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Environment Policy

1.Environmental Policy Statement

Faced with global challenges of climate change, resource shortages, and environmental pollution, and etc. Sunrise Metal actively supports global and regional initiatives such as the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and formulated this environmental management policy to more effectively manage its own business Environmental and ecological impacts, and strengthen the ability to respond to environmental risks in our own businesses.

This environmental policy includes Sunrise’s external environmental commitments and goals, methods, and paths to achieve related goals. This policy applies to all Sunrise’s departments, businesses, and partners upstream and downstream of the industry chain to ensure that we fulfill the environmental responsibilities due to responsible real estate developers in all aspects of our business, promote the sustainable development of business and operations, and keep the balance between economic production, community development, and environmental protection.

2. Policy Direction

Sunrise’s environmental policy includes four aspects: climate change, green construction and operation, sustainable procurement, biodiversity and community ecological protection. We cover short-term, and medium to long-term business development, and the critical environmental issues in the company’s operations, as well as major potential environmental impacts. We also make commitments for each aspect of the environmental policy, and propose specific management and practical measures to monitor and strive to achieve the commitments.

2.1 Climate Change (Risk Identification and Management, Green Building, Green Operation Target Management, Green Lease)

We will actively cope with the possible impact of climate change, avoid climate change causing damage to the operating entities and the communities where the operations are located. And we also pay attention to and meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements for responding to climate change, and control our own resource consumption and emissions, with particular emphasis on mitigating greenhouses gas effect.

We promise:

-Promote climate change risk management top-down.

-Carry out climate change financial impact assessment·

-Formulate short-term and mid-to-long-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets·

-Promote the use of clean energy.

We are going to:

-Incorporate climate change risks into the decision-making procedures of the highest management organization, regularly identify climate change risks and potential impacts, and update climate change management strategies.

-Formulate short-term and mid-to-long-term carbon emission reduction targets with reference to best industry practices and international leading standards.

-Optimize energy use structure and use efficiency, and promote the upgrade of its own hardware facilities and equipment improvement and replacement accordingly.

2.2 Green Production and Operation

We fully comply with the environmental protection requirements of national and local laws and regulations for production and operation. We actively identify international advanced environmental management standards and peer practices to set leading environmental management goals and establish the steps to be taken to achieve the goals. Through systematic management, technology New opportunities, and other ways, we enhance environmental management benefits in an all-around way.

 We promise:

-Implementation of environmental objective management·

-Carry out green production·

-Realize green operation and office.

We are going to:

-Adhere to the principles of openness, transparency, and timeliness, we conduct environmental supervision and management, monitor environmental risks within the scope of business, quickly respond to environmental incidents, report and disclose environmental impacts and processing progress, and maintain collaborative communication with stakeholders.

-Carry out environmental target management for production and operation sites, set short-term and medium- and long-term targets for energy, water consumption, and emissions (greenhouse gases, waste). We also establish a systematic internal environmental management system to monitor the progress of the targets.

-Establish an environmental management system that complies with ISO 14001 standards.

-Expand the use of clean energy, continue to invest in energy-saving technological transformation and energy efficiency evaluation, develop and improve operations and technologies to minimize waste, prevent air, water and other pollution, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.

-Boost green operation, promote the use of high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment, follow the promotion of paperless office in the office, and properly dispose of waste.

2.3 Sustainable Procurement

Sunrise works with suppliers that meet quality and sustainable development standards. We fully understand and completely control the company’s environmental responsibilities in its procurement activities, including the impact of the company’s upstream procurement activities on the environment and ecology, and the contribution of its own and downstream products and services to create a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly human settlement and business operating environment. We improve the overall sustainability and environmental protection standards of the supply chain.

We promise:

-Implement sustainable procurement throughout the supply chain·

-Ensure that the supply chain meets the company’s quality and environmental standards·

-All suppliers abide by and sign the “Supplier Code of Conduct”·

-Assist suppliers to improve environmental performance.

We are going to:

-Improve the design, operation, and process to strengthen the material cycle used in business and operations, reduce unnecessary material procurement, and reduce the environmental footprint.

-Set up the company’s overall sustainable procurement principles, and fully consider the following factors in the procurement process.

-Comply with the company’s supplier access principles and all applicable environmental management standards. We prioritize selections with clear sustainable development values ​​and commitments, obtain sustainable development certificates or awards, adopt sustainable development management systems or quality management systems, and take environmental factors into consideration Supplier.

-Manage the company’s supply chain-related ESG (ESG is Environmental, Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance) risks,  We assign the responsibility of supply chain risk prevention and control to the corresponding department or management personnel, and identify the company’s key supplies through self-inspection and third-party inspections Develop raw material quality, health, and environmental risks, formulate supplier ESG risk levels and criteria, and categorize supply chain ESG risk management.

-Develop and require all suppliers to sign the “Supplier Code of Conduct”, including environmental process standards and environmental product certification standards, climate change and environmental impact, and sustainability information disclosure, and evaluate the requirements for these requirements when making procurement decisions Compliance.

3. Other Contents of the Policy

3.1 Time for policy formulation, signing, and update·

-The company will review this environmental policy in due or at least once every three years.

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