Should You Choose China for Outsourcing Your CNC Machining Projects

If you’re an OEM/ODM company, you must already know the benefit and applications of CNC machining. However, it requires heavy investment in machines, a dedicated facility, and highly trained, expert workers to manufacture the parts. This is why ordering your CNC machined parts from china might be the best option for your company.

China is the leading supplier and manufacturer in the CNC machining industry today. Because of the lower cost and higher quality, buyers like you prefer Chinese suppliers above all.

Today, we’ll see how exactly ordering from China will make you a winner and how to choose the right supplier. So you don’t get lost and get the best quality parts at a low rate.


Why Order CNC Machining from Sunrise Metal?

Sunrise Metal is the leading CNC machining manufacturer in China with over 10+ years of experience. We helped hundreds of small, medium, and large companies worldwide by providing quality parts at low cost. The clients we have served  from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, France, etc.

If you’re an OEM/ODM company and require low-volume parts, Sunrise Metal can make this happen as low as one piece. We understand the need for low-volume orders for our clients.

As a leading manufacturer, we aim to provide excellent product quality and warm service for our clients no matter the size or volume of orders.


What Sunrise Metal Offers You as A Supplier?

When ordering from Sunrise Metal, you’ll get:


  1. Highest Quality Assured: Sunrise Metal can offer the best quality of CNC machining. We guarantee to provide you with the best service and parts at the best price.
  2. Experience: With 10+ years of service, Sunrise Metal has a rich experience of serving home and overseas clients with the highest quality products.
  3. Affordable Budget: At Sunrise Metal, we always thrive to save costs for our clients. Our advanced tools and machines allow us to manufacture with minimum wastage and maximum accuracy.
  4. Low MOQ: No matter what your order size is, We can help you get the best parts for mass production as well as low volume prototypes.
  5. Short lead time: We believe in delivering products on time for our customers. So your business doesn’t have to be on hold because of your suppliers.

Why is China the Hub of CNC Machining?

If you compare the manufacturing cost in China to any other part of the world, you’ll get the answer. Europe and other western countries like the USA can cost you multiple times what you get in China.

However, Low cost doesn’t mean less quality. Because of the low labor and material cost, Chinese manufacturers can provide you with a lower budget than others.


Things to Consider When Ordering from China

Outsourcing or home production, you need to have these four factors checked before ordering from China.

  • Production Quality: This is the first and most vital element you should have in mind. Ensure that you’re getting fine parts that will help your business grow.
  • Cost: Make sure your order complies with your budget. Calculate the design, material, labor, machine, and shipment cost beforehand.
  • Lead Time: Be aware of the timeframe very carefully. Decide and let your supplier know when you require the delivery.
  • Communication: Communication is the key to outsourcing. Be very open and transparent on your requirements and recommendations while ordering.


How to Choose the Right CNC Machining Provider for Your Parts

1.    Know your manufacturer

Before ordering, conduct in-depth research of the supplier. Check their certifications, know their experience, portfolio, machine capabilities and exact location.

You can plan a visit, video call with them and hire third-party inspectors for better understanding.

2.    Check Quality control

Make sure the supplier has an independent quality control unit to check every step of the process. The inspections should include raw material inspection, in-process quality check, finished part inspection and outgoing quality check.

3.    Check their Capabilities

Know the capabilities of your provider at the beginning. Check if they have the right workforce, required machines, and are familiar with your type of parts.

4.    Agree on Cost and lead time

These two factors can be vital for any buyer, including you. You want them to produce the parts at a low cost while keeping the quality intact.

Besides, the supplier should be able to deliver the final parts before the deadline.

5.    Low MOQ

Even if you require mass production, make sure your supplier is compatible with low MOQ. Check what is the MOQ, cost of small volume production, and prototyping price of them.

6.    Better customer service

When outsourcing, communication is the key. Check if your manufacturer has a decent customer service system and communicates clearly with you.

7.    Ask for samples and testimonials

Testimonials and samples can help you better understand the capabilities, quality, and customer service of the manufacturer you are choosing. Don’t forget to ask for those.

8.    Trial order first

Before placing a mass order, you can place a small order first to check the quality. If you’re happy with that, you can proceed further. And if not, ask for improvement or switch to a better one.


Can You Trust China Manufacturers to Supply the Best Quality Parts?

Although the labor cost is low in China, workers’ manufacturing skills are at the highest level. Also, Manufacturers in China have access to the latest technology and advanced machines.

Overall, Outsourcing your parts from a Chinese manufacturer can save you a lot of money and hassle. Not to mention the quality product and service you’ll get from them.

However, make sure you’re choosing the right supplier to get the best result.


Get A Quote from Sunrise Metal

At this point, you have a clear idea of why you should outsource CNC machining from China and how to pick your supplier. Now you’ll be pleased to know that you can get all those benefits and features in one single company, sunrise metal.

Sunrise metal is committed to excellence and always ready to serve you with the best product service.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or ask for a quote now.

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