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China Has the Largest CNC Precision Machining Market Share

CNC Precision Machining is an automated process of creating parts by mechanically removing material from a workpiece using multiple set of tools. It is a sophisticated process and requires good technical expertise to handle.

CNC Machined Parts

China has been leading the global production industry for quite a while. China has dominance over the CNC precision machining tools market as well. The majority of the global CNC precision machining market share is owned by Chinese manufacturers.

According to a report published in GlobeNewswire, The global CNC precision machining tools market was worth 74.31 billion US dollars in 2018. It is estimated to reach 109.39 billion US dollars by 2026.

And, a massive part of the market share is revolving around the China CNC precision machining companies. China’s influence over the CNC precision machining market is expected to rise more by the next few years.

China is the biggest CNC precision machining manufacturer for the electronics and automotive industries. About ninety percent of the electronic machined components in the world are supplied by Chinese manufacturers.

China has dominance over the automotive parts sector as well. The influence is expected to grow stronger in the upcoming years. The aerospace and defense industry had a large demand for China CNC precision machining parts in recent years too.

CNC Precision Machining Process

CNC Precision Machining is a sophisticated process and a sequence of operations are required to be completed. The process of CNC precision machining is explained step by step below.

3d Modeling

A 3d model of your parts is designed with CAD software. Some design considerations should be kept in mind during the modeling. Following some designing tips can significantly simplify the machining process.


The machine itself cannot directly execute a model. A Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is prepared from the 3d model first. The model is programmed into suitable G-code and M-code using CAM software.


A workpiece of suitable material and size is installed into the CNC Machine. The machine code for the desired part is input into the CNC Machine. The machining tools are automatically or manually changed to incorporate different geometric features.

CNC Machines with limited capabilities may require rotating the workpiece at suitable angles during machining. Advanced CNC Machines such as 5-axis machines and 7-axis machines will be fully automated for most of the machining operations.

Type of CNC Precision Machining Technologies

CNC machining is not done by single equipment, but a multiple set of tools works together in sync. Based on the geometry of the required part, a different type of CNC precision technology is needed. Some of them are,

  • Milling machine
  • Lathes / Turning machine
  • Drills
  • Grinder
  • Boring machine
  • Routers
  • Laser cutters
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • Plasma cutters etc.

These are the most commonly used CNC precision machining technologies. All of these processes are important, and a single part may need multiple types of machining operations.

Advantages of CNC Precision Machining

CNC precision machining has brought about a revolution in the China manufacturing industry. It didn’t take much time for it to replace most of the traditional manufacturing practices. Let’s have a look at the main benefits of CNC Precision Machining.

  • It is a Computer-controlled process, so no chance of unexpected human errors
  • Extremely high precision parts can be manufactured
  • Very complex parts can be produced
  • Parts have Excellent dimensional stability and thin wall support
  • Labor requirement is greatly reduced
  • Much faster than the traditional machining process

So, for the multitudes of advantages of CNC Precision Machining Service, Chinese Manufacturers are leading CNC Precision Machining for high-quality parts.

Choosing the Right CNC Precision Machining Manufacturer in China Matters

With the recent advances in 3d modeling technology and upgrade in computer numerical control systems, machining parts are now more efficient than ever. While most manufacturers already switched to CNC precision machining you should be careful when deciding on a company.

An experienced manufacturer that has proper facilities and skilled professionals will probably have something better to offer to you. You can get the same quality of work at a different pace and cost at two different companies.

There are numerous parameters involved behind a successful project completion. And each manufacturer has its own patents and unique methods to deal with a certain type of project faster and cost-effectively.

So, a good manufacturer can significantly reduce your overall production cost and standard project lead time. They will be capable of providing innovative design ideas and implement special techniques to get the job done efficiently.

Sunrise Metal is an Experienced China CNC Precision Machining Manufacturer

Sunrise Metal is a leading and experienced CNC machined aluminum parts manufacturer in China. We offer,

Superior Production Capability

Advanced set of CNC Precision Machines

Sunrise is equipped with high end latest technology CNC Machines. Our machining shop currently has 29 sets of 3 to 4 axis machining centers, four 5-axis, and a 7-axis CNC machine. So, we are capable of handling even the most complex machining jobs.

Excellent Technical Support

Sunrise Metal’s enthusiastic team of professionals will ensure that you get the best quality products. Currently, we have 4 facilities in China and have 182 staff working there. We have dedicated employees assigned to each task.

Assurance for Quality Control

Staff checking CNC precision machined parts qualityWe have a dedicated team for ensuring quality control of your parts. Our advanced set of QA test equipment will ensure accurate dimensions and consistent quality of your parts.

Quantity is not an Issue

We will accept any high-mix, low to medium volume projects. Our fully equipped machining shop can work on multiple parts at a time. So, your high mix projects won’t be a problem and you can expect on-time delivery.

Extensive Experience of Production

Sunrise has over ten years of experience as a China CNC Precision Machining company. We offer continued support for our customers and come up with innovative solutions for their particular projects.

Make new CNC machining Patents

This blog is showing you about precision CNC machining in China. About Sunrise Metal, you can read more about our CNC precision machining capability.

Sunrise Metal can offer full chain CNC machining services for you if you have any demands on aluminum die casting projects, looking learn more about aluminum die casting.

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