Types of Die Casting Process

There are various types of die casting processes in existence. Based on the type of material being cast, die casting process can be classified into two types. They are,

Hot Chamber Die Casting deals with metal alloys with a comparatively lower melting point, such as Zinc and magnesium. On the Contrary, Cold Chamber Die Casting deals with materials having relatively high melting temperature such as aluminum and copper.

Again, these two die casting methods can be done in different ways. We have discussed them in detail below,

Pressure Die Casting

Pressure Die Casting Involves forcing the molten metal into the die cavity under pressure. Depending on the extent of pressure, you can further categorize it as high pressure die casting (HPDC), and low pressure die casting (LPDC). Ideally, it offers faster casting cycles due to applying external pressure.

Hot Chamber and Cold Chamber processes

Vacuum Die Casting

In this case, we create a vacuum inside the die cavity during injecting metal. So, we call it vacuum-assisted die casting as well. You can couple Vacuum die casting together with an HPDC process for better results.

Semi-Solid Die Casting

Semi solid die casting can offer better mechanical strength for parts. It casts metal in a semi-solid state (neither solid nor liquid) to achieve a similar result to forging. However, it requires more careful handling of material, which can prove to be costlier.

Squeeze Die Casting

The squeeze die casting process is usually adopted to deal with low fluidity metals. It squeezes the molten metal to make it reach all recesses of the cavity. It can produce denser parts with high structural integrity.

Finally, there is another process called Gravity Die Casting. However, it is a permanent mold casting process and does not fit under the previous categories.

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Sunrise Metal uses the High-Pressure Aluminum Die Casting (HPDC) process for casting aluminum alloys, which is one of the most efficient die casting processes. Are you looking for aluminum die casting company as well? Then, we request you to have a look at our services.

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Sunrise Metal Die Casting Facility

We have four facilities in Kunshan and Nantong. Our facilities can carry out all sorts of operations required for the design to the finishing of a die casting project. So, you can get a complete die casting solution from us. Our services include,

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  • CNC Machining
  • Surface Finishing

Latest Technology Equipment

Our facilities involve top-class equipment from renowned manufacturers. We have die casting machines of varying capacity to handle small to big parts. Moreover, we use the latest technology inspection devices to ensure a high level of accuracy for die casting parts.

What is the Most Popular Die Casting Process and Why?

High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) is undeniably the most popular die casting process. Today, the majority of die casting manufacturers focus only on HPDC alone. The main reason is its ability to diecast aluminum alloy efficiently.

Aluminum is readily available, thus is cheaper comparing with to most other metals. So, adopting aluminum die casting processes will drastically lower the production cost. Moreover, there are countless applications for aluminum parts.

HPDC has a very high production efficiency. You can diecast a large number of parts within a short period. Furthermore, it provides high-quality parts with high structural integrity and an acceptable surface finish.

Which Die Casting Process is the Fastest?

Hot Chamber Die Casting is generally faster than Cold Chamber Die Casting. In this case, we melt the metal inside the die casting equipment, and it is directly sent to the die cavity. Therefore, the process is mostly automated, thus offers faster casting cycles.

The material is melted in a separate chamber in the cold chamber process to avoid damaging the equipment. Therefore, the molten metal must be carried into the shot sleeve with a ladle. Thus, it has a relatively longer casting cycle.

However, you can’t diecast aluminum in a hot chamber machine. So, if you are looking for a faster solution for aluminum die casting, then HPDC based cold chamber machine will be your best bet.

Which Die Casting Process Offers the Best Quality?

In terms of quality, semi-solid die casting yields very good results. It can produce high-strength parts with similar traits to a forged part. Heat treating semi-solid diecast parts can impart additional mechanical strength in them.

Normally, heat treatment of diecast parts is not possible due to the porous structure. But, semi-solid casting nearly eliminates porosity in the casting. So, semi-solid diecast parts can be heat treated and welded like forged parts.

However, semi-solid die casting requires a high degree of control over the process. So, it is much more complex and expensive than other die casting processes.

Then again, vacuum-assisted high-pressure die casting is more widely adopted as a viable and cost-effective alternative for producing high-quality parts. Vacuum die casting parts should good enough for most applications.

Which Die Casting Process is the Most Economical?

It is difficult to rule out a specific die casting process as more economical than the other. Each of the processes serves a specific purpose and suitable for particular materials. Plus, you have to take into consideration your strength and quality requirements.

If a relatively cheaper die casting process fails to meet your quality standards and demand, then being economical won’t matter much. In terms of production capacity, quality, and expense, pressure die casting can be considered an economical choice for die casting.

Pressure die casting has high production efficiency, acceptable quality, and quite cost-effective. In particular, HPDC is very economical for aluminum die casting production.

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