Use of CNC Machining for Automotive Industry

CNC machining is a computer-controlled manufacturing process for producing different goods or parts very accurately from different materials. The dimensions of the product are defined by CAD software and converted into directives by the CAM software.

The use of CNC machining is wide in the automotive industries. Many complex parts of automobiles are produced by CNC machining.

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How Sunrise Metal helps Auto Companies with Quality Parts

Here at Sunrise Metal, you’ll find the high-tech, most advanced technologies and tools to make your parts precise and error-free. Depending on the requirements and design, we use 3-axis, 5-axis, 7-axis machines, and other highly advanced tools which ensure the highest quality and performance of your parts.

Our skilled workforce, dedicated engineer and researcher team, and strict quality control system make sure your requirements are fulfilled completely. We don’t compromise with the quality of your parts at any cost.

Why Sunrise Metal is the Best Choice for Your Auto Components?

If you work in the automobile industry, you know how complicated and critical the parts’ design can be. Engineers are always coming up with new and intricate designs to improve the functionality and productivity of vehicles.


But the challenging part for you is to find the right manufacturer that can deliver the best quality parts at an affordable price. Also, they need to provide it on time. Finding a supplier that ensures all of these things is a lot tougher than it sounds.

But with Sunrise Metal, you can be 100% confident that you’re working with the right supplier who can:

  • Ensures the best quality and precise parts as per your design
  • It lets you be stress-free and communicates throughout the production process
  • Uses best tools, machines and materials with minimum wastages
  • Makes sure the cost is low
  • Delivers on time
  • Swift communication and customer service


Our Experience with the Automotive Industry

While choosing your CNC machining manufacturer, experience is a significant factor to consider. Because producing CNC machined parts for the automotive industry is not a simple task. And not all CNC manufacturers can do it right.

In our 10+ years of experience, we have served many globally renowned brands like Audi or Nexteer Automotive. Sunrise Metal has extensively worked with truck manufacturers for manufacturing Filter housing, Auto intake pipe, engineer housing, and many more components.


Application of CNC Machining for Car Components

The application and possibilities of CNC machining for automobiles are endless. From larger parts to smaller parts, it has a significant presence inside a vehicle.

Engines are the place where the CNC machined parts are most applied and used. For example, a large aluminum block can be machined and turned into a cylinder block. Cylinder heads and pieces around the block are perfect examples of CNC machined parts.

Some other car components made with this process:

  • Interior Panels
  • Spinner
  • Hydraulic
  • Brakes
  • Gearboxes
  • Starter motors
  • Suspension components
  • Bushings
  • Exhaust parts
  • Fluid system components
  • Engine body


That’s not all. Vehicle manufacturers often come up with new and custom designs and orders for them to machine. If you too require custom design parts to be manufactured, machining can be an excellent option for you as well.


Why CNC Machining is Vital for Your Automotive Company

Automotive parts are very critical and require the highest accuracy and precision. Very few manufacturing processes can produce this level of complex materials. This is why automobile manufacturers are primarily dependent on CNC machining for their compound and vital vehicle parts.

Other than ensuring quality and fast delivery, you can save money as well. Because it requires less time and human effort, there is a low labor cost and production cost. The wastage is minimal too.




On top of that, you can have critical and custom designs made easy with this process. It would be harder to obtain in any other manufacturing methods.

Advantages of this Process for Automobiles

Here are 3 of the major advantages of machining for manufacturing vehicles:


1.    Consistency

For large production, the parts are manufactured without any discrepancy. All items are identical and utterly similar to one another. The process ensures that all parts suppliers are manufacturing with the same dimension and measurements.


2.    Precision and Accuracy

This is one of the main reasons why CNC machining is so widespread in the automobile industry. Because of the intricate design and structure, you’ll need a manufacturing process that ensures the highest accuracy and precision.


3.    Faster Production

Compared to any other process, this complicated method takes significantly less time than others. This means you get the parts fast, with low labor cost, and have the chance to make adjustments before the deadline.


Things to consider and Tips Before Ordering Car Components

When you’re comparing more than one supplier to be the manufacturer of your CNC machining parts, consider these factors:


1.    Machining Capabilities

Make sure they have the required tools, machines and human resources to execute your project. If possible, visit the manufacturer’s production facilities, or you can hire a third-party inspector.

2.    Quality Control System

Have a clear idea of their QMS and see if their quality is up to the mark. Understand their way of quality management. Ask for a sample and recommendations as well.

3.    Cost

Cost is also an essential factor for all companies. Make sure your supplier is charging you the right amount.

4.    Minimum Order Quantity

Make sure they’re compatible with your order quantity. And have no extra charges if your order quantity is less than what they expected.

5.    On-Time Delivery

The supplier needs to deliver the parts before the deadline.

Finally, work with a manufacturer who can communicate clearly and has excellent customer service. Without great communication, you can’t expect better outcomes.


Get A Quote

Now you know better how CNC machining is popular in the automobile industry. And how vehicle manufacturers enjoy the numerous advantages of this process.

In this part, make a decision. First, ask yourself if you require parts that are highly efficient and effective? Do you need the best quality parts at the best price?

If the answer is yes, leave a message or an email to us and we will help you with everything you need.


If you are looking for other applications on CNC milling machining, please feel free to contact us now.

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