Human Rights- An Overview on Human Rights in Sunrise Metal

Human Rights

Sunrise Metal is committed to maintaining a strong organizational culture with deep respect for individuals and human rights. We have adopted company policies, practices, and procedures to reflect and implement this broad commitment.

1.   Human Rights Policy Statement

Sunrise Metal abides by the human rights norms and laws of the country where it operates in business relations and complies with the same human rights standards as contractors, suppliers, and business partners. For environments affected by conflict and high risk, we will pay more attention to the importance of human rights.

Sunrise clearly recognizes that human rights are also very important to our employees, stakeholders, customers, consumers, communities where we operate, and civil society groups. Therefore, whether it is for business or ethics, it is critical to ensure the operation and value chain of Sunrise and to comply with human rights norms.

2.   Policy Direction

Sunrise’s human rights policy will cover three aspects of labor rights, health and safety, and anti-corruption. By setting goals and measures in each aspect, Sunrise is committed to realizing the practical protection of human rights and building a responsible enterprise.

2.1 Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Employment

Sunrise will be dedicated to prohibiting the exploitation of labor and forcing employees to work under the threat of punishment.

-All employees hired by Sunrise must be on a voluntary basis, no coercive behavior is allowed, and the use of deception to lure employees to work at Sunrise must be strictly forbidden.

-Sunrise shall not collect deposits, security deposits, or seize their ID cards and other statutory certification documents to prevent any possibility of forcibly using labor against their will.

2.2 Prohibition of Child Labor

Sunrise promises to forbid the use of child labor at any stage of the provision of services.

-Sunrise attaches great importance to the review of age in the employment process and prohibits the employment of child labor in all operations.

2.3 Respect the Diversity of Employment and Oppose Discrimination

Sunrise is focusing on providing fair and reasonable job opportunities.

-When deciding on employment, remuneration, training, promotion, demotion or retirement, etc., Sunrise is based on personal working ability and Sunrise’s work demand, not based on race, nationality, religion, disability, social class, gender, union membership, and government relations and etc.

-Sunrise Promises employees to avoid harassment and illegal discrimination.

-Sunrise shall not force employees or prospective workers to accept discriminatory physical examinations.

2.4 Freedom of Association

Sunrise is committed to protecting employees’ human rights and freedom of speech.

-Open and direct communication between employees and management is one of the effective ways to solve workplace and salary issues. Sunrise has opened up a variety of communication channels for employees to seek help and give feedbacks on issues. We respect the rights of employees in accordance with the law, including the rights to associate freely, join or not join a trade union, seek representatives, and participate in employee representative meetings.

-Employees should be able to communicate publicly with management on working conditions and management issues without fear of retaliation, threats, or harassment.

-Sunrise will prohibit the exploitation of labor and forcing employees to work under the threat of punishment.

2.5 Safe and Healthy Working Environment

Sunrise promises to be people-oriented and focus on the health of employees.

-Sunrise creates a safe, civilized, and harmonious working, living conditions, and humanistic environment for employees.

-Sunrise requires all suppliers and contractors to comply with Sunrise’s safety management method.

-Prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases, zero accidents involving serious injuries, and zero major fire and explosion accidents.

3.   Other Contents of the Policy

3.1  Time for policy formulation, signing, and update

-We will review this human rights policy in due or at least once every three years.

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