Best 10 Die Casting Manufacturers in China


China has made astonishing progress in the manufacturing industry in the last few decades. The die casting industry is one of the most promising ones. There are many die casting manufacturers in China right now, and the number keeps on growing.

Here is a list of the top 10 die casting suppliers in China:

  1. Shin Long Precision Die Casting
  2. SYX Die Casting
  3. Chongqing Yujiang
  4. Sunrise Metal
  5. XY Global
  6. Ningbo Innovaw
  7. China Jiangsu
  8. Die Casting China
  9. Lijia Group
  10. Dalian Yaming

These are all excellent die casting suppliers with a long history in the industry. However, you should be aware of your requirements when choosing a supplier.

Best 10 Die Casting Manufacturers in China

Determining Factors for Choosing the Right Supplier for Your Project

There are a lot of good suppliers out there. But their field of expertise may not always perfectly align with your requirements. Here some things that should be kept in mind when selecting a supplier for your project.

  • Are you planning to outsource your die casting parts from China? Then you must ensure that the factory can maintain sustainable supply chain management overseas. Because there are many Chinese suppliers with excellent capability, but their service is mainly focused on China.
  • Take into consideration the experience of the manufacturer. Because an experienced supplier can substantially reduce the manufacturing cost and improve the quality.
  • Make sure the supplier has sufficient technical capabilities to handle your project.
  • Die casting processes can differ based on material and strength requirements. Because a single manufacturer usually focuses on a specific process. So, Shortlist the suppliers according to your requirements.

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Looking for An Aluminum Die Caster? You Need Sunrise Metal.

Sunrise Metal is a leading die casting company in China. We specialize in aluminum die casting. Our goal is to be the best in what we do and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. You can look at our services below and find out for yourself.

Long-Standing Experience in Die Casting

Sunrise Metal has been in the die casting business for over a decade now. Over the years, we have perfected our methods to overcome the challenges involved in die casting. Moreover, we developed innovative procedures to improve our die casting products’ quality and reduce production costs.

Sunrise Metal’s Experience in Die Casting

Dedicated Die Casing Facilities

We have four factories in China. Two of the factories are dedicated to die casting. Moreover, we house the latest technology die casting equipment available in the market. So, we can assure our core competency. We are always ready to face challenging projects with utmost sincerity and diligence.

Sunrise Metal Die Casting Facility

In-House Tooling and Finishing

We are not limited to die casting only. We also have full-scale tooling and surface finishing facilities. Our factories are equipped with high-end CNC machines that can handle any intricate project at hand. Moreover, we offer many common surface finishing techniques.

Sunrise Metal In-house Treatment Facility

First-Class Quality Control

Quality control is an inherent part of any manufacturing process. Hence, at Sunrise, we have taken extraordinary measures to ensure optimum quality control of every product. International quality control standards approve our superior quality management system.

Sunrise Metal Employee Inspecting a Part

Turnkey Solution for Shorter Lead Time

The demand for die cast parts is rapidly increasing in the industries. So, the production methods should be fast enough to keep pace with the rising demand. Our turnkey solutions will ensure a shorter lead time and on-time delivery.

What Certifications are Important for a Die Casting Supplier?

Manufacturers must have some certification backing up their claim. Qualified precision die casting manufacturers in China are usually given the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certification. These certifications are mainly based on a china die casting manufacturer’s quality control capabilities.

ISO 9001

To attain this certificate, a die casting company must meet certain criteria. They should be able to provide products that meet customer’s requirements. Their methods should comply with the regulatory requirements. The die casting company must strengthen its quality control measures, corporate culture to reach the required level.

IATF 16949

IATF stands for International Automotive Task Force. As you may have already guessed, this certification is concerned with automotive castings. A manufacturer has to show continuous improvement of their products and services to attain this certification. The products must meet customer requirements. It also focuses on a supplier’s production efficiency and waste management.

How Can I be Benefited from a Supplier Offering Multiple Services?

There are lots of pre and post-processing operations involved in die casting. You will find manufacturers who will offer these services. But having an individual supplier for every operation can be very stressful. You will be faced with many problems during production.

It is always desirable to choose a manufacturer who can provide you a one-stop solution for all the processes involved in die casting. Below, we have highlighted some points regarding how you can be benefitted by doing so.

  • Having a common supplier for the whole die casting project will save you a ton of time and money. Firstly, involving multiple suppliers means incurring additional costs for product handling and transportation. Secondly, the handling and transportation will drastically increase the overall production time too.
  • If a single supplier handles your product, there will be better coordination between the production phases. Since the manufacturer is well aware of his production capabilities, he can significantly reduce the delay between the production phases.
  • You can expect your products to have more consistency in quality. But, when dealing with multiple suppliers, you will often face situations when you will need to change a supplier. Changing just one supplier can mess up the work handling of others.

How Do I Get in Touch with a Chinese Supplier?

Communication is still a major concern among foreign companies that keep them from choosing a Chinese supplier. Because many still think of the language and cultural differences as a barrier. Some people may even think that they have to learn Chinese to do business in China.

Well, we would like to bust the myth. There are indeed manufacturers who can’t communicate properly with foreign clients. However, a good number of China die casting suppliers to take foreign clients very seriously. Like us, many other suppliers are focusing on communication too.

Sunrise Metal puts a strong emphasis on having a good command of English within the company. So, we are always ready to connect with foreign clients. Moreover, this has been the case for many other progressive manufacturers as well.

You can easily get in touch with a Chinese supplier through the contact information provided on his website. But, if you are still looking for a supplier. Then you can look into online market places like Alibaba to find one. Visiting the trade fair is an excellent choice as well.


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