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Sunrise Metals is the leading rapid prototyping supplier that offers custom rapid prototyping services in China. We take care of all your special needs with our exceptional engineering team and excellent capabilities. You can benefit from superior prototyping services in all of these aspects:

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Rapid Results
  • Commitment
  • Delivery
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability

We employ different processes to give you the ability to know exactly how your product will perform and look before moving forward. From design to finishing, we will serve your product with great responsibility and care.

Top Rapid Prototyping Parts With Sunrise High Precision Manufacturing Equipment

  • CNC-Machining-on-Prototyping-Parts-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    CNC Precision Machining Process
  • High-CNC-Machining-Center-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Complete CNC Machining Centers
  • CNC-Milling-Machine-Rapid-Prototyping-Service
    High Accurate Milling Machine
  • CNC-Turning-Machinery-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    CNC Turning Machine
  • High-accurate-CNC-Machining-Machinery-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Precisie CNC Machining Tools
  • Prototyping-Process-Quality-Control-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Strict Machining Process Control

Offering Custom Rapid Prototyping Services with Our Skillful Machining Services

Top-tier Rapid Prototyping Machining Processes

Sunrise’s advanced machining processes provide premium prototyping results for our customers. Bring your requirements to us and we’ll turn your idea into a produced part as soon as possible. No matter how complex your required part is, our prototyping services are designed to deal with them.

  • CNC machining prototype service makes use of 3-axes, 4-axes, and even 7-axes machinery to turn any material into a prototype. This prototyping service also includes surface finishes like polish, painting, silkscreen, anodizing, etc.
  • Our 3D printing prototyping service is suitable for low to medium quantity projects. It fabricates the required part and offers a great deal of flexibility for your project. Your required part achieves quality using different 3D printing processes.

These services along with many other processes make Sunrise Metals one of the high ranking rapid prototyping manufacturers in China.

Prototype Manufacturing to Acquire Efficiency and Accuracy

Using different manufacturing processes to decrease waste and increase efficiency.

Except for subtractive manufacturing, Sunrise Metals uses processes such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS),  Stereolithography (SLA), and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) for rapid prototyping. These techniques allow us to use less material for the rapid production of prototypes without wasting any resources.

The complex requirements of your projects are met with fast production time. We model our additive processes according to your needs and utilize each process carefully. These additive rapid prototyping processes allow repeatability making it easier to manufacture your bulk order.

  • Engineering-Review-for-Prototyping-Project-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
  • Strict-Quality-Control-on-Prototype-parts-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer

10000+ Rapid Prototyping Parts Manufacturing Experience From 500+ Global Clients

  • Precision-Prototyping-Display-Frame-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Heat Sink Prototypes
  • Prototyping-Medical-Base-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Medical Base Prototypes
  • Prototyping-Medical-Fluid-Dispenser-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Medical Fluid Dispenser Prototypes
  • Prototyping-Mount-Bracket-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Mount Bracket Prototypes
  • Prototyping-Robot-Wheel-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Robot Wheel Prototypes
  • Prototyping-Automotive-Engine-Housing-Rapid-Prototyping-Manufacturer
    Engine Housing Prototypes

Customized Surface Finishing Services with Quality Assurance

Sunrise Metals provide finishing services for the rapid prototypes to make them more corrosion resistant and to give them a better look. A skilled finishing expert team makes your prototypes look exactly like your design. Some of the finishing services that Sunrise Metals include anodizing, painting, sandblasting, chromate Conversion Coating, and many more.

With our customized services, you can do the following:

Add unique colors, Change the luster, Enhance chemical resistance, Increase wear resistance, Increase corrosion resistance, Reduce friction, Remove surface defects, Cleaning the parts, Serve as a coat.

To get a complete rapid prototyping solution, contact us today and get a quote. Our experts at Sunrise will guide you through each process and will help you make the best choices for your prototyping needs.

No. Name Stroke Q’ty
1 Mazak 7-axis turning&milling Machine Ø658*1011MM 1
2 Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machine Ø850/Ø600 4
3 3-axis CNC machine center 2000*1500MM 1
4 4-axis CNC machine center Ø250*800MM 8
5 3-axis CNC machine center 1000*600*600MM 20
6 CNC Lathes Ø320*800/Ø610*1000MM 2
7 Sodick Wire cutting Machine 400*400*200MM 3
8 EDM machine 500*400*400MM 2
9 Surface grinder 600*300*200MM 1

No. Name Brand Q’ty
1 CMM Carl Zessis 1
2 CMM SanYou 1
3 Spectrometer China 1
4 Microscope China 1
5 Projector China 2
6 X-ray Detector SANDT 1
7 Cleanliness Test Equipment China 1
8 Leakage Test Equipment China 2
9 Salt Spray Testing Equipment China 1
10 Pneumatic Measuring Instrument China 2
11 Hardness Testing Machine China 1
12 Color Meter Machine China 1
13 Thickness Testing Machine China 1
14 Electronic Balance China 1
15 Density Balance China 1

Rapid Prototyping Company for Wide Range of Industries

Sunrise Metal’s rapid prototyping services have found their applications in every industry today. The applications include, but are not limited to manufacturing, design, engineering, analysis, tooling, and many more. The prototypes can cater your needs in different ways.

Prototypes find uses in many different industries like: Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, Medical industry, Military Industry, Custom machined parts, Consumer Goods and Electronics, Healthcare, Marine Industry.

Being the expert rapid prototyping supplier in China, our services will fully cover an extensive range of complementary services.


Prototyping is the key to successful product development. Without proper prototyping measures, your final product would most likely fail to meet your expectations. But prototyping is a lengthy and sophisticated process with many steps to follow.

To overcome this issue, you need to partner with a rapid prototyping manufacturing company. Sunrise Metal is a China manufacturing company with vast rapid prototyping capabilities. From this guide, you can learn about various aspects of a rapid prototyping manufacturer like us.

Sunrise Metal, a reliable Rapid prototyping Manufacturer

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid Prototyping can be thought of as a faster approach for product prototyping. It is carried out by computer-automated systems that can create complex prototypes within a short time frame with minimal chances of any errors.

Traditional prototyping approaches are complicated and very lengthy. That causes a significant delay in your product development. Rapid Prototyping allows you to skip these cumbersome processes and start making your prototype right off the bat.

But doing it fast doesn’t necessarily mean that you are trading off your prototype quality. It merely utilizes the latest technology to create prototypes more efficiently. The prototypes have a near-net shape.  So you will get more accurate test results out of them.

What are the Popular Rapid Prototyping Technologies in China?

Currently, there are many rapid prototyping manufacturing techniques available in China. Each has its pros and cons. Rapid prototyping manufacturing methods are mainly divided into two categories. They are,

  • Subtractive Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing

Subtractive Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping through subtractive manufacturing is done by removing material from a solid block of material. Subtractive manufacturing is usually preferred for making metal prototypes. The metal is cut into the desired shape using various computer-operated tools.

The processes carried out by these tools are collectively known as CNC Machining. Here the term CNC means Computer Numerical Controlled, which means that the operation of the tools is executed according to numerical programming stored within a computer.

Some of the common subtractive manufacturing processes involved in rapid prototyping are,

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Drilling

Most prototypes will require using a combination of these techniques.

Additive Manufacturing

Rapid Manufacturing by Additive Manufacturing involves adding a material layer by layer to produce a complete prototype. This is also a computerized process. Additive Manufacturing is widely known as 3d printing in the industry.

Currently, there are many 3d printing technologies available in China. 3d printers have become very easily available. But, it does not support as many materials as CNC machining. Plastic is the most common material used for additive manufacturing.

While metal 3d printing is possible, the equipment is still too expensive and only used in limited industrial applications. Some of the popular additive manufacturing technologies in China include,

  • Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Digital Light Process (DLP)
  • Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)
  • Electron Beam Melting (EBM)

Among these, Fused Deposition Modelling is the most popular 3d printing method for both personal and industrial use. Stereolithography is also had many applications in the industrial level. Here, Electron Beam Melting is mainly used for metal 3d printing.

How do Manufacturers Carryout Rapid Prototyping?

You already came to know that there are many rapid prototyping techniques. Each has its unique construction process of how the prototype is created. But one common thing is all rapid prototyping processes function according to specific computer programs.

So, even though the differences manufacturers follow some fundamental steps for any rapid prototyping technology. These steps are explained below.


Modeling is probably the most important part of rapid prototyping manufacturing because you won’t need anything special besides your design. However, the modeling procedure is not the same for additive and subtractive rapid prototyping manufacturing.

If you are going to use 3d printers for making your prototype, you don’t have to put much thought on the geometric specifications. But, CNC machining has some limitations. You have to follow some design guidelines if you are going to create CNC prototypes.


Rapid prototyping equipment can’t analyze your 3d models directly. They must be converted into simple commands that the machine can understand. It is especially important for CNC prototyping. The 3d model is converted into simple codes that the prototyping equipment can execute.


The programming codes are fed into the prototyping equipment. The prototyping process is then carried out according to the type of equipment used. The prototyping process for additive and subtractive manufacturing methods will be different.


It’s time for applying a quality finishing once the prototyping is complete. The prototypes are properly cleaned to remove the residue and impurities. Then they are sent to the surface treatment facility for applying a protective and aesthetic coating.

How is Rapid Prototyping Different from Traditional Prototyping Methods?

Rapid Prototyping is completely different than traditional prototyping methods. And as per the name implies, it’s considerably faster. Before the use of modern computers flourished in the manufacturing industry, prototyping a product used to be a manual process.

Product designers and engineers would rely on creating prototypes by injection molding or assembling them by hand. But these processes are limited to large and simple prototypes. The tooling required for injection molding used to take several months.

If you hand assemble your prototype that would not be as accurate. Besides, making tiny parts with complex details would not be possible.

All these issues can be overcome by rapid prototyping manufacturing. Computers fully control rapid Prototyping manufacturing. So, there are no chances of errors. You can create a perfectly dimensioned prototypes.

Rapid Prototyping is also surprisingly faster. The equipment can function relentlessly without any breaks. So, traditional prototyping that used to take months before now can be done within the course of a week only.

It is a more efficient and versatile approach than the traditional prototyping processes. So, most Chinese businesses have already turned to rapid prototyping manufacturing.

What Benefits Can I get from a Rapid Prototyping Manufacturer?

Rapid Prototyping has become the new standard for making prototypes. Now, engineers rarely resort to any manual prototyping techniques. The advantages of rapid prototyping manufacturing easily outweigh anything else we have seen so far.

Here I have pointed out some facts about how a rapid prototyping manufacturer can benefit you.

Faster Product Development

Rapid Prototyping is faster than conventional prototyping methods. Normally, prototyping a product would take several months. But, rapid prototyping modern equipment can be accomplished within a few weeks only. So, you get to save a considerable amount of time during product development.

Ensure Economy

Prototyping calls for a considerable amount of investment. But thankfully, that’s not the case for rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping allows engineers and designers to create cost-effective prototypes. Now even startup companies can prototype their ideas with a relatively small investment.

Better Accuracy

Rapid prototyping manufacturers can assure you much better precision for your prototypes. Since rapid prototyping equipment is operated by computers, there is little to no chance of errors. You can expect to get prototypes that are almost identical to your final product.

Identical Mechanical Properties

There are many rapid prototyping technologies out there with support for a wide range of materials. So, you are free to choose the materials used in the final product. You can get more accurate test results, which would allow you to wrap up the prototyping phase earlier.

Create Complex Prototypes

Rapid prototyping manufacturers can provide you the best solution for prototyping very complex parts. 3d printing technologies can create prototypes of any shape regardless of the complexity. You can even create prototypes with hollow sections and internal truss for reducing weight.

What are the Possible Applications for Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid Prototyping is growing more popular in many industrial sectors day by day. It has significantly reduced the lead time to complete a prototype by enhancing and refining product development. The cost, as a result, has dropped as well.

So, the majority of the industries have shifted their focus to rapid prototyping. I have discussed the possible application of rapid prototyping in detail below.

Transportation Sector

Rapid prototyping is used to form and join large models. It also helps to perform seamless flow analysis and to identify points of stress concentration. Rapid Prototyping has extensive importance in the automobile and aerospace industry.

Medical Sector

To perform diagnosis or even to do surgery planning, rapid prototyping is commonly utilized. Sometimes, it also helps to design and manufacture custom implants and skull model. To understand bone abnormality or anatomical issues, a surgeon or model designer often takes help from a physical model made by using rapid prototyping.

Consumer Electronics

A vast collection of home appliances are tested by rapid prototype techniques. Big companies must ensure flawless quality for their product before they release them in the market. Because one defective batch can have a great negative impact on their business.

Defense Sector

The defense has extensive importance for rapid prototypes. The defense is always researching new weapons and equipment to strengthen the country’s military power. The pace of technological advancement will be greatly hampered without rapid prototyping.

There are many other sectors as well that has a need for rapid prototyping. The above is just to give you a clear idea.

Can You State the differences of Rapid Prototyping using CNC Machining and 3D Printing?

Both CNC machining and 3d printing are used for rapid prototyping. But the outcome of these processes can be quite different. Below I shall discuss the key differences between these two methods of rapid prototyping.

Construction Method

The prototypes are constructed differently in the two processes. 3d printing is done by depositing or adding a material layer by layer to construct a complete prototype. Such a construction method allows hollow sections and internal truss in the design.

Whereas, CNC prototypes are created by mechanically removing material from a workpiece. So, only exterior geometric features can be manipulated with no control over the internal structure of the prototype.

Material Support

CNC Machining can create a prototype out of almost any solid material. However, manufacturers prefer mostly plastic and metal prototypes. So, you can choose an ideal material for creating either a conceptual model or functional prototypes.

3d printing, on the other hand, has some restrictions over the materials it can utilize. 3d printing is usually limited to the plastic only. Metal 3d printers are also available, but they are considerably costlier. So, metal 3d printing doesn’t have that much application.


In terms of cost, 3d printing is the winner here. Plastic 3d printers are quite cheap and easy to operate. So, the cost of prototyping is very low. Sophisticated parts can be prototyped very easily by 3d printing. However, metal 3d printing is certainly not a cost-effective solution.

CNC machining equipment can be pretty costly. The cost goes even higher, with an increase in the complexity of your prototypes. But, still, CNC machining is the only viable choice for creating metal prototypes till now. It is crucial for making engineering prototypes.

 CNC prototyping vs. 3d printing

When Should I Consider a Rapid Prototyping Manufacturer for My Project?

Every business wants to proceed with full-scale production as early as possible. But it is not possible or practical to proceed for production without evaluating the performance and build quality of the product first. So, prototyping is essential for any product development.

On top of that, product prototyping also needs a significant amount of labor and resources. And that will surely cost you a handsome amount of money. So, have you wondered whether there is an efficient and cost-effective alternative available?

Then you are probably looking for a rapid prototyping manufacturer. Rapid Prototyping is the fastest method for creating conceptual and functional prototypes for your product development. Even though the sophisticated tools involved in the process, it is surprisingly economical too.

Can You Explain the Differences Between Conceptual and Engineering Rapid Prototyping?

Conceptual and Engineering Rapid Prototyping has an entirely different purpose. Depending on whether you need a conceptual model or Engineering prototype, your choice of prototyping method, material, time, cost, etc. will vary.

Let’s talk about Conceptual Prototypes first. Product designers and Engineers often feel the need for an exact visualization of the parts they are making. Modern 3d modeling software can provide excellent visualization for your prototype.

But until one examines a prototype in real life, the ergonomic factors of the product can’t be fully assessed. Conceptual prototypes are made with cost-effective materials. The main focus of the prototypes is to represent the visual appearance and ergonomics of a product.

However, conceptual models are a preliminary measure to minimize the number of iterations required before deciding on a final design. In order to evaluate the performance of a product, you need a functional prototype of it.

This is where engineering rapid prototyping becomes necessary. You create a prototype using similar materials and geometric specifications. Running any tests on an engineering prototype will give you a clear idea of the performance of the final product.

Engineering prototyping is crucial to avoid any functional defect in the final product. Because any defect found in the production stage can be very difficult to repair, a major defect can force you to redevelop your product design from scratch.

So, in order to be safe from big financial blows in a later part of manufacturing, it is wise to make a small investment for product prototyping. Although, whether you need conceptual or engineering prototypes or both for your project depends on your requirements.

How Can Chinese Suppliers Minimize the Cost of Rapid Prototyping?

China has the largest manufacturing industry in the world. Many foreign companies prefer Chinese suppliers to reduce their production costs. But how do Chinese suppliers minimize production costs?

The big reasons are the abundance of raw material, land, and human resources. So, they can provide more economic rapid prototyping services than others. But there are many design factors associated with the cost of rapid prototyping too.

It is more important for CNC prototyping as certain geometric features can complicate the machining process. I have pointed out some critical design considerations that manufacturers abide by to reduce the complexity and cost of CNC prototyping.

  • Sharp edges require high precision tools. Avoid any inside edge in your design. Replacing sharp edges with fillets is also helpful. It can save a considerable amount of time.
  • Avoid any small and intricate details that are unnecessary.
  • Depending on the specification of a CNC machine, the depth of deep pockets and cavities is limited. So, design your prototype, keeping in mind the capabilities of your supplier.
  • Thin walls need to be machined carefully, which would increase the machining time leading to a rise in the cost. So, keep an adequate wall thickness.
  • Your choice of material is also important. Some materials tend to have better machinability than others. Your choice of material can significantly impact the prototyping cost.
  • Bigger prototypes will require larger equipment. They tend to be more costly. It is assessed whether dividing your prototype into multiple segments is economical or going for larger equipment is economical.

So, it was about CNC prototyping. But what about 3d printing prototyping? The prototype design doesn’t impact the prototyping cost that much. But 3d printing cost is affected by the volume of support structure required for a prototype.

If your prototype has too many overhanging portions, it will increase the volume of support structures. So, the prototype should be built in such an angle that requires the least volume of support. This will reduce the time and material required for manufacturing.

Many other minor factors can affect the prototyping cost. A good manufacturer can maintain these properly to provide you with the most economical solution.

How do I Find a Good Rapid Prototyping Manufacturer in China?

Finding a good manufacturer is a matter of comprehensive experience within the manufacturing industry. Businesses all over the world prefer China manufacturers for better quality and economy. But, make sure you have partnered with the right supplier.

Whether or not a manufacturer can meet your project demands depends on a lot of factors. Here are some tips that can help you find a qualified rapid prototyping company in China.

  • There are a lot of factors affecting the overall production cost. Choose a manufacturer that has easy access to the resources that are required for your project.
  • There is numerous classification in the manufacturing industry. Filter out suppliers that do rapid prototyping manufacturing.
  • Keep in touch with the latest international trade shows. You can learn about many new technologies and find out about qualified manufacturers.
  • Online business directories like Alibaba is a home for countless Chinese manufacturers. You can find most of the Chinese manufacturing companies there.
  • Check out their website and other possible links to find out about their capabilities. Make sure they have the right set of tools to meet your project requirements.
  • Try searching the internet for their achievement and whether they are recognized by the international manufacturing standards.
  • Before you make the final move, it is wise to pay a visit to the manufacturer’s factory.

Following these tips can help you find a reliable rapid prototyping manufacturer.

What Rapid Prototyping Services are Available at Sunrise Metal?

Sunrise Metal is an expert Rapid Prototyping manufacturer in China. We are fully equipped with varieties of prototyping equipment that allows us to perform multiple types of rapid prototyping operations.

Here, I have discussed the rapid prototyping services that are available at Sunrise Metal.

CNC Prototyping

CNC Prototyping is probably the best solution for creating functional prototypes for your product development.  Our vast CNC Machining capabilities allow us to carry out delicate CNC prototyping projects.

Our cutting-edge CNC machining technology and professional evaluation allow us to implement innovative production techniques. Our fast solutions can shorten your rapid prototyping time by up to fifty percent.

Our prototyping shop consists of more than twenty-three 3 to 4 Axis machine centers. So we can accept a large number of prototyping requests. Our advanced 5 and 7 Axis can create complex prototypes within a very short time frame.

 CNC prototyping vs. 3d printing

3D Printing

Our business mainly focuses on CNC machining and Die Casting. But we prefer versatility in our service. So, we have in-house arrangements for 3d printing as well. Because customers often feel the need to create a few conceptual models with 3d printing before making functional prototypes.

CNC prototyping is usually costlier than 3d printing unless you are planning for 3d printing metal parts. But plastic prototypes can be cost-effectively produced by 3d printing. We want to provide a one-stop solution for our customers, so we like to keep all the options open for you.

Sunrise Metal 3d printing

Prototyping Tooling

As a fully equipped CNC machining and die casting expert, we are capable of providing first-class prototyping tooling service. We have dedicated facilities for both tooling and die casting in China equipped with advanced equipment and quality control devices.

Our designers and engineers have rich experience in mold design and analysis. We can ensure the perfect quality and maximum economy by maintaining all design guidelines. So, you can expect high-quality prototypes for running statistical tests.

Sunrise Metal Prototyping Tooling

What is Sunrise Metal’s Past Experience with Rapid Prototyping?

Sunrise Metal has extensive experience in Rapid Prototyping. We set our foot in the manufacturing industry by investing in a rapid prototyping facility in Kunshan back in 2003. By 2003, we had our very own die casting facility.

During these years, we gained extensive knowledge of rapid prototyping and discovered innovative prototyping ideas. At present, our rapid prototyping capabilities have expanded multi-folds, and we are one of the leading high-tech enterprises in China.

Our professionals with long and rich experience in this field allow us to provide the best rapid prototyping solution for you. We have successfully created more than 1500 rapid prototyped parts until now. Our competitive pricing and unique solutions derived from our experience are what attracts our customer.

Sunrise Metal's rapid prototyping experience

How Can Sunrise Metal Assure the Quality of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing?

Sunrise Metal upholds the quality of its work above everything else. Our strong core competence has made us one of the leading high-tech enterprises in China. Here are some facts about our company that will assure you about the quality of our work.

Years of Experience

We have experience in rapid prototyping since 2003. Our extended prototyping experience and research along the way have helped us reach the position we are in right now. Our experienced engineers and designers are able to provide the most economical solution and ensure maximum quality.

Dedicated Rapid Prototyping Facility

Sunrise Metal made its entrance into the industry by investing in a rapid prototyping facility in Kunshan. Within these years, we have immensely upgraded our rapid prototyping capabilities. Our prototyping shop is now fully equipped to handle any task at hand.

Advanced Equipment

We have the latest technology CNC machines, 3d printers, and die casting equipment in our prototyping shop. So, we can carry out different types of rapid prototyping jobs. Our advanced 5 and 7 Axis CNC machines are capable of handling complex prototypes maintaining high-precision.

High Precision Measuring Instruments

Our labs are equipped with high precision measuring instruments of the latest technology. We can check the integrity of the prototypes with an X-Ray Detector and measure the dimensional accuracy with a Coordinate Measuring Machine. We have instruments for checking the surface finish quality as well.

Can You Help Me with the DFM (Design for Manufacturing) of Rapid Prototyped Parts?

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is the process of simplifying the construction of a prototype to reduce production time, complexity, and, eventually, the cost. Ensuring the manufacturability of a prototype is something that can enable you to differentiate among the rapid prototyping manufacturers.

Each manufacturer may handle the DFM process differently because they have differences in core competence. The experience and skills of the designer and engineers of a company play a crucial role in the proper DFM of your prototype.

Sunrise Metal has talented professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of rapid prototyping. We can provide excellent Design for Manufacturing for your rapid prototyped parts, which would ensure both quality and economy.

Sunrise Metal engineer preparing DFM

What is the Best Precision Sunrise Metal Can Reach?

Sunrise Metal has sophisticated high precision CNC machines in-house. We have more than twenty-three machine centers with 3 to 4 Axis operating capability. We can machine a large number of prototypes with them and maintain tolerances up to 0.005 inches.

We also have some high end 5 and 7 axis CNC machines that can make prototypes with precision up to 0.0002 inches. We are capable of producing ultra-precise prototypes with this equipment. So, you can rest assured about our capabilities.

We can provide a surface finish for your prototypes with tolerances as low as 0.0005 inches. We can assure you that you will get accurate precision as described. Because we measure the prototypes with high-precision measuring instruments.

Sunrise Metal CNC Prototyping

What Engineering Materials Can I use for Rapid Prototyping in Sunrise Metal?

Sunrise Metal supports rapid prototyping with a broad scope of engineering materials. We are proficient in multiple types of rapid prototyping operations. It allows us to offer more material options for you. You can simply choose the one that best suits your requirements.

We can create prototypes with different types of metals and plastics. Some of the common metals we use for rapid prototyping are,

  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Magnesium etc.

The common plastics we use for rapid prototyping include,

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)
  • Nylon, etc.

The metals are mostly used for CNC prototyping to make engineering prototypes. We use plastics for 3d printing conceptual prototypes. You can also let us know if you have a preference for other materials. We shall assess its applicability and let you know.

What is the Standard Lead Time of Sunrise Metal’s Rapid Prototyping Service?

Sunrise Metal is your best partner when you have a tight schedule. Our fast solutions derived from our extensive rapid prototyping experience can speed up the process by almost two times compared to most other rapid prototyping manufacturers in China.

The standard lead time for most of the rapid prototyping projects takes us 1 to 2 weeks to complete. By this time, we can help you completely build your prototype. We have dedicated facilities for design to the finishing of your prototype.

How to Get a Quote for Sunrise Metal’s Rapid Prototyping Service?

The cost of rapid prototyping can vary depending on many parameters. So, you must provide all the necessary information for getting an accurate quote for your rapid prototyping project. Here I have explained what you should be mentioned in your quote request.

  • Provide a short summary of your company. Include what type of business you are running and the type of products your company is dealing with.
  • Clearly state the requirements such as size, quantity, tolerances of your prototype.
  • If you are going through a tough to meet time table, do make sure to include a specific deadline. This will allow us to develop an effective work schedule.
  • Attach the 3d model of your prototype. Attach any additional details or 2d drawings as well, if possible. It will allow us to make a better assessment of the project complexity. So, we can provide more accurate cost estimation.

Get rapid prototyping quote from Sunrise Metal

What is the Production Capacity and MOQ of Sunrise Metal’s Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing?

Sunrise Metal has a rich rapid prototyping facility. So we are able to process large quantities of rapid prototyping requests. Depending on your prototype design, we can prototype more than 200 parts within just 1 to 2 weeks.

That’s about half the time taken by most other rapid prototyping manufacturers. This is made possible due to our experienced engineering core and modern prototyping equipment. Our fast solution allows us to almost double our production capacity.

But we never neglect any low volume orders. Unlike other big suppliers, we shall accept any high-mix low volume orders. Our minimum order quantity for rapid prototyping projects can be as low as 1 piece.

Does Sunrise Metal Deliver Rapid Prototyped Parts Overseas?

Sunrise Metal has been serving clients from many regions. We have successfully completed rapid prototyping projects for more than 500 customers until now. And most of them were from different parts of the world.

Most of our customers were from North America, Asia, and Europe Region. The companies were mainly located in the USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Germany, Netherland, Italy, Israel, etc. We have shipped thousands of parts overseas until now.

No matter wherever you are in the world, you can count on Sunrise Metal for high-quality prototypes and expect on-time delivery.

Sunrise Metal’s overseas delivery of rapid prototyping parts

How does Sunrise Metal Treat the Confidential Information for Customer on Rapid Prototyping Projects?

Product prototypes contain valuable information about new inventions and the design ideas of many companies. There is way too much fraudulent activity going on in the industry. Failure to maintain project confidentiality has led to product design being stolen and copied by third parties.

This is alarming for secret government and military projects. The consequences of product design falling in the wrong hand can be severe. So, it is of absolute importance that a rapid prototyping manufacturer ensures the confidentiality of every project.

Sunrise Metal values the confidentiality of the customers more than anything. We take maximum care of our client’s project information. All of our employees go through extensive training. They are strictly instructed to handle the client’s confidential information with care.

We have special security measures for sensitive projects as well. The designs are stored with special security measures, and we closely monitor the production and sorting of finished prototypes. We shall sign legal agreements and patent our work to ensure the maximum security of your innovations.

What is Sunrise Metal’s One-Stop Rapid Prototyping Solution?

Sunrise provides a one-stop solution from design to the finishing of your project. Because we are not just limited to prototyping parts. We offer various types of manufacturing solutions that you will need before or after rapid prototyping.

Manufacturers who only offer a particular type of rapid prototyping service can cause production delays for you. And it is more like a hassle to keep communication with multiple suppliers simultaneously and transport your parts from one facility to another.

But Sunrise metal offers a complete rapid prototyping solution. You won’t need to go through the hassle of contacting multiple manufacturing companies for design, prototyping, and surface finishing. We have it all in one place.

Talented Designing Team

We have a talented designer who can design prototypes for you. Our expert engineers can help you to optimize your design for achieving maximum efficiency in manufacturing and drastically reduce the prototyping cost.

Multiple Rapid Prototyping Technologies

Sunrise Metal is capable of multiple types of rapid prototyping manufacturing. We have the equipment and technical support for carrying out CNC Prototyping, 3D Printing, and Prototyping Tooling. So, you can find a solution for small to a large volume of rapid prototyping.

Surface Finishing Facility

Sunrise Metal has various essential surface treatment facilities in-house. We also cooperatively work with expert surface finishing companies in China. We do surface finishing, such as powder coating, anodizing, e-coating, plating, etc.

You will get a complete rapid prototyping solution from us. This will save plenty of time and money for your project in the long run.

Request for Quote or Information
We would be glad to receive your request for quote.
Please email us your detailed requirements including 2D drawing & 3D Model and Quantity.
  • +86-512-55291075
  • +86 13912651818
  • No 1456, Fushikang Rd, Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China
We are close to Shanghai PVG,SHA,& WUX Airportwe can arrange pick-up when you visit us.
Please fill out the form if you have any question.
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