CNC Machining for Medical Devices

CNC machining is an extraordinary way of manufacturing complex parts. Because of its excellent performance, speed, and precision, the medical industry uses this method frequently.

The application of CNC machining in the medical industry is widespread. Starting from surgical equipment to complex monitoring devices, it’s everywhere.

The health industry is highly dependent on this particular manufacturing method. The amount of precision and quality required for medical devices is hard to achieve with another method.

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Sunrise Metal’s Experience in Manufacturing Quality Medical Devices

Sunrise Metal has been serving the medical industry from the beginning. Over 10+ years, we have produced complex medical parts for the healthcare industry worldwide.

Our expert team of engineers has always emphasized making medical parts 100% precise and error-free. Because we understand the need for higher quality and explicit demand for medical devices.



As a result, Sunrise Metal has worked with some of the biggest medical equipment companies. Besides, we are proud that we’ve contributed to some of the most advanced and widespread technologies in the medical industry.


Requirements for Medical Devices and Why is CNC Machining a Perfect Choice for Them?

Medical devices require extreme precision and quality. Also, here are specific criteria that the parts need to meet to be usable in the medical industry.

Here are some of the requirements:

Tight Tolerance

The medical industry is susceptible in terms of manufacturing. They need exact, safe, and accurate parts to make them work. Health professionals use the parts for treating human patients. As a result, it doesn’t have any room for errors. CNC machining can ensure that the parts are super accurate and precise to the design.


Advanced Tools for Complex Parts

The parts required for the medical industry have complicated requirements and custom designs. It requires highly advanced tools and machines to do the job correctly. And in CNC machining, there are four-axis and five-axis machines that can do the job flawlessly.



Wide Material Option

Medical devices need a variety of materials to produce different parts. The material used for surgical parts is very different from the material used for monitoring devices.

CNC machining can offer a variety of options to them.


Capable of Producing Complex Parts

Medical parts are often very complex and have intricate designs. The industry needs a manufacturing method that can do justice to its design. This is one of the main reasons why CNC machining goes so well with the medical industry.

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Why is CNC Machining the Best Solution for the Medical Industry?

CNC machining meets all the criteria of a successful medical device part production. Besides, it offers a set of other essential benefits as well:


  • CNC machining offers a great surface finishing for the medical parts. As some of the surgical parts go inside the human body, it should be very smooth.
  • The cleanliness of the machining process beats any other manufacturing method. Which is important for the medical sector.
  • The quality of the material is superior.
  • It offers the highest level of comfort and safety.


Advantages of CNC Machining in the Healthcare Sector

There are many significant advantages of CNC machining:


Affordable Cost

The cost is very affordable compared to other manufacturing methods. Often, companies need to produce prototypes and small amounts of parts for medical applications. CNC machining offers excellent service at a low cost.


Fast Service

CNC machining is one of the fastest service providers in the manufacturing industry. So for quick delivery and low lead time, companies rely on this process.


Custom Design

The medical industry often needs custom and intricate designs for a variety of applications. CNC machining successfully provides them with custom-designed parts with complicated structures.



Applications of CNC Machining


Dentists need to produce the exact design of a cavity. Both the design, shape, and size will have to be similar to the original. CNC machining helps both the dentists and the patient with accurate designs and structures.


Surgical Implant

Patients who require implants in their body use CNC machined parts in their body. Especially for implant replacements or for broken bones.


Surgical Tools and Instruments

Surgical tools are a great application of CNC machining. The machining process manufacturers the majority of the tools and instruments for the surgery. Some of them are:


  • Clamps
  • Implant holders
  • Spacers
  • Cutters
  • Blade handles
  • Saws
  • biopsy tubes
  • Forceps
  • Plate benders
  • Surgical scissors


Medical Devices and Equipment

The medical sector uses many complex devices and equipment for monitoring and testing. Some of the devices are heart rate monitors, MRI scanners and X-ray machines.

CNC machining contributes to these machines significantly by producing multiple complex parts.


Micro Parts

The medical industry often requires micro and mini parts for various purposes. These items are not possible to produce without CNC machining.

How CNC Machining Production Transformed the Medical Industry?

Machining is an excellent choice for producing intricate and custom parts. Especially for medical equipment, the requirements are very detailed and elaborate. This wasn’t possible a few years back.

But, because of the advancement of the technology and evolving CNC machining, now it’s happening.

The need for precision machining services in the medical industry is snowballing. CNC machining has become a go-to method for medical device manufacturers. Especially to them, who demand both high tolerance and consistency in the production of their life-saving devices.

It produces the complex geometries of human joints that just wasn’t possible without the advent of CNC machining. Tools like 4-axis and 5-axis machines can build precision medical parts and implants that replicate the human joints perfectly.


These all became possible only with the CNC machining method. In the past years, we have seen how it changed and transformed the medical device industry. And know that, in the future, it will keep contributing in this sector as well.


Final Thoughts

CNC machining is one of the most effective ways of producing complex medicine parts. If you’re in the medical industry, you already know the impact it has on this sector.

Because of the high quality and precision, the machining process, CNC machining is a perfect option for medical tools. Besides, the fast process and low cost make it more attractive to the healthcare industry.

If you’re interested or considering manufacturing parts, Sunrise Metal can help you! Get in touch with us now and get a quote.


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