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As a very important link to our one-stop Die casting solution, our machined casting has won us a great reputation from our global customers. Our rich experienced engineering team and production team have helped us get 16 patents until now, all the patents designed for customers’ products.

Our Machining shop has been certified by NQA for ISO9001 and IATF16949 and one complete quality management system is effectively operated on site.  What’s more, our many very advanced inspection instruments, such as Carl Zeiss CMM, X-ray detector, spectrometer, etc to assure your parts’ quality.

We have rapid tooling and fast production system technology, by this, we can save your ½ normal lead time. At the same time, we can also provide the second surface finishing service to meet your all treatments demands.

Sunrise Metal, Your Best Choice for Your Machined Casting Parts

  • Display-Frame-Machined-Casting-Parts
    Display Frame-Machined Casting
    For Japanese Client
  • Robotic-Wheel-Machined-Casting-Parts
    Robotic Wheel-Machined Casting
    For Germany Client
  • Medical-Holder-Machined-Casting-Parts
    Medical Holder-Machined Casting
    For American Client
  • Marine-Parts-Machined-Casting-Parts
    Camer Cover-Machined Casting
    For American Client
  • Housing-Machined-Casting-Parts
    Engine Intake Tube-Machined Casting
    For German Client
  • Camer Cover-Machined Casting
    For American Client

Sunrise Machined Casting Capability Succeed Your Projects

Sunrise Metal offer you best Machined casting parts and also welcome your low volume requests.
Strong Production Capability

Sunrise has the machining workshop equipped with over 40 sets machines, which allows us to do a wide range complex of machining work and provide our customers with the strongest period.

High Precision Projects Expert

Sunrise, as a professional machined casting solution provider, mainly focus on the projects of high precision and complex geometry.

On-time Delivery

We are dedicated to low to medium volume projects. With own machining center, we can reach on-time delivery for normal order.

  • Strong-Production-Capability-Machined-Casting-Advantage
  • CNC-Machining-Machined-Casting-Advantage
  • Surface-Finishing-Machined-Casting-Advantage

Your Wonderful Machined Casting Parts Coming From Sunrise High End Manufacturing Equipment

  • CNC-Machining-Machinery-Machined-Casting-Equipment
    CNC Machining Equipment
  • Precision-CNC-Machining-Tools-Machined-Casting-Equipment
    Precision Machining Drills
  • Precision-CNC-Machining-Machined-Casting-Equipment
    CNC Milling Manufacturing
  • CNC-Machining-Machined-Casting-Equipment
    CNC Milling Equipment
  • cleaning-line-Machined-Casting-Equipment
    Automated Chromate Line
  • Powder-coating-Machined-Casting-Equipment
    Automated Powder Coating Line

Recent Machined casting Projects Sunrise Metal Made

Sunrise Metal has been in the Machined casting field for more than 10 years, here below show you some of the Machined casting parts for your reference.

Sunrise Metal has a dynamic workforce including organized teams of experienced engineers, professional customer service representatives, quality assurance officers and skilled production workers. Following international guidelines on cooperation and production standards, they make the best team for your projects.

No. Name Stroke Q’ty
1 Mazak 7-axis turning&milling Machine Ø658*1011MM 1
2 Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machine Ø850/Ø600 4
3 3-axis CNC machine center 2000*1500MM 1
4 4-axis CNC machine center Ø250*800MM 8
5 3-axis CNC machine center 1000*600*600MM 20
6 CNC Lathes Ø320*800/Ø610*1000MM 2
7 Sodick Wire cutting Machine 400*400*200MM 3
8 EDM machine 500*400*400MM 2
9 Surface grinder 600*300*200MM 1

No. Name Brand Q’ty
1 CMM Carl Zessis 1
2 CMM SanYou 1
3 Spectrometer China 1
4 Microscope China 1
5 Projector China 2
6 X-ray Detector SANDT 1
7 Cleanliness Test Equipment China 1
8 Leakage Test Equipment China 2
9 Salt Spray Testing Equipment China 1
10 Pneumatic Measuring Instrument China 2
11 Hardness Testing Machine China 1
12 Color Meter Machine China 1
13 Thickness Testing Machine China 1
14 Electronic Balance China 1
15 Density Balance China 1

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Machined Casting is a great way to produce parts with high precision. This method is specially adapted for the post-processing of die-cast parts. Sunrise Metal has both die casting and CNC machining facilities available that allow us to produce high-precision parts.

You will find most of the common queries regarding Machined Casting in this guide. If you have any further queries feel free to contact our customer support.

What is Machined Casting?

Machined Casting refers to the machining of already cast or forged parts. It is basically a compilation of Casting and Machining. This is commonly a commonly practiced technique for producing die-cast parts with better quality and precision.

It can be used for getting rid of excess material after die casting of parts. It is also used for providing geometric features that are too complex or not possible during the casting process.

Sunrise Metal is a leading Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer who also has advanced CNC Machining facilities. So, we are capable of Machined Casting your parts ensuring top-notch quality and precision.

What is the process of Machined Casting?

There are some fundamental steps to be followed for the Machined Casting parts.

  • To get started you will need a 3d model of your desired part.
  • Prepare a die casting die according to your parts design.
  • Produce Castings using the dies.
  • Prepare DFM for the casting.
  • Machine the raw castings to remove excess material from the body.

This is actually a lengthy process. But only the major key steps were listed for your easier understanding.  Here’s a video showing the machining process of casting.

What are the advantages of Machined Casting?

Machined Casting has multitudes of benefits that make it a preferable choice for the manufacturers. Let’s have a look at the advantages it has to offer.

High Tolerances

Parts with very tight tolerances can be produced by Machined Casting. Parts produced by direct casting methods can’t yield parts that are close to CNC Machined parts.

The results obtained will be almost similar to parts produced entirely by CNC Machining. But the cost will be much lower compared to CNC Machining from scratch.

Complex Geometry

Machined Casting can produce complex parts that are hard to produce by a regular casting method. Some special geometric features are often impossible to implement by casting.

It also enables manufacturers to mass-produce complex parts. Firstly, a basic shape can be formed by die-casting then it can be machined to provide the special features.


Production of high-precision parts can take a great deal of time. But, Machined Casting can get similar results with less time.

The required parts can be manufactured using a fast casting method such as Die Casting. Then the parts can be machined to achieve a greater level of precision.


Machined Casting is a cost-effective alternative to CNC Machining. High-precision parts can be manufactured without having to worry about the high machining costs.

How much precision is achievable by Machining on Castings?

The Machined Casting process involves using CNC Machines. Sunrise Metal has a wide range of CNC Machines including high precision and high-speed CNC Machines. We have the latest 7-Axis CNC Machine and 5-Axis CNC Machines as well.

Our advanced machining facility can achieve a precision of about ± 0.005 inches for Machined Cast parts. We can achieve more precision, but that is often not preferred by the manufacturers as it will significantly increase the cost.

Machined Casting is popular for its ability to produce parts with high repeatability. It will yield parts with a high level of accuracy with constant quality. That’s why manufacturers prefer it for the production of high precision parts.

What are the machining processes involved in Machined Casting?

The final step of Machined Casting is done by CNC Machining. There are many types of CNC machining processes. The usage of a particular machining process usually depends on the geometry of the product being manufactured.

The most common CNC Machining Processes are:

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Turning

These are all different processes and require a different type of cutting tools. The similarity among them is that in each case, either the tool is rotated against the workpiece or the workpiece is rotated against the tool.

There are other miscellaneous processes such as,

  • Boring
  • Grinding
  • Sawing
  • Reaming etc.

The parts may need multiple machining processes for attaining the desired shape depending on its geometry.

Machined casting parts

What materials are suitable for Machined Casting?

Machined Casting can be done on a wide range of materials. But, the suitability of the materials depends on the scope of usage of the parts. There may be difficulty in the usage of a certain material due to the type and size of a part being produced.

The commonly used materials are:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Plastic etc.

There are different variants and alloys for each type of material. The material you will be choosing should be suitable for both Casting/Forging and Machining.

Metal material for machined casting parts

When do I need Machined Casting for my parts?

Machined Casting involves both machining and casting. You must be wondering when it is a better choice.

It is adopted by manufacturers as a means of mass-producing high precision parts. You can also improve the accuracy of your die-cast parts and fix flash defects that may result after die casting.

It has been a good method for achieving similar results of CNC Machining a part. But CNC Machining is a bit expensive and not suitable for mass-production.

Machined Casting overcomes these issues and combines the benefits of both casting and machining for producing high-precision parts cost-effectively.

What industries are using Machined Casting?

Machined Casting is preferred by industries that have a need for high-precision parts. The big industries need large volumes of parts. CNC Machining all the parts would simply be too costly. Machined Casting can help in this case.

Here are some of the major industries that rely on Machined Casting,

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Marine
  • Telecommunication
  • Military

These are just to give you a rough idea. Of course, any industry that has a need for precision parts can choose Machined Casting. It offers a good balance between the cost and quality of production.

Can Machining correct flash defects in die-cast parts?

Flash defects are a type of casting defect that commonly occurs during die casting of parts. It is an excess portion of metal attached to the castings. They are usually trimmed using a trim die or removed by the Machined Casting process.

Flash defects usually happen when the injection pressure in high-pressure die casting is too high. It causes the molten metal to leak through the joint of the dies. But, that is often unavoidable if there are a higher precision and strength requirement.

It can also happen because of a lack of clamping force. That can be fixed by higher tonnage equipment but that would also cause the cost of production to go up.

Machined Casting can be used to machine parts with flash defects cost-effectively. It will ensure both the quality and precision of the parts.

What are your Machined Casting Capabilities?

Sunrise Metal has advanced in house Die Casting and CNC Machining facilities. That enables us to provide you a complete Machined Casting solution. So, you can rely on us for both casting and machining of your parts.

We have two die casting workshops with 11 Aluminum die casting equipment of varying tonnage. That allows us to die cast a wide range of die-cast parts of varying sizes and shapes.

We have 29 CNC machines equipped with machine centers and 2 dedicated lathe machines. We have a wide range of multi-axis CNC Machines such as 3-Axis, 4-Axis, 5-Axis, and 7-Axis CNC Machines.

Once you die-cast your parts, our CNC Machining facility can machine your parts with a high level of precision. We can also provide complex features in your die cast parts using our multi-axis CNC Machines.

We pride in our facilities and capabilities. We are always updated to the latest technology and dedicated to serving you with the best we can offer.

CNC machining for machined casting parts

Do you provide DFM for Machined Casting the parts?

Yes, Sunrise Metal will provide you the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) for your parts.

We will help you in every step of manufacturing your parts. Our professional engineers will provide Design for the Manufacturing of your parts considering all important parameters and cost-effective measures.

So, you do not need to worry about the DFM. Our engineers will keep in mind your requirements and guide you through the whole process.

die casting tooling design engineer-DCT-Advantage

What is your production capacity for Machined Casting?

Machined Casting production capacity depends on the Die Casting and CNC Machining capacity. The overall lead time is somewhat longer than simply die casting but takes less time than CNC machining all of the parts.

Machined Casting doesn’t require machining a part from scratch. So, A large number of parts can be produced in a shorter period.

But, an estimate of an exact figure is not possible. It depends on a lot of parameters. You can Request for Quote of your parts to get a better estimation of the production capacity.

How do you ensure quality control of Machined Casting Parts?

Sunrise Metal has advanced Machined Casting facilities and adequate quality control capabilities to assure the highest quality for your parts. Here are some facts that would assure you of our quality control measures.

ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 certified

Sunrise Metal is an ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 certified company. A company is declared to be ISO 9001 certified when they achieve the ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and gain satisfaction. They should also have strong management, corporate culture.

IATF 16949 certification is given if the company can show continual improvement in its services and customer support. They have to strictly follow some guidelines to prevent any product defect and reduce wastage.

Advanced QA Testing Devices

We have a wide range of QA testing equipment to detect all sorts of casting and machining defects. Our equipment list includes X-Ray Detector, Cleanliness Tester, ZEISS CMM, Digital Caliper, etc. We thoroughly check all your parts with QA test equipment.

Expert Quality Control Team

We have quality control professionals dedicated to monitoring the quality of production from the incoming material to finished parts. With our strict quality control measures and supply chain management, you can rest assured to expect top-notch work and on-time delivery.

Here’s a video of one of our employees operating a quality control device.

Why should I choose Sunrise for Machined Casting?

Sunrise metal has advanced Die Casting and CNC machining facilities that can perfectly suit your Machined Casting needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality parts.

Have a look at our capabilities that,

10+ years of experience

Sunrise Metal is an experienced Aluminum die casting manufacturer that has been in this field for more than 10 years. Our experience allows us to have better insight into a project and we are able to provide you better guidance as well.

Shorter lead time

We have advanced Die casting CNC machining equipment capable of producing parts much faster. We can save your production tolling by up to fifty percent as well. So, you can produce more parts in less time.

One-stop Solution

We have a wide range of Die Casting and CNC machines available here. That allows to design, cast, and machine your parts all at a single place. So, you don’t have to wander around casting and machining your parts at multiple places.

Superior R&D Capability

We have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you throughout the whole process. They can conduct a feasibility analysis for your design or even help you create a model from scratch. They will ensure strict quality control and can give you economical suggestions.

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