Prototyping Equipment

Our 7 Axis and 5 Axis high precision CNC machines enable us producing high precision parts. Now we are in the industries of Aerospace, Satellite communication, automotive, marine, instruments etc.

No. Name Quantity Stroke
1 Mazak 7-axis turning & milling Machine 1 Ф658*1011MM
2 Mazak /Hass 5-axis CNC Machine 2 Ф800/Ф600
3 3-axis CNC Machine Center 1 2000*1500MM
4 4-axis CNC Machine Center 12 Ф250*800MM
5 3-axis CNC Machine Center 20 1000*600*600MM
6 CNC Lathes 2 Ф320*800/Ф610*1000MM
7 Sodick Wire Cutting Machine 3 400*400*200MM
8 EDM Machine 2 500*400*400MM
9 Surface grinder 1 600*300*200MM

MAZAK 7axis Turning and Milling CNC

Made by:Mazak Japan


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