with the capability to ascertain human aspects and functional design.
  • With aluminum die casting popular in China, these services are able to provide for your specific and precise requirements.
  • If any change has to be incorporated in the product later, that would be an additional and burdensome cost for you.

How To Select A Rapid Prototyping Service In China?

It will be pertinent that you do your homework before selecting reliable rapid prototyping services in aluminum die casting in China.

You must procure a list of manufacturing companies in China who are engaged in China rapid prototyping from a reliable online or otherwise offline source.

This you may do by visiting the China Consulate in the country you live in or better still get in touch with the Industrial Department in China.

You can study the company and their profiles online through various sourcing and search engines.

It will be wise if you can identify and procure the company’s certifications, employee’s certifications, study the production procedure from procurement of raw material to the final finished stage of the product and finally try to get in touch with a nodal contact person with whom you will communicate for your day to day queries.

Certifications may include DIN 2768F which means tolerance allowed to size, variation, and geometry (symmetrical dimensions) of a particular metal prototype.

Other certifications are ISO 9001, IATF 16949.

Be sure to visit the factory premises to gain maximum knowledge so that you are not duped by second or third parties trying to make a quick buck.

What Factors Are Important While Selecting A Rapid Prototyping Service?

While selecting reliable rapid prototype services in China, you need to identify your budget and also a company that will fit your budgetary needs. For this, you should have already purposed in your mind about quality, quantity, complex issues, and finally price.

In China, there are many companies that offer rapid prototyping services but be careful, only a few handfuls will offer you quality services.

Therefore, you must be wise while choosing your rapid prototyping services China.

The few who offer reliable and quality services will be transparent in their dealings with you.

They will also guide you with reliable information in regard to rapid prototyping services in relation to aluminum die casting.

Finally, when you are satisfied and ready to sign the work orders, make sure all your paperwork is up to date and perfect to avoid any harassment in China.

How To Choose The Right Material For Rapid Prototyping?

The product manufactured by rapid services through CNC machining depends upon the kind of metal you use.

  • You can select from a wide variety of metals that are available for aluminum CNC machining through rapid services.
  • You must carefully select the type and quality metal to be used for rapid services by CNC machining.
  • More costly metals may prove to be disadvantageous while low priced metals may not meet the required specifications and dimensions.
  • Prototyping processes determine procedures and kind and type of metal which shall be employed for CNC machining rapid services.
  • Choosing the correct metal with required specifications and properties has to be given topmost priority.
  • You must be careful in listing where your product will be utilized.
  • You must choose the material of your product which complies with stringent quality concerns with regard to usage.
  • If your product is developed using low-cost material, then you must concentrate on cost-efficiency and end product viability.
  • CNC’s rapid services, China are highly recommended as high-efficiency and stable quality.
  • Rapid services with CNC machining in China offer precise, accurate, and low-cost aluminum die casting options.

What Is Low Volume Manufacturing With Rapid Prototyping Services?

Rapid Prototype Services metal allow low-volume manufacturing in aluminum dies casting.

However, it is your decision whether this service will fulfill the size of your production need.

Low-volume manufacturing services can be simply defined as those which are specific high quality, low quantity parts which could be somewhere around 50-100,000 parts, directly proportionate to the type of procedure used in these services.

These services allow you to save on high costs during mass production and also provides you an easier and quicker entry into the markets.

Therefore, China may well be the market leader amongst other leaders who provide you with the opportunity to introduce your aluminum die-casted product thus, giving you an edge over your competitors.

These services help to reduce your costs for tooling without the pressure of minimum quantities.

Rapid prototyping services also enable you to make mid-term corrections to your product thereby ensuring you save precious.

This allows faster delivery lead times on your product.

Lastly, these services give you leverage to sooner or later scale up to full-fledged mass production of your product.

How Do Rapid Prototyping Services Work?

Rapid Prototyping Services use a computer-aided design in its initial steps to formulate a prototype of the product.

This ensures greater accuracy through 3D design & development and also enhances timely product delivery.

The CAD file is saved in a .stp format which can be used for representing surface specifications without the help of other CAD features.

The CNC Machining rapid services create the finished product using automated procedures thereby minimizing errors and flaws.

CNC machining rapid services work well for both metal and plastic parts providing precision, accuracy superb lead times.

Mostly all machines complete the work automatically with a few exceptions where some form of human supervision is required.

This form of service is termed as “subtractive manufacturing” which is widely used however, there may be other conventional services used to create prototypes.

China has excelled in the arena of machining and tooling in creating prototypes.

That is why China is leading on top of the table in rapid prototyping services in the world.

Do Rapid Prototyping Services Provide Design For Manufacture?

Yes, rapid prototyping services provide designs for manufacturing products through the three-dimensional computer-aided program.

These designs are built as objects through a procedure named “additive layer manufacturing” services. This method is better known as 3D printing.

Three-dimensional printing is another everyday word that is used for rapid prototyping services in the manufacturing of aluminum die-casted products.

This service not only provides the design but also instructs for development and mid-course assessment of the product.

Poly Jet and Stereolithography are the two most sought-after 3D design services for design and build robust as well as quality surface finished products.

The software used for 3D design and development has to be utilized as per its native environment to avoid multiple shells and unshared edges. The presence of these will in turn hinder the rapid services in providing and building an aluminum die-casted product according to specs and required quality.

3D Printing of Rapid Prototyping Services

What Alloys Can Be Used By Rapid Prototyping Services?

The types of alloys used in rapid prototyping services are aluminum, zinc, and magnesium.

The most commonly used alloys for rapid Prototype service are aluminum and steel however, for more specific services and applications copper, magnesium, titanium, and chrome alloys can also be used. In aluminium there are seven different types of alloys namely, 1xxx; 2xxx; 3xxx; 4xxx; 5xxx; 6xxx and 7xxx.

Al6061 and AL6063 aluminum alloys are supposed to be the strongest in comparison to steel.

The aluminum alloys most companies in China and worldwide use in rapid services are A380, 383 (ADC12), Alsi12, and Alsi9Cu out of which A380 is considered to be the most viable and suited alloy for rapid prototyping services in aluminum die casting.

Aluminum alloy is the perfect metal for rapid prototyping services die casting, conductivity, and mechanical properties.

Aluminum alloy is the most desired metal in die casting rapid services because of its properties to withhold high temperatures in pressure die casting services.

These alloys express high resistance to oxidation, corrosion, deterioration displaying strength, and durability.

Aluminium Alloy

Does Sunrise Metal Provide Aluminium Die-Casting Rapid Prototyping Service?

Yes, Sunrise Metal,  is the one-stop solution for all aluminum dies casting in China prototyping services.

Through its wide array of research and development activities and in-depth engineering services, Sunrise Metal, China, is able to provide you with an exhilarating experience in the category of aluminum die-casted rapid services.

Sunrise Metal, China’s rapid services make robust and effective solutions available to you for low to medium volume production of prototype products.

Sunrise Metal is equipped with state-of-art equipment and services providing comfort and satisfaction in areas of designing and product development.

Sunrise Metal, rapid prototyping services include aluminum die casting for products like engine parts and components, lamp holders through pressure die casting.

The Company, headquartered in China has modern equipment for quality testing of rapid services die-casted aluminum products.

This equipment is manufactured by leading brands in the world, for example, the Carl Zeiss, Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) providing high-quality results in CNC machining.

Can Rapid Prototyping Products Have Powder Coating Finishing?

Yes, powder coating on aluminum products can be done using RP services.

Some of the majorly known services are:

Painting or powder coating – in this service paint or powder coating paint is applied to a pre-treated surface of aluminum die-casting which gives a superb look to your product.

Passivation of aluminum die-casted products provides a fine film that is combined with your product to avoid corrosion keeping in mind the protection of the sanctity of the product in terms of conductivity.

Anodising – this service also helps in avoiding corrosion of your product and at the same time protects it from wear and tear from daily usage. There are three types of anodizing that are available in the market namely, Type I, II & III.

E-Coat – this service uses electric current for the deposition of paint on your aluminum die-casted product.

It is durable for an elongated period of time thereby increasing the lifecycle of your aluminum die-casted product.

All services mentioned above are available with Sunrise Metal. Your Service Level Parameters ( SLPs) will be considered as a welcome challenge to provide you with a quality finish for product development.

Powder Coating Finishing

What are the basic principles of rapid prototyping service for aluminum die-casted products?

Over the years, rapid prototyping services have redesigned the concept of product development, tooling, and manufacturing.

The principle for creating rapid prototyping services was to create and manufacture a product that could be assessed, defined and corrected at a minimal cost at quicker lead times when compared to traditional procedures.

This service eradicated the need for high-cost corrections during advanced stages of production.

Rapid prototyping services often referred to as layered manufacturing (LM) or also known as solid freeform fabrication (SFF) which means a layered building of a prototype with the help of three-dimensional (3D) printing. Additive manufacturing through RP services by far is the most widely used service presently in comparison to traditional molding and casting methods.

Most companies in China use this service as part of a cost-cutting and production enhancement tool.

In matters of techniques, additive layering services are far superior to subtractive services because of less wastage of metal and added opportunity for intricate designs.

What Is The Role Of 3D Printing In Rapid Prototyping Services?

Rapid prototype services can also be termed as 3D prototyping.

This is service is not only classified as printing but instead revolves around a series of itemized procedures to create a prototype model.

3D printing is a rapid prototyping procedure that is used to create a product through the use of a printer.

The material is built with the help of a computer-guided printing head and high-end technology.

Layered manufacturing in rapid prototyping services is a procedure that enables you to build and create objects at a quicker rate.

This rate is generally faster and more convenient than the old traditional methods.

3D printing services are cheaper to maintain than rapid prototyping services and the technology used in them.

This could vary between a few thousand dollars to almost approximately $10,000 on an annual basis respectively.

While 3D printing is regulated to manufacturing small parts, rapid prototyping services employ cubicles.

Therefore, this makes rapid prototyping services an essential part of 3D printing.

How Do You Classify Rapid Prototyping Services?

Classification of rapid prototyping services can be classified as layered laminated services; stereolithography and selective laser sintering.

Another classification states rapid prototyping services as a solid base, liquid base, and powder-based services.

One can also classify prototyping services into three phases namely, manual prototyping services, virtual prototyping, and rapid prototyping services.

The fundamentals of rapid prototyping services can be classified as Initialise, material, approach, and function.

A number of services under the banner of rapid prototyping services have cropped up due to the sudden demand for layered manufacturing.

Each service uses its own technology thereby giving way to a myriad number of technologies.

These services can further be segregated into the basic physical condition of the metal vis-a-vis the final conversion into a finished product.

Additive & Subtractive Rapid Prototyping Services

Can Simulation Aerospace Parts Be Manufactured Through Rapid Prototyping Services?

Yes, rapid prototyping services assist in awareness and authentication of simulation in aerospace parts of aircraft.

These services are helpful in discerning design defects through circumstantial evidence of the prototype product.

Also, these models are useful in comprehending wind tunnel measurements and product authentication of the build.

The figures below demonstrate the design of aircraft created for wind tunnel trials.

Aluminum alloy AlSi9Cu is the perfect metal for usage in building intricate and detailed parts for the automotive and aerospace industry.

The rapid prototype services use this alloy for its popularity in building engine components and especially its presence in the aerospace sector.

Additive manufacturing using polymers is used to create a prototype thereby eliminating the use of expensive metals to authenticate specifications of the rapid prototype.

NASA conducted a design-based evaluation for a state-of-the-art aircraft to test structural design, operational issues, propulsion, and also aerodynamics.

Rapid prototype services help in lessening the design creating period and also time on the build of the model.

China is well known for its rapid prototype services in engineering parts and components for the aerospace industry.

What Are The Techniques Used In Rapid Prototyping Services?

The techniques used for rapid prototyping services are the following:

Stereolithography: Models created through 3D printing services.

Ultraviolet light is used aided by a computer.

Stereolithography of rapid prototyping

Thin layers are placed upon each other to create an object.

Selective Laser Sintering: This is also known as “powder bed fusion” where the model is created on a plate sintering powder media.

This service works best for metal and also plastic prototypes.

Selective Laser Sintering for rapid prototyping


Selective Laser Melting: This service is an industrial procedure that is operated under a controlled environment.

Rapid prototyping services solder fine metal powder of the same shape and size on a building plate.

Selective Laser Melting of rapid prototying


This procedure is conducted within a closed environment like a sealed cubicle.

Digital Light Processing: This service works on the same grounds as Stereolithography.

This service adopts a fascinating procedure where there are no layers but instead is an uninterrupted process.

This process is called Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP).

Digital Light Processing of rapid prototyping

Why Are Rapid Prototype Services Important?

The need for rapid prototyping services is your paramount need while seeking a good manufacturer.

Innovation is the key to market dominance and rapid prototyping services offer you just the right tools to give you that leading edge over the competition.

Product development seems unbalanced in the absence of rapid prototyping services.

These services play a crucial part in building robust and sturdy products in lesser time than traditional methods of development and casting.

These services allow in-line corrections and adjustments at the time of product development which is beneficial as it saves extra costs.

The services also allow proper function and dimensional examination of the product and its corrections before it is finally approved.

Rapid prototyping is the only service that gives an edge to you to be able to consider the flaws and mid-term corrections in structural design.

The diagram above gives a good understanding of approach, fabrication, refining, and itemizing to the final analysis of the model.

The importance for rapid prototyping Service

How To Choose The Best Technique In Rapid Prototyping Services?

While choosing the best technique in rapid prototyping services you must be aware of the various procedures involved in this service.

You must be aware of what is the best service available for the development of your product.

For this, you must study and research online the kinds and types of manufacturers who are providing rapid prototyping services.

You must visit the factory and speak to the product development manager as to which service is best suited for your product.

You must also be sure about quality concerns regarding your product and what service can offer you the same.

Fidelity for your model is important for rapid prototyping services, you must be aware to what extent you want your product to resemble the original sample.

You will need to be specific about precision in regard to the intricacy and detailing of your product to be developed through these services.

You can choose from a series of rapid prototyping services like SLA, SLM, SLS, DLP for your product development.

Additive manufacturing is the buzz word.

You can use this service and at the same time be involved in the designing, specification, dimension and other aspects of the product.

Timely deliveries through these services have helped China to boost their production systems.

What Is The  Lead-Time Required For Rapid Prototyping Services?

There are many factors that determine the lead times in rapid prototyping services.

These could vary from the design of the model, intricacies, and details of specifications and dimensions, and the kind of procedure that will be used.

The quickest procedure is not always the best process, you will have to determine the requirements of your product, which will either reduce or increase lead times.

Generally, lead time for rapid prototype services product delivery range from 2-7 days.

The lead times offered by these services depend on product development and in-line adjustments.

Product visualization or concept, building details, item-wise addressing of product specifications, and dimensions affect lead times for rapid prototyping services.

A SWOT analysis of product development is pertinent to ascertain lead times while opting for rapid prototyping services.

Certain companies in China offer a lead time of one or two weeks for a quantity of fewer than 100 pieces manufactured by rapid prototyping services.

Rapid prototyping services provide 2~4 weeks lead times for rapid tooling.

Japan MAZAK 7axis Turning and Milling CNC

What Is The Difference Between Rapid Prototyping And Rapid Tooling?

No, these are two different services however, they use similar procedures.

Rapid tooling can be understood as a procedure which involves building molds in a quick and easier way.

Rapid tooling is an intricate and long drawn procedure that requires considerable cost and is extremely time-consuming.

Rapid tooling is mostly used during the time of production. It is specific and accurate and at the same time is very costly.

Aluminum Die Casting rapid services generally use rapid tooling which is also better known as soft tooling or otherwise prototyping tooling.

Rapid tooling is adopted in sample production which will be used for trials. This tooling is conducted using a rapid prototyping service.

Low volume production can be done using rapid prototyping services however if you need bulk quantities, you can use rapid tooling China using these services.

Though the prototypes built through these services may not be exactly the same as that of the finished product, they will assist in studying and examining critical points in regards to specifications, dimensions, and structural build.

In China, select companies provide rapid tooling using rapid prototype services. Various services and procedures are available for you.

For all your rapid prototyping services in die casting, tooling & machining needs.

What Are The Kinds Of Technologies In Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid Prototyping services can be broadly categorized into the following

Additive and Subtractive manufacturing.

The most widely used manufacturing is additive procedures where layers are added to create a model.

Procedures within additive and subtractive manufacturing include CNC Machining, 3D printing, SLA, SLS, FDM, LOM, and SLM.

Of these CNC Machining is a subtractive procedure while others are additive procedures.

The use of CNC machine and rapid prototyping services will help to create prototypes which are strong in build.

Technological advancement has helped rapid prototyping services through CNC machining to achieve a precise target of ± 0.005 inches.

What Kinds Of Rapid Prototyping Technologies Do Sunrise Metal Provide?

The Company, Sunrise Metal, China, provides various services for metal rapid prototyping.

These include prototyping tooling, 3D printing prototyping, CNC machining.

Die casting uses different procedures for you like the flow of mold in reproduction, building, modifications, and support for tooling design.

Sunrise Metal, China, has two casting facilities, in Kunshan and Nantong, China.

At Sunrise Metal, China, casting machines like 160T and 1650T are employed to cast-aluminum metals alloys like AISi12, A380, and ADC12.

Sunrise Metal, China also uses CNC Machining to carry out procedures like milling, turning, drilling, and tapping to build products.

At Sunrise Metal, China, finishing procedures for surface include liquid paint; powder coating, electroless nickel, and shot blasting.

Sunrise Metal, China uses two types of rapid prototyping services namely, cold chamber and hot chamber for pressure die casting.

What Are The Size Of Machines That Sunrise Metal Utilizes?

Sunrise Metal, China uses a variety of machines for rapid prototyping services to achieve your desired results and requirements.

S. No.NameQTYStroke
1EDM Machine2500*400*400MM
2Sodick Wire Cutting Machine3400*400*200MM
3CNC Lathes2Ф320*800/Ф610*1000MM
4Mazak 7-axis turning & milling machine1Ф658*1011MM
53-axis CNC Machine Center12000*1500MM
63-axis CNC Machine Center201000*600*600MM
7Surface Grinder1600*300*200MM
8Mazak/Hass 5-axis CNC Machine2Ф800/Ф600
94-axis CNC Machine Center12Ф250*800MM

These machines are able to provide you with intricate and state of the art designs for product development.

They create an opportunity for rapid prototyping services through 5-axis and 7-axis CNC machines.

Sunrise Metal, China has stringent quality standards to provide you with accurate and timely designs.

Sunrise Metal, China uses rapid prototyping services to provide you with tested and correct materials that suit your design structure.

Sunrise Metal, China offers you an array of rapid prototyping services using the machines given above so that you are able to save money and also time.

How Do You Guarantee Quality For Rapid Prototyping Service?

Sunrise Metal, China uses rapid prototyping services which are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

These certifications prove that a company has achieved strong quality management which satisfies your requirements.

At Sunrise Metal, China we are continuously endeavoring to provide you with an impeccable and precise experience.

Sunrise Metal, China possesses state of the art machinery and employs accomplished professionals to achieve global quality standards in rapid prototyping services.

Sunrise Metal, China has equipment according to international quality standards to achieve precision, accuracy, and satisfaction in rapid prototyping services.

Sunrise Metal, China has invested in leading quality control machines and devices because of which rapid prototyping services are offered to you under strict and stringent conditions.

Sunrise Metal, China has a dedicated and committed team for quality assurance who supervises product development and production in rapid prototyping services.

Some of the states of the art equipment which is used in rapid prototyping at Sunrise Metal, China, are digital calipers; Zeiss CMM, X-Ray detectors, and testers for cleanliness.

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