Tooling Equipment

With our in-housing tooling equipment, we can satisfy customers’ urgently need. Tools fabrication and tools maintenance can be done with the shortest lead time.
With the help of our out-sourced tooling partners, we can built many tools at the same time. Based on this, we never delay any customers any projects.

No. Name Quantity Stroke
1 High Precision CNC Machine 4 Max 1210*1050*810/Min. 600*450*430
2 High Speed CNC Machine 9 Max 1800*800*750/Min. 850*520*520
3 CNC Machine 6 Max 1500*800*700/Min. 800*550*580
4 DMU monoBLOCK 5-AXIS CNC Machine 2 Max 935*850*650/Min 735*650*560
5 EDM Machine 5 Max1800*900*1000/Min 450*350*220
6 WEDM Machine 6 Max600*400*290/Min400*280*220
7 Grinder 3 1500*600*600
8 Milling Machine 4 1600*800*300
9 Drilling Machine 2 1600*630*400
10 Sawing Machine 1 GD6528


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