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Die spray and lubrication technology is of great importance as it undertakes the majority of the critical tasks in die-casting operations. It’s responsible for keeping the die cool and well-lubricated during each cycle of the die-casting process. A heated die can lead to an increase in production of defected castings hence die lube spray systems are implemented in die casting to eliminate or minimize these defects.

release agent for cold chamber die casting

Die spray and die lubricate perform many separate responsibilities, including keeping the die cavity lubricated and cooled. Die lubricants also work as release agents due to their incredible cooling properties. In addition to this, die lubricants eliminate the thermal fatigue that occurs on the die surface. The important question is what die spray and lubricate system is best for your die-casting parts production?

In this article, you will learn what die spray and lubricate technology is a perfect balance for your die casting process, which leads to exceptional castings. Get rich with valuable knowledge about die lube spray systems, their types, advantages, and applications.

Types of Die Spray and Lubricate Systems

Die casting of your parts can face many challenges because each involved process is unique and that’s why die spray and lubricate systems also come in different configurations, each one rich in unique properties and mechanisms. In general, there are four primary types of die spray and lubricate systems.

  • Continuous Spraying Systems: It’s what its name is, “continuous” as these systems spray die lubricants or release agents continuously onto the die surfaces. During the complete casting cycle, these systems remain completely operational. Continuous lubrication systems are implemented in die-casting processes to completely coat the die surface and to well lubricate it.
  • Intermittent Spraying Systems: These systems are a part of controlled die casing operations because they spray lubricants on die surfaces whenever required. They are implemented only when the die surface requires lubrication. As compared to other systems, these die-lubricate systems are extremely cost-effective.
  • Automated Lubrication Systems: These automated die lubrication systems are based on advanced mechanisms to precisely lubricate the die surfaces. They are implemented in fully automated die-casting operations and are known for their efficiency and consistency.
  • Manual Lubrication Systems: Manual-die lubrication systems are operational even in this advanced manufacturing era. Many die-casting processes employ manual lubrication systems, which lubricate the die surface with the help of operators. These systems are a part of small-scale production and are mostly used in die-casting operations due to their flexibility in operations and to give some personal touch to parts.

Your production quantity, complexity in castings, and available resources clarify what type of die spray and lubricate system your die casting requires. Every die spray lubricate system has its unique characteristics, and one can be extremely beneficial and cost-effective than the other.

Components of Die Spray and Lubricate System

Release agents

Release agents are a basic need of the die-casting process and are directly responsible for the lubrication of die surfaces to prevent molten metal from sticking. They complete this task with utmost responsibility by acting as a protective layer between the die surface and molten metal.


The way lubricants perform to dramatically reduce wear and friction of die surfaces maximizes the life span of dies. Lubricants in die casting can be of three types:

Water-based Lubricants:

Water-based lubricants are of great importance as they perform exceptionally well and are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Their cooling properties work well with almost every die material and casting alloy, like aluminum alloys. They eliminate any danger of equipment catching fire during die-casting operations and deliver supreme performance under extreme conditions.

die casting spray and lubricant

Oil-based Lubricants:

Oil-based lubricants are known for their rich properties to protect the die against corrosion and oxidation. High-temperature die-casting operations where water-based lubricants are ineffective, oil-based lubricants deliver optimal performance. To keep die-casting operations running smoothly even under extreme conditions, these lubricants have proven useful.

Hybrid Lubricants:

By combining the best of both water-based and oil-based lubricants to deliver a balanced lubrication performance in die-casting operations, hybrid die lubrication systems are used.

They have proven highly operational in extremely challenging conditions. Die casting operations where exceptional performance, minimizing the fire hazards, and eco-friendly lubrication are required, to work like a charm.

Cooling agents

Cooling agents are a great option for longer die-casting operations where keeping the die temperature in control is a high priority. They can be integrated into the die spray and lubricate systems so that they can control the die temperature and save it from thermal degradation. Using cooling agents in die-casting operations not only maximizes the casting quality but also reduces the die casting cycle times and leads to increased production.

Applications of Die Spray and Lubricate Technology

It’s important for die spray and lubricate technology to be a part of die casting processes as they are highly compatible with most of the die materials and casting alloys, which dramatically increases its applications. The following are some industries for which the parts manufacturing process through die casting is carried out with the help of die lube spray systems.

  • Automotive Industry: Engine components, transmission parts, and structural components.
  • Aerospace Sector: Aircraft components like engine housings, brackets, and structural parts.
  • Electronics Manufacturing: Electronic enclosures, heat sinks, and connectors.
  • Medical Equipment: Precision components for medical devices and equipment.
  • Consumer Goods: Household appliances, sporting equipment, and decorative items.
  • Energy Sector: Components for renewable energy systems, including wind turbines and solar panels.
  • Construction Industry: Architectural hardware, door and window fittings, and structural components for buildings.
  • Industrial Machinery: Machine parts, bearings, and gears.
  • Tool and Die Manufacturing: Tooling components such as dies, molds, and inserts.
  • Marine Industry: Marine components like propellers, hull fittings, and underwater structures.

Advantages of Die Spray and Lubrication

The role die spray and lubrication play in all die-casting processes to run them smoothly is undeniable. They make metal flow efficient, prevent die wear, and offer the following benefits.

  • Extended Die Life: Reduce wear and tear, stick around longer, and save you from constant maintenance.
  • Improved Surface Finish: Make sure your castings come out looking pristine with minimal defects ruining the parts.
  • Reduced Scrap Rates: With fewer defective castings, less scrap piling up and more parts are making their way to the finish line.
  • Enhanced Dimensional Accuracy: Ensure your castings meet the specs every time, with no exceptions.
  • Increased Productivity: Cut down on wait times and boost overall efficiency.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Reduce the environmental impact of operations and keep the production running smoothly.
  • Cost Savings: Save money with less downtime, lower maintenance costs, and fewer scraps, these savings add up over time.
  • Versatility: Work with all sorts of die materials and casting alloys, giving you the flexibility you need.
  • Regulated Die Temperatures: Make sure dies stay at just the right temperature, ensuring consistent quality with every casting.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety: Minimize exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes, these systems prioritize safety and create a safer working environment for everyone involved.


As you learn how to die spray and lubricate technology comes in handy in die casting operations to minimize defects and increase production, it also helps these operations to achieve optimal performance.

Sunrise Metal uses die spray and lubricate technology in its die-casting operations. It helps our die casting operations to run longer and dramatically minimize the chances of defects in castings.


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