CNC Machine Tools- Perform on Precision CNC Machining Operations

Introduction to CNC Machine Tools

milling machine with cnc machine tools

CNC machines are a fantastic technology that cuts through the metal and produces terrific parts. From small to large, easy to intricate, this manufacturing method is excellent for all your manufacturing needs.

Some tools and functionalities are attached to the CNC machine. Especially the CNC machine cutting tools. These allow the machine to perform various cuts and perform precision in machining.

If you’re looking to order a CNC machining project, getting to know these tools will help you immensely. Especially in making a suitable design and setting realistic expectations.

What Are CNC Cutting Tools?


CNC machining is a subtractive technology that removes the material from a workpiece and gives it a perfect shape. The cutting tools are the ones that do the actual cutting or removing of the excess materials.

It’s a computer-operated process and the tool gets instructions from the computer. The cutting tool is set up to the spindle of the machine. The spindle is the tool that receives the instruction from the computer and follows it.

In the process, the cutting tools rotate at a very high speed and remove the materials in very tiny chips. The chips are then ejected from the workpiece.

What do You Need to Know About the CNC Machine Cutting Tools?

know-cnc-machine-cutting-toolsManufacturers have been using CNC machine cutting tools for more than centuries. They are one of the most effective ways to manufacture and shape any parts in various industries. Therefore, the cutting tools are an essential thing to consider for a manufacturer.

The manufacturer has to choose the right cutting tool for the right project. Here are few things to consider while choosing the right cutting tools:


  • The cutting method of the process
  • Project size and the process
  • The result, like depth of cut or finish
  • Workpiece size
  • Cutting speed or feed
  • Condition of the machine and rigidity

Other than that, some things ensure the effectiveness of the cnc machine cutting tools. If tools have these features in them, they are usually effective:

  • The thermal conductivity is high.
  • It’s possible to fabricate them quickly.
  • They are resistant to wear.
  • The tools are at least 30% to 60% stronger than the work material.
  • The friction is low.
  • Chemically stable.

What Materials and Coatings Are Used in CNC Machine Cutting Tools?

The cutting tools cut through tough and rigid materials. This is why they must be made with even harder material to do the task properly.

On the other hand, the coatings are essential for the tools as well. Because it can impact the lifespan, effectiveness, and overall speed.

Here is some example of materials that are used to make the cutting tools:


Carbide tools are an excellent choice for high-speed operations. These tools are very hard, which makes them heat and wear-resistant. In general, cemented carbide is a blend of titanium, tantalum, and tungsten. Compared to other tools, they provide more versatile surface finishing.

Carbon Steel

Tools made with carbon steel are one of the most affordable options out there. Although, they’re not suitable for high-speed production. So if you don’t require speed in the production process, it can be the right choice for you. It contains around 0.5 to 1.5% carbon with a small amount of silicon and manganese in them.

High-Speed Steel

High-speed steel is much more rigid and harder than carbon steel. The more expensive you can afford, the harder it gets. HSS is a combination of tungsten, chromium, and molybdenum.

And because of the great combination of materials, the removal rate is pretty higher than other tools. However, to get the best result, manufacturers should apply the necessary surface finishing on them.


Ceramic materials are a combination of silicon nitride and aluminum oxide. The best thing about these tools is the speed. In addition, these corrosion-proof tools can remove materials ten times faster than the HSS. It makes them the perfect choice when you require top speed and a great surface finishing.

Now, let’s know about some most commonly used coating on the tools:


If you’re working on an abrasive material, the diamond coating is the right choice for this process.

Titanium Nitride

This is a common coating for the tools. The high oxidation heat in this coating improves the rigidity of the tools.

Super-life Titanium Nitride

This coating improves the heat-resistant ability of the tool. Especially in cases when the usage of coolant is low.

Titanium Carbo-Nitride

It improves the hardness and surface lubricity of the tool.

Types of Different Cutting Tools End Millmilling-cutter-cnc-machines-tools

If you’re doing vertical machining, you’ll use this type of tool very often. It has cutting teeth on end as well as on the side. And this makes it very fast at cutting and removing materials. When it comes to flute, it can have one to ten flutes in it.

3 Types of End Mill:

  • Flat
  • Bull Nose
  • Ball Nose

Roughing End Mill

A Rough end mill is a good choice when you need to remove larger amounts. However, compared to regular end mills, the precision is low.

Face Mill

When manufacturers need to make flat sections before applying other tools like end mills, it is used. They are made from carbide and are primarily used for horizontal machining.

Fly Cutters

The fly cutter serves the same purpose as a face mill. However, it’s a more affordable option than the other one. It may contain one or two tool bits that make the broad and shallow cuts. Often, they produce very smooth surface finishing.

Thread Mills

Likewise, thread mills are an excellent choice to cut both external and internal corners.

Drill Bits


Drill bits used in the CNC machining are three types. They are twist drill, ejector drill, and center drill. Various drill bits can fit into a CNC machine for different kinds of applications. They can have a single or more flute, depending on their types.


Other Tools

Above are just to name a few. Other than these, there are plenty of other tools available in the machining industry. Based on the client’s requirement and design, manufacturers choose the correct tool.

Many other tools like slab mill, side and face cutter, gear cutter, hollow mill, twist drill are also quite popular. Depending on their application and the requirement, manufacturers can choose either or multiple of these tools.


The tools have a significant impact on the result of your machining process. If your manufacturer fails to select the right tool for the project, you won’t get the desired outcome.

Even more for precision machining, choosing the right tools is vital. This is why we recommend you work only with reliable manufacturers. Because they’ll have a better understanding of the tools and can make the right decision on behalf of you.

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