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Die Casting Products with advanced technology are becoming more common

Different type of Die casting productsDie Casting Products have bought about a revolution in the metal casting industry. The cost-effective and efficient manner of production is something that really attracts the manufacturer’s interest. So, all the major industries are gradually shifting to die casting process.

Die casting parts have become a good replacement for many materials. You can get high-quality parts with great strength for a reasonable cost. So, manufacturers can make better products for the end-users on a budget.

Industries that rely on Die Casting

Metal casting methods were known to us for thousands of years. Even until the last century, we relied on some expensive and laborious means of casting. With the development of die casting technology, the manufacturing industry totally changed.

Now we can see die casting products almost everywhere. Often times we may not notice it. But almost all industries rely on die casting products to some extent. Here are some of the industries that heavily rely on die casting products.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Defense
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Marine etc.

Automotive Die Casting Parts

Die casting processes are exceptionally popular in the automotive industry. Zinc and Aluminum die casting are replacing many alternatives used before. With the rise in demand for fuel economy, lighter vehicles are becoming a standard for consumers.

Automotive Die casting products

Luckily, now that Aluminum die casting is so cost-effective, automobile companies were able to produce lighter vehicles at a less cost. And smaller internal parts are being replaced by Zinc-cast parts for better strength and durability.

  • Engine Housing
  • Battery Cover
  • Intake tube
  • Suspension arm
  • Engine Filter Housing
  • Brake parts
  • Car interior parts etc.

Die casting has limitless possibilities for the automotive industry. And anything that’s metal in a vehicle was most probably die-casted.

Aerospace Die Casting Parts

The aerospace industry will value lighter parts more than anything. Yet the parts must be extremely strong and durable as well. Die casting parts made with Aluminum has all of these necessary characteristics.

Due to their lightweight and strength, Aluminum has become the number one choice for the aerospace industry. Here’s some application of die casting parts in the aerospace industry.

  • Gearbox housing
  • Engine components
  • Wings
  • Windshield
  • Brackets
  • Interior seats etc.

Replacing conventional metal parts with   Aluminum die casting products can reduce more than 60% of the total weight. This can greatly increase the fuel efficiency and mobility of airplanes.

Consumer Electronics Die Casting PartsElectronic device Die casting products

Manufacturers of consumer electronics have shown good interest in Aluminum die casting parts. End-users have a high demand for portable electronic devices in the market. So, the parts should be as light as possible and have adequate strength.

As we are constantly seeking for a portable solution for everything, the scope of application is bound to go up.

Medical Devices Die Casting Parts

Medical device lamp holder casting

Medical devices are very delicate and parts used in them must be met some strict quality standards. Most of the time there will be a need for complex parts with intricate details. Die casting parts have enough precision and durability to meet the requirements.

  • Circuit board heat sink
  • IAMP mounting base
  • Scanner bracket
  • Operator lamp bracket
  • Hand shank
  • Monitor die cast frame, etc

Accuracy is the key to a quality medical device. Die casting has exceptionally good repeatability that gets the job done perfectly.

Defense Die Casting Parts

The military has a big demand for metal parts. Strong parts are needed for weapons, Tank, heavy-duty vehicles, etc. Lighter parts also increase the speed and mobility of Fighter planes. Die casting has ensured a constant supply of metal parts for the military.Firearm parts die casting

  • Weapon body
  • Shell casing
  • Fighter plane components
  • Transportation Cabinet
  • Triggers etc.

The defense industry relies on ferrous metal parts a lot. But die casting with some non-ferrous alloys can achieve similar results as well.

Construction Die Casting Parts

The use of zinc die casting products in building construction has become very popular lately. Smaller components inside a building can be die-cast cost-effectively. There is also the benefit of exceptional strength and durability.Building construction door handle zinc die casting

There is also noticeable use of larger Aluminum parts as well. Some examples of die casting products in building construction are shown below.

  • Doorknobs
  • Plumbing fittings
  • Door hinges
  • Aluminum kitchen sink
  • Air vents etc.

Aluminum is being used successfully for constructing lighter steel structures as well. As the technology matures more applications will surely follow the trend.

Telecommunication Die Casting Products

Telecommunication enclosure die casting

Aluminum die casting products have great electrical and thermal conductivity properties. They also have excellent RFI and EMI shielding properties as well. So, the telecommunication industry prefers Aluminum die casting products for improving the efficiency of the devices.

Die casting products are much lighter and durable as well. The production cost of telecommunication equipment for large volume is pretty low.

Marine Die Casting Products

Marine radar housing die casting

Aluminum die casting products are very suitable for use in the marine environment. Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance that makes it ideal for application in marine environments with a highly corrosive environment.

  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Radar housing
  • Display frame
  • Pump housing
  • Camera lamp cover
  • Pedal etc.

Of course, there is way more use of die casting products than that. This is just to give you a basic idea of the type of things that can be die-cast.

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