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  • Camera-Cover-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-service-Sunrie-Metal-Project
    CNC Milling Cameral Cover
    Cameral Component For European Client with Anodizing and Laser
  • Control-connector-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-service-Sunrie-Metal-Project
    CNC Milled Connector Part
    Flow Control Component For Israeli Client with Wet Painting
  • Telecom-Cover-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-service-Sunrie-Metal-Project
    CNC Milling Aluminum Part
    Telecommunication Component For UK Client with Wet Painting
  • Housing-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-service-Sunrie-Metal-Project
    CNC Milling Aluminum Cover
    General Component For Germany Client with Sand Blasting
  • Medical-Holder-Prototype-CNC-Machining-Project
    CNC Milled Aluminum Bracket
    Medical Component For American Client with Powder Coating
  • Marine-Parts-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-service-Sunrie-Metal-Project
    CNC Milling Heatsink Part
    Navigation Component For Danish Client with Powder Coating


One-Stop-Shop for CNC Milling Aluminum

A “one-stop-shop” where you can order any kind of CNC machining parts. Options include chrome plating, wet painting, powder coating, anodizing, silk printing, e-coating, laser etching, etc.

Fast Solution for CNC Milling Aluminum

The fast pace of production fuelled by rapid CNC fixture technology to ensure timely deliveries. This means that you will never have to suffer due to a delayed shipment ever again.

Strict Quality Control For CNC Milled Parts

Significant investment in the latest inspection instruments like spectrometers and X-ray detectors. Moreover, our models of the Carl Zeiss CMM come with a 0.001-millimeter measuring precision and automatic scanning function.

  • Engineering-Review-for-CNC-Aluminum-Project-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-Service-Sunrie-Metal-Advantage
  • surface-finishing-for-Aluminum-Milling-Part-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-Service-Sunrie-Metal-Advantage
  • Strict-Quality-Control-on-Aluminum-Milling-Parts-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-Service-Sunrie-Metal-Advantage


  • High-Precision-CNC-Milling-Display-Frame-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-Sunrie-Metal-Part
    Al CNC Milling Display Frame
  • CNC-Milling-Robot-Wheel-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-Service-Sunrie-Metal-Part
    CNC Milling Robot Wheel
  • custom-CNC-Milling-Bracket-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-Service-Sunrie-Metal-Part
    Al CNC Milling Bracket
  • CNC-Milling-Mount-Bracket-CNC-Milling-Aluminum-Sunrie-Metal-Part
    Al CNC Milling Mount Bracket
  • CNC-Machining-Medical-Base-CNC-Precision-Machining-Part
    CNC Machining Medical Base
  • CNC-Machined-Medical-Fluid-Dispenser-CNC-Precision-Machining-Part
    CNC Machined Medical Fluid Dispenser

Advanced CNC Machining Equipment

No. Name Stroke Q’ty
1 Mazak 7-axis turning&milling Machine Ø658*1011MM 1
2 Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machine Ø850/Ø600 4
3 3-axis CNC machine center 2000*1500MM 1
4 4-axis CNC machine center Ø250*800MM 8
5 3-axis CNC machine center 1000*600*600MM 20
6 CNC Lathes Ø320*800/Ø610*1000MM 2
7 Sodick Wire cutting Machine 400*400*200MM 3
8 EDM machine 500*400*400MM 2
9 Surface grinder 600*300*200MM 1

No. Name Brand Q’ty
1 CMM Carl Zessis 1
2 CMM SanYou 1
3 Spectrometer China 1
4 Microscope China 1
5 Projector China 2
6 X-ray Detector SANDT 1
7 Cleanliness Test Equipment China 1
8 Leakage Test Equipment China 2
9 Salt Spray Testing Equipment China 1
10 Pneumatic Measuring Instrument China 2
11 Hardness Testing Machine China 1
12 Color Meter Machine China 1
13 Thickness Testing Machine China 1
14 Electronic Balance China 1
15 Density Balance China 1


If you are looking for a Chinese CNC Milling Aluminum Service Provider, contact Sunrise Metal.  Sunrise Metal Engineering Team can be your free consulter.   We give you suggestions on your parts at 3 aspects:

1. Your design evaluation.

2. Feasibility analysis for mass production.

3. Project time and part’s cost-saving.

Contact us now, to see how we can help you with your projects.   



CNC Milling Aluminum services are used in modern industrial-based manufacturing processes giving high precision results due to the automation involved. The repeatability, scalability, and safety of the process make it highly profitable for most production processes. It Is also cost-effective and produces designs that are optimized according to the requirements of each metal part.

A wide range of industries including automotive, medical, domestic, and others are able to benefit from the different types of CNC milling operations provided by manufacturers in China.

This is a complete FAQ guide for you to learn about CNC milling aluminum service.

What is high-precision CNC milling aluminum? How does it work?

The CNC machining manufacturers use CNC milling services to create intricate metal parts. The process of cutting and drilling material is done by CNC milling machining services to produce more accurate parts. A rotating tool is used to do so which works from different angles providing a large number of options. A milling cutter is held in the spindle which works from different angles on the workpiece.

The CNC milling machine has several kinds that depend upon the number of motion axes.


2-axes CNC milling Machine

The 2-axes CNC milling machine works from and x and z axes. This allows the CNC milling manufacturers to cut the metal part horizontally and vertically.

3-axes CNC milling machine

3-axes CNC milling machine gives another option to rapid tooling manufacturers that is working on y-axes too. This still does not allow them to cut the metal part from below.

4- axes CNC milling machine

For this type of CNC milling machine, the rapid tooling manufacturers are provided with many possibilities. The X-axis can be rotated anywhere and more complex parts are obtained using this machine.

5-axes CNC milling machine

5 axes CNC milling machine is a complete solution for milling needs. Both x and y axes can rotate in this setup and more options are available for this type of machining service.

What are the functions of a CNC aluminum milling machine?

Aluminum is the most popular material choice for the CNC machining process. It is because of aluminum’s desirable physical properties. Sunrise Metal uses CNC Aluminum milling machines because they are strong, and the oxidized outer layer is resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum Milling Machine
Aluminum Milling Machine

The primary functions of CNC milling manufacturer machines include:

Point Control Function

This is perfect for machining of holes with high accuracy of mutual position.

Continuous Contour Control Function

This function is best for straight line, circular interpolation function, and non-circular curve processing.

Tool Radius Compensation Function

Using this function reduces the complex numerical calculations that are required during programming.

Tool Length Compensation Function

This function is best if one wants to compensate for the length of the tool to meet the processing of the length of the tool size adjustment requirements.

The Ratio and Image Processing Functions

This function is used to change the coordinates of the specified percentage of the program’s implementation.

Rotation Function

The rotation of the programmed machine at any angle within the machining plane is done with this function.

Subroutine Call Function

The parts that repeat the processing of the same contour shape at different positions result from the subroutine call function.

Macro Function

Using a general instruction to achieve a specific function is done using this function. With this, variables can also be calculated, and the program gets more flexibility and convenience.

How is the process of CNC Milling Aluminum done?

The CNC milling process, in some structures, is engaged with substantial items in higher and modern industrial-based manufacturing. However, it’s an exceptional and well-known technique to manufacture parts.

Originating from structuring a CNC milling part, drawing, or calculating CAD software, in any case, is important. After that, CAM software changes over the soft-file to a CNC machine-understandable program. This guides the machine on what to do and how to do it. In order to complete the required part of manufacturing as going with fundamental assembling and manufacturing stages, CNC milling aids us by applying the computerized method.

CNC milling machine processing
CNC milling machine processing
  • Design a CNC milling soft-model by understanding the initial requirements.
  • Conversion of the CNC processing software from the soft-copy model of required CNC milled part
  • Preparation and set up of the CNC Aluminum milling machine helps to start the process of manufacturing the aluminum parts
  • Our CNC milling machines start the process by cutting little by little with 100% precision
  • After executing the CNC processing activity with higher exactness and precision, we develop the required aluminum part in record time.

Which CNC Milling Aluminum services are offered by Sunrise Metal in China?

CNC aluminum providers in China are one of the famous and trustworthy companies for selling milling aluminum products. They never fail to invest in the best quality raw material. The name and the quality are known worldwide, and thus, China exports its milling aluminum products throughout the world.

Sunrise Metal is one of the leading service providers in China. We offer:

⦁ OEM services and can produce products according to customer requirements.

⦁ As a CNC milling aluminum provider, we have a solid experience of 10+ years. We ensure the warranty of products and the satisfaction of customers for both small and big projects.

⦁ There is no compromise on providing the finest quality products to our customers during the whole production including DFM, inspected raw material, CNC milling machining production, surface finishing, assembly, etc.

⦁ CNC milling services encompass timely delivery.

CNC milling manufacturers in China are available on all workdays. Contact us online or via phone, and you will find the most competitive rates in the market. If you want your milling aluminum commodities to be the highest quality and manages your budget, you can visit Sunrise Metal as a leading CNC milling provider in China.

What are the advantages of CNC milling aluminum services in China?

The custom CNC milling services from China is the most common process used in the machining of aluminum parts. This is due to many advantages this provides over traditional machining processes.

Low Labor Costs

The CNC milling aluminum services do not require individual operators or any manual labor. The only labor required is the machinist who feeds the cutting program into the machinery. The setting up of machinery and starting the process is carried out by a single laborer. This makes the process of CNC milling cheaper than conventional methods.

High-Precision Results

The aluminum CNC machining service produces precise results. This is due to the automated nature of the process. The process guarantees accuracy with every axis it adds to the setup. The process is controlled by highly sophisticated computers resulting in much better and precise parts.


The CNC milling process makes the repeatability of the part easier. The automatic program is fed to the machine which runs in exactly the same way as the other producing identical parts in no time.


The process ensures the safety of workers as well. The cutting spindles can easily injure the operator but this completely automatic setup does not require the operator to work closely with such tools. This almost removes any risk of the operator getting hurt while working. Hence, CNC milling operation is a safe option for CNC milling manufacturers.

How cost-effective is the CNC milling aluminum service?

The CNC milling aluminum service is thought to be a costly process. This is due to the high costs of these machines. But this, in fact, is not true. Although the procuring of such machinery is expensive the process itself is cheaper than any other conventional method used for milling.

This is due to the following factors:

  • The machining part takes lesser time to get milled and reduces the cost.
  • The labor cost of the process is reduced as the operation is completely automatic.
  • The parts created are precise and do not require added machining services resulting in increased cost.
  • There is very little to no need for surface finishing services when CNC milling aluminum services are used.
  • The material cost for this process is slower than other conventional methods because the risk of wastage is reduced in this process.
  • The design can be optimized to optimize the price of the metal parts.

What are the different types of CNC milling operations?

Depending on different types of CNC milling operations, CNC milling is divided into different types:

Slot milling

Very thin milling cutters are used for this process. This operation is used to cut slots in the metal part. The workpiece is cut into two parts by making a slot throughout the depth of the part. This is done by saw mills.


Side Milling

As the name also explains, side milling results in the machining of the side of the workpiece. A vertical surface is obtained on the side of the workpiece by moving the cutter there. The vertical feed screw of the table helps in adjusting the depth of the process.

Straddle Milling

This process makes use of two side milling cutters at the same time. These cutters straddle the workpiece by operating on two vertical surfaces at a single cut.

Straddle Milling working at the same time
Straddle Milling working at the same time

Gang Milling

Two or more milling cutters are placed around the workpiece to operate on the horizontal surfaces only. This setting is called gang milling. The process is efficient and more productive.

Form Milling

This milling process is used to work with the contours of the workpiece. Rapid tooling manufacturers come across more complicated parts every day. Form milling help to shape and cut the contours of the metal part.

What techniques are involved in CNC milling aluminum services?

CNC milling aluminum service makes use of many different operations and techniques to create high precision parts. The complete process uses different techniques to make the process more productive.

Spindle Speed

Spindle speed affects the result to a great extent. The high speed of the spindle provides small chips of the metal cutting the metal part very fast. When the spindle speed is turned down, it cuts the metal in a long stringy method. This technique is used to shape the metal part differently.

Feed speed

The feed speed of the milling tool is the total distance traveled by the tool in one revolution. The feed rate is increased to make the tool work more per revolution. This makes the process more efficient and generates a faster result. The feed speed is increased and decreased according to the custom requirements of the customer.

Spindle Pressure

Some metals harden while processing. This needs the slow-moving of the spindle with a higher pressure. The fast spindle speed does not allow the tool to go through metal. The technique is used differently with different metals.

What kinds of parts can be produced using CNC milling services?

CNC milling services can be applied to different materials to produce parts from different industries. The CNC milling services are mostly used to create parts of different types using the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Tungsten
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Steel

The following industries make use of these metal parts depending on their needs and customizations:

  • Medical industry. For e.g. Implants, Orthotic devices, Electronic enclosures for monitoring devices, research equipment, etc.
  • Automotive industry. For e.g. Passenger rail, 18-wheel transport trucks, Passenger vehicles, etc.
  • Aerospace industry. Products include manifolds, bushings, airfoils, landing gear parts, electrical connectors, and others.
  • Defense industry with parts like Communications components, Electronics, Transportation components, etc.
  • Military industry
  • Electronic Industries has a large number of applications and has elements like Heat sinks, Amplifier housings, Radiofrequency interference shielding, Electrical insulation, etc.
  • Marine Industry

How to avoid the chance of deformation in the CNC aluminum milling process?

Aluminum has a relatively large thermal expansion coefficient than any other metal. This can easily deform the material when passed through a CNC machining process. Here are some ways to minimize the onset of deformation in CNC milled products.

  • Eliminating the internal stress of the metal before the process starts.
  • Avoiding heat concentration by using the method of Symmetrical Machining.
  • Reducing the chance of deformation due to cavities by processing the metal layer by layer in a method called the Stratified Multiple Machining.
  • Controlling the amount of cutting force by setting an appropriate cutting parameter.
  • Optimizing the performance of cutting tools by adjusting the right geometric factors like the front angle, rear angle, main deflection angle, helix angle, tool wear, cutter teeth, etc.
CNC Milling Machine processing
CNC Milling Machine processing
  • Working on improving the milling tool structure by reducing the number of teeth and using a wider chip space.
  • Reducing clamping deformation by implementing the method of Two-Times Compression.
  • Instead of pushing the metal pieces directly into CNC milling aluminum, we Pre-drill all the parts to make right-sized holes and then continue with Aluminum CNC machining service.
  • Using two different approaches for rough cutting and finishing to shape the metal into its final form. This greatly suppresses the chances of deformation in the last stage of our custom CNC milling services from China.

Why is aluminum used as the top choice in providing precision CNC milling services?

When it comes to Precision CNC milling services of metals, aluminum is the top choice among all metal alloys because of a variety of reasons:

  • Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and has the second most interesting thermal properties after copper.
  • The physical properties of Aluminum make it ideal for CNC milling services. It is soft, lightweight, and durable metal with an amazing strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Aluminum possesses the best mechanical properties that set this metal apart from all the others. Easy penetration and chipping processes are the best for precision CNC milling services.
  • Aluminum is the easiest to shape and flows through the drilling and CNC machining processes like a breeze.
Aluminum Milled parts
Aluminum Milled parts
  • Aluminum shows the least vulnerability to magnetic effects that make CNC milling aluminum a fairly easy process.
  • Aluminum is also a non-flammable metal, which means it is a rapid CNC milling product.
  • Aluminum has high corrosion resistance and can withstand great amounts of oxidization and chemical damages. Perfect for custom aluminum milling turning CNC service.
  • Aluminum has massive anodization potential. The anodization process takes place after CNC machining and is important for adding color to metal.
  • Aluminum is highly recyclable compared to its alternatives. Thus, it offers minimal environmental effects and metal wastage.

What are the different CNC machinable aluminum alloys?

A number of aluminum alloys can be used to suit different production processes. The best quality alloys are used based on their ability to produce products with a quality finish and good corrosion resistance. The following are the most popular machinable aluminum alloys in use:  Al6061, Al6063, Al 6082, Al5083, A5052, etc.

Can CNC milling services be combined with other processes?

CNC milling services are versatile and can be employed in other processes to make them more efficient. Some of such processes that use CNC milling are

3D printing

Desktop CNC milling machines are introduced that can make 3D parts in no time. Billet parts are the specialty of such processes. The 3D printing makes quick parts that can be tested again and again. CNC milling is then applied to such parts in order to achieve precision. Both processes work together to produce a complete product.


The process of casting is carried out to form solid parts from molten metal. The production does not require the CNC milling service but works with it to give out a flawless product. CNC milling services are carried out on casted products in order to give a custom-designed part. The process improves the working and looks of the casted product.

Milling a casted part13-Milling-a-casted-part

Rapid Prototyping

The rapid tooling manufacturers use the milling process to remove material from the larger block and produce prototypes. The advanced machinery works from every side of the metal block to achieve precise and rapid prototypes. Since the prototype is being made from solid material, it is more machinable, durable, and strong.

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Which industries use CNC milling aluminum products in China?

CNC milling process is used to produce many complex and intricate parts. This helps in the production of almost every type of metal product. Many different industries make use of this process to be able to manufacture competitive parts for clients worldwide.


The medical industry mostly requires customized parts. The Aluminum CNC machining service in China helps in providing these customized parts. Many products used by the medical industry are disposable too hence require more quantity in less time. The milling process provides large amounts of pats in little time and also builds prototypes for testing.

Milled medical equipment
Milled medical equipment


Aerospace parts have to experience high pressures and speed every day. These parts have to be precise and durable to withstand such conditions. Precision CNC milling service avoids damages to the aircraft. Tight tolerances are built with milling services and durable materials.

CNC machined aerospace part
CNC machined aerospace part


CNC milling services can create parts from any material therefore any automotive parts like brakes or even structural components can be made using CNC machining services. The automotive parts also have to withstand the high speed and pressures in order to work accurately. Rapid CNC milling products ensure this advantage.


The defense industry products have to live in the harshest of environments. Strict regulations and standards are to be met in order to achieve clearance from such industries. CNC milling operations produce parts according to these requirements and standards. Latest technologies are used by rapid tooling manufacturers is China to achieve these regulations.

Defense milled parts
Defense milled parts

Which machines are used by Sunrise Metal to produce high-precision CNC milling aluminum parts?

Sunrise Metal Metals uses state of the art technology in the process of milling. High-precision parts are produced using these machinery. Some of the machinery that makes Sunrise Metal top CNC milling aluminum part manufacturer in China are:

Mazak 7-axes turning and milling machine

This milling machine present at dedicated facilities of Sunrise Metal Metals can mill the part from 7 axes. There are endless possibilities for the metal part milling using this machine. The machine allows a stroke of 658x1011MM and can produce milled parts in hours not days. Sunrise Metal takes pride in production using this advanced piece of equipment.

Mazak/Hass 5-axes CNC machine

These two CNC machining centers allow the facilitation of every machining service. The interchangeable tools can automatically work on the tool without any manual labor. It works from 3 different axes and with 2 axis rotating possibilities.

3 and 4 axes CNC machining centers

These machining centers also have interchangeable machining tools and allow efficient milling of the metal part. Their high-speed spindles work the aluminum part and result in high-temperature low-pressure milled parts. The spindle speed can be controlled easily providing more machining options.

Which CNC milling surface finishes are offered by Sunrise Metal?

Sunrise Metal Metals is the China top CNC Milled Parts Manufacturer which provides complete machining solutions to the customers. From production to surface finishing, Sunrise Metal is a one-stop-shop when it comes to CNC milling. We provide various surface finishing options for CNC milled parts:


This process is used to add a corrosion-resistant ceramic layer to the product. The surface finish helps in the dyeing of the milled part as well. Anodizing helps improve efficiency as well as the look of the metal part.

Bead Blasting

The CNC milled parts have rough surfaces with hard textures. Bead blasting helps in providing a matte finish with a light texture. The metal part gives a smooth visual once exposed to this process. Experts at Sunrise Metal recommend this process for machined parts.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the most required surface finish by CNC milled parts. Dry powder is applied to the metal part electrostatically and is then exposed to heat to cure the coating. This coating makes the metal part wear and corrosion-resistant. Powder coating has higher impact resistance and hence the large range of colors are available in the process.

Chromate Plating

This is a process where chromate treatments provide a decorative finish to metal alloys. It makes the final product corrosion-resistant and protects against chemical attacks. Chromate is a very good pre-treatment for paint, especially for aluminum products.

Liquid Painting

Liquid painting is applied to finished and assembled industrial products, which is otherwise not possible with powder coating. This makes it a popular choice for most aluminum components prepared as the masking is also easier. It also offers quick and easy color change. Smooth surfaces can be prepared and the final top coating gives a luscious coating for automobile and other metal parts.

What is the milling spindle speed for CNC aluminum?

Milling spindle speed is a major factor that affects the design of the metal part. The CNC milling of a metal part can severely depend upon the spindle speed. The machine can process at any speed but there’s a specific speed for every metal at which the process is stable. This is the ideal speed and is designated for all different metals.

If the spindle speed is higher than the ideal speed

The higher speed of the spindle can cause the CNC milling process to start and stop, causing the wearing of the machine. The higher speed is not always the required speed. The risk of machine breakdown increases with high speed.

If the machine is working at the ideal speed

The ideal speed is not a specific speed. It is different for different metals. For aluminum, it is 15000 rpm. At this speed, aluminum is milled perfectly. There is no chance of breaking down of machine or the lowering of productivity and efficiency.

If the spindle speed slower than the ideal speed

The low spindle speed can cause the machine to mill slowly hence resulting in low temperature and high-pressure requirements. This can affect the metal part efficiency as well. The sharpness required in the part can also be affected by the lower speed.

How does Sunrise Metal control quality on CNC milling aluminum fabrication?

Sunrise Metal Metals prioritize quality in every process. The CNC milling aluminum fabrication is carried out with complete control over standards and requirements. The professionals at Sunrise Metal take care of the international standards, customer requirements, and quality control of the material used in the fabrication. This makes us one of the superior CNC milling aluminum companies in China.

For quality control, the experts use the following equipment:

X-ray detectors

The X-ray detectors are used to test the internal structure of the manufactured part. CNC milled aluminum part is subjected to the X rays and the complete observation is recorded. Any internal flaws are detected at this stage and can be corrected. The porosity and the shrinkages due to temperature change can also be observed using this process. Sunrise Metal Metals use this process to perfect the manufactured part.

Cleanliness Tester

A cleanliness tester can be used to see any impurities lying in the product. The metal part is placed in the tester and any impurities can be seen through specific equipment. These impurities are purified by the experts at Sunrise Metal to make the process of CNC milling foolproof.

Zeiss CMM

The Zeiss Coordinate measuring machine is used to measure the geometry of the milled aluminum part. Any inaccurate coordinate can easily be milled again to achieve the ideal results. This measuring machine provides accurate and precise measurements allowing Sunrise Metal professionals to achieve high-quality metal parts.

Digital Caliper

Digital Caliper is used to measure the thickness and depth of the metal parts. The regular calipers are not helpful in such conditions. Sunrise Metal uses digital calipers to achieve accuracy and precision in metal part production. This accuracy in measurement lets us improve the quality of metal parts.

What are the best drill bits and cutting tools for CNC milling aluminum?

The drill bits and cutting tools used in the CNC milling aluminum process depend upon the requirements of the product and are employed to provide the best results.

At Sunrise Metal, we use:

Drill bits

Drill bits are used to start the product from scratch. These drills can help make the structure from metals, wood, brick, mortar, and many other materials. Sunrise Metal uses only the best drills for the purpose. Types of these drill bits are mentioned below

  1. Twist Drills: These drill bits are used for general drilling purposes. They provide good performance with fast production.
  2. Masonry Bits: These types of drills have a piece of Tungsten Carbide welded or brazed into their tip. This helps in drilling at a better pace.
  3. SDS: These drill bits have more hammer energy and can provide better drilling options. Sunrise Metal uses these drills for hard to mill metal parts.

Cutting tools

Cutting tools are used to cut the shaped part to provide precision as well as starting the product from scratch. The CNC milling process used by Sunrise Metal makes it easier to cut any material using these cutters.

  1. Ball cutter: These cutters have a hemispherical cutting tip and can produce a corner radius of the milled part.
  2. Side and face cutter: This cutter has teeth around the machine and is used by Sunrise Metal to achieve sharp cuts.
  3. Involute gear cutter: These cutters also have teeth like side and face cutter. They are used to produce gears within a certain number.


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