Custom Designing for CNC Machining

CNC machining is subtractive manufacturing technology. The technology is well known and widely accepted for its high dimensional accuracy and tight tolerance.

The design plays a crucial factor in the capability of this process. When you have a well-designed CAD model and the design is precise, straightforward and exactly like you want your parts, you will get the best result.



This is why we recommend that you finalize a design that suits your vision, easy for the tools to replicate, and practical. If the design is not up to the mark, the final product will never meet your expectation.

Before finalizing a design, you must have a clear vision of what you want and make it accordingly. Get help from professionals in this matter. And make sure you’re consulting thoroughly with your manufacturer before finalizing the design.


Designing Capacity of Sunrise Metal

When you work with Sunrise Metal, you ensure the best design for your project from the beginning. Because Sunrise Metal is not just a manufacturing company, we are a one-stop solution for your needs.



Sunrise Metal has a dedicated and highly experienced team of designers. These industry-leading designers and consultants ensure that your design is free of any errors and defects. Make sure you have the perfect design made before it goes to production.


How Sunrise Metal Ensures Best Design and Quality for You?

Here at Sunrise Metal, we work hard to make your vision a reality. Our goal is to deliver the product of your dream. And as an experienced manufacturer and supplier of CNC machining in China, we understand the significance of a perfect design.

We provide an exclusive designing service for our clients who need a suitable design for their parts. If you need to fix any errors or want to have revisions to your existing design, you’ll be in safe hands.


So if you have already made a design for your parts or haven’t done any, we’ll assist you in both cases. Our expert team of professional designers is always ready to provide you with the best design.


Can Design Help Reduce the Cost of Machining?

Of course, it can. And by a large margin. Generally, the material and machining tool you need to choose depends on the design itself. You can easily imagine how this can impact the cost.

Here’s how:

  • If the design is complex, it will require high tolerance, which will increase the material cost.
  • The complex design needs more work hours, specialized tools and generates more wastage.
  • If you follow this process’s basic rules, like ensuring thin walls, circular corners, etc, your cost will be less.

Other than this, your design can be one of the most significant factors for your machining cost. Make sure your design is optimized for your budget and realistic.

Custom Design Tips for CNC Machining

There are some simple rules that, as a buyer, you should know before designing. This will help you make a better design and set realistic expectations of your design.

Depth of Your Cavity

The cutting tools have limited cutting length. If your workpiece’s depth is more than standard, you won’t get the best result. The recommended depth for the cavity is four times its width. Maintain this standard rule to get the best output.

Circular Corner Radius

When designing the internal corners, you must design circular corners rather than 90-degree ones. The cutting tools can comfortably cut a circular corner and give a smooth finish on the corners.

However, if you must require sharp corners, consider using T-Bone undercuts instead of the corner radius.

Wall Thickness

To achieve better results, you need to pay attention to your wall thickness. With a perfect thickness, the machining process is done efficiently and you don’t need any specialized care or tools.

The ideal thickness for metal is 0.8 mm for metal parts.

Hole Sizes

For a better outcome, you should design fewer deep holes with smaller sizes.

Lettering and Text

For putting letters on your workpiece, it’s recommended that you use fonts like Arial, Verdana, etc and use fonts more prominent than 20.

Tool Restrictions

CNC is famous for its flexibility and wide range of applications. However, it has some limitations or restrictions as well. You must know them beforehand to avoid any errors.

Cutting Length

In general, CNC machine tools have a limited cutting length. The tool is transferred to the workpiece. And this is why the length of the workpiece is vital to consider if you want to machine it.


In most cases, the cutting tool starts removing material from the above access of the workpiece. If the design doesn’t allow the tools to access in this way, it causes a problem.

However, manufacturers can use undercuts now to solve this problem. But you need to make sure your manufacturers can do this kind of work to avoid any issues.

Also, reaching the bottom of a deep cavity can be a design issue as well. Because when the special drill is used to reach the deep base, the vibration is often increased, and the accuracy is compromised.


Best Design Practices and Tips for Optimizing Your CNC Parts

Here are some tips to optimize your CNC design Parts:


  • Do not have much depth in your cavity. Limiting the depth will require less cost and result in higher performance of your product.
  • Use a more stable and thick surface to work on.
  • The length of the threads shouldn’t be too high. Make sure that you’re consulting with your manufacturers before choosing the length.
  • Use circular corners rather than sharp corners.
  • The number of machine setups shouldn’t be higher than necessary.
  • Small features with a high aspect ratio increase the cost of CNC machining. Skip those if possible.
  • Lettering is an expensive thing to do. If not mandatory, avoid lettering or engraving text on the surface. You can save a good amount of cost.
  • Choose your material wisely. A material with low machinability will increase your cost and lower performance.
  • After ensuring you have the proper manufacturer and the best design, order in bulk quantity to reduce the cost and have more consistency on the parts.


Get Help on Designing from Sunrise Metal

Your CNC machining process starts with the design of your parts. With better design, you will have perfect machined parts.

You shouldn’t hesitate to get expert help, especially in this matter. Because your design can make or break the whole project. Sunrise Metal is happy to assist you with everything starting from helping you with the design to finalize the design after prototyping.

No matter whatever stage you’re in with your design, feel free to reach out to us anytime. And our expert team of professionals will get back to you with the best design tips and methods to make your project successful.



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