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How to Reduce the Cost of CNC Machining Parts?

When choosing your manufacturing process, you should always evaluate and decide which method is the most effective for your business. Especially if you’re ordering large-scale production, selecting the most affordable option with higher quality is a must.

To give you a clear answer, CNC machining is by far one of the most affordable manufacturing options. A lot of companies think in the beginning that perhaps this is not accessible for them.

How Can Sunrise Metal Help You Get the most affordable and best quality CNC Machining Parts?


In Sunrise Metal, we get orders from the small, medium, and even renowned larger companies. And different companies have different conditions and requirements that we meet successfully.

Especially for the low-volume orders, it’s crucial to reduce the cost of machining. The price of the process is a big deal, particularly for the smaller companies. But larger companies also contemplate it.

This is why Sunrise Metal is determined to deliver the best products within an affordable budget to make the process successful and make our customers delighted.

Ways we optimize and cut the cost of our manufacturing:

  1. Minimizing the total time duration of the manufacturing process.
  2. Using advanced machines with minimal wastage.
  3. Consulting with you about choosing the best design and material.
  4. Total automated process with minimal labor cost.

Overall, We aspire to provide you with an outstanding experience working with us. No matter your company size or your order size, Sunrise Metal can offer you the best quote and quality compared to any other CNC machining manufacturer around the world.

Why Sunrise Metal?

Choosing the right manufacturer can make or break your project. If you’re an OEM/ODM company and require orders from smaller to larger volumes, we can help.


Sunrise Metal can meet your expectations within your budget and become the only manufacturing partner you’ll need for your business.

Here is a short list of qualities and advantages you get from us:

  • Successful track record and 10+ years of experience in the CNC manufacturing process.
  • Expert manpower and advanced machines
  • Dedicated facilities with an adequate location for worldwide deliveries
  • Fastest Delivery all over the world
  • Extraordinary portfolio of products and working with world-renowned companies

Cost Factors for CNC Machining Parts

This manufacturing process is less expensive than 3D printing and offers excellent precision and quality. Here are the main cost factors that affect the pricing of your machining project:


This might be the most significant factor in the manufacturing process. Often manufacturers bill by the hour worked on the machining process. And the more hours it takes to complete your job, the more your cost will be.

Design & Plan

Your product’s design and plan have a significant impact on the cost of your production process. If you choose a complex design, the price will be more compared to a simple design.

The Volume of Your Order

Manufacturers often tend to price higher if the volume is lower and lower if the volume is more. When you’re placing an order, make sure to ask the manufacturer about the price or both higher volume and low volume.


Your cost depends on the material you choose as well. If you choose aluminum metals for the process, it will cost you less than choosing stainless steel.

Machines Required

If your project requires high-end machines like 5 axis or multi-axis machines, the cost will be higher. In contrast, if your parts can be done using a 3 axis machine, your cost will be significantly lower.

Labor Cost

Although it’s an automated process, you still need to spend on labor costs. Less complexity and easy procedure might reduce your labor cost.

Another important factor is that your labor cost will be most affordable if you’re ordering from China.

Why shouldn’t you look for the cheapest service available?

Limiting the cost of production is vital for any company. As a manufacturing company, we understand the requirements and limitations regarding the budget and cost.

This is why Sunrise Metal always implements and tries the most cost-efficient ways to complete the process. Although we never compromise with the quality of the parts.

While focusing on the cost and price, you need to consider the most important thing for your business: quality.

Being cost-effective is essential, but it’s more important to assure the quality, so you don’t lose your customers.

So, while choosing the most affordable one, make sure you’re not hampering the quality and negatively impact your business.

How to ensure the best quality while minimizing the cost

When you’re ordering a machining project on a budget, the decisions you make before that are crucial. As mentioned above, you should carefully choose the design and material of your parts.


But most importantly, you should choose the right manufacturer for your project. Because with the right manufacturer, no matter your order size, they’ll help you reduce the cost.

By consulting with you about the right design and material, using the suitable machine and using less labor, manufacturers can help you get the best parts at a low cost.

In addition to that, there are many strategies that a manufacturer can implement to make the process most affordable. Talk to your manufacturers beforehand about the strategy and procedures he will follow to get the best understanding of your project.

Choosing the right manufacturer based on cost and quality

Here are some important factors to consider before choosing the manufacturer for your project.

  1. How many years of experience do they have in CNC machining?
  2. Notable past projects or samples of them?
  3. How experts are they in precision machining?
  4. How cost-effective is their manufacturing process?
  5. What are the capacity of them based on machines, facilities, and labor?
  6. How good is their location and delivery process?
  7. Are they capable of supplying low and mid-volume orders as required?

Note: If you want all these qualities in one company, you need to have Sunrise Metal as your manufacturing partner.

Get a quote from Sunrise Metal

If you’re a big or small OEM/ODM company, that requires either large-scale or smaller-scale production, Sunrise Metal is here for you.

Companies from all around the world rely on us for the best quality and affordable CNC machining parts. Feel free to give us a knock for any volume or types of parts that need to be machined and Sunrise Metal will be at your service.

Get a quote now from us and see what we can do for you.

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