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No 1456, Fushikang Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China (215300)
(+86) 13912651818
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CEO from Sunrise Metal

This is Gilbert, General Manager of Sunrise Metal.

At Sunrise Metal,we don’t just manufacture high-precision die-cast products,we craft dreams,one alloy at a time.Our journey is fueled by a relentless commitment to excellence,and it’s a journey that we’ve been on since day one.
Our core values are the guiding stars in our sky – reliability,precision,and service with a warm smile.These values aren’t just words,they are the heartbeat of our company.
Imagine a world where each product is a masterpiece,a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team.We’ve harnessed the power of innovation with the introduction of cutting-edge technologies like semi-solid and vacuum die-casting.These advancements enable us to exceed even the loftiest expectations of our clients.

Quality is the cornerstone of our foundation.We hold certifications like ISO90001 and IATF 16949 as badges of honor,symbols of our unwavering commitment to providing products of the highest standard.
But we’re not just about business,we’re about building a better world.Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us,it’s a way of life. We champion environmental initiatives,from planting trees to reducing our carbon footprint,because we believe in leaving a greener footprint on this planet.
Warmly welcome you to visit us.

Best wishes,

Gilbert Chen


Sunrise Metal Professional Team
Our employees are not just part of a team,they are family. We invest in their growth,nurturing their skills and passions.It’s this dedication to our employees that sets the stage for our success.
At Sunrise Metal,we’re not just shaping metals,we’re shaping a brighter,more sustainable future.Every product we create,every partnership we forge,and every life we touch is a step towards our vision of a better world.Join us on this journey,where every sunrise brings new possibilities.
Together,let’s create excellence,one cast at a time.
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  • +86 13912651818
  • No 1456, Fushikang Rd, Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China
We are close to Shanghai PVG,SHA,& WUX Airportwe can arrange pick-up when you visit us.
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