Top 10 Industries that Use Cast Aluminum Enclosure


Diecast aluminum enclosures are becoming increasingly popular in the industries. Aluminum has replaced many traditional material choices for enclosures. Here we discuss top ten industries that use cast aluminum enclosure below:

Electronics: Before, plastic was a very preferred choice for electronics enclosures. Even so, aluminum enclosures are gradually taking up the place. Now, End-users are more likely to choose electronic devices with aluminium enclosure as it is sturdy, yet lightweight.

Automotive: Today, the majority of automobile manufacturers focus on die cast housing for the engine components. Their main focus is to make the vehicles lighter to reduce fuel consumption.

Medical: There has been a significant application of diecast enclosures of aluminum alloy in medical devices. Many companies have been using diecast aluminum enclosures for a prosthesis as well.

Aerospace: The aerospace industry has numerous applications for die cast aluminum enclosures. The lightweight and excellent strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum enclosures are very important for aircraft.

Military:  The military industry is making aluminum die casting to produce lighter firearms. It would increase the soldier’s maneuverability in the field.

Telecom: We use cast aluminum enclosures in many telecommunication devices. It protects the internal components and also improves the performance by providing EMI/RFI shielding.

Marine: The marine environment is highly corrosive. Therefore, cast iron parts or other material that can easily corrode or wear is not suitable. So, the marine industry uses diecast aluminum enclosure.

Toys: Toys are mainly produced with plastic. However, manufacturers have started using aluminum enclosures for more durability.

Sports: Many sports equipment and goods are using aluminum enclosures to offer more comfort and portability to the users. A bicycle body would be a good example.

Appliances: End-users find aluminum-based products more convenient to use. So, companies are using die cast aluminum enclosure for many home and kitchen appliances.

Top 10 Industries Use Cast Aluminum Enclosure

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  • Our quality control standards are recognized by the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards. It affirms our die casting capabilities and quality management system.

Moreover, we have tons of practical experience in the production of cast aluminum enclosures. We carefully handle every part to ensure consistent quality throughout the production cycle. Here are some samples of die cast housing manufactured for our customers.

Sample of Aluminum Enclosure Manufactured by Sunrise Metal


What are the Advantages of Cast Aluminum Enclosure?

Die cast aluminum enclosures has many benefits over housing made with other materials. Here, we have discussed the main advantages of aluminum housing below:

  • Die casting is a very speedy process. So, you can expect higher production capacity assuring maximum economy.
  • Aluminum enclosures are much stronger than the equivalent plastic housing. Moreover, it would be almost three times lighter than steel housing.
  • Diecast aluminum enclosures can retain strength at high temperatures. So, it can be used in high-temperature environments.
  • Die cast Aluminium housing has excellent corrosion resistance. So, you can safely use it for marine or other applications where corrosive conditions prevail.
  • The high conductivity of aluminum is also helpful in the heat management of electronic devices.
  • Aluminum enclosure shields against electromagnetic interference and protects the internal components in electronics products.
  • Apart from the tooling phase, casting any housing should take almost the same amount of time regardless of the complexity. So, housings with a complex structure can be manufactured within a short period.
  • You can easily manufacture thin-walled housing by die casting.

What are the Typical Applications of Cast Aluminum Enclosure?

Cast aluminum enclosure has application in various fields. We have discussed some typical applications of die cast aluminum enclosures.

  • The lightweight property of aluminum housing is very crucial for automobiles. So, car manufacturers prefer aluminum housing for engine components.

Diecast Aluminum Engine Housing

  • Many electronics brands are practicing replacing plastic or other material housings. Given that, aluminum housing provides enhanced strength, stability, and special material properties that enable electronic devices to perform better.
  • Die cast aluminum housing has many applications in the aerospace industry. It has enabled manufacturers to reduce the weight of aircraft significantly. So, they can fly much faster than before.
  • The excellent EMI/RFI shielding property of die cast aluminum enclosure makes them very suitable for telecom devices.
  • Many end-user products also contain die cast aluminum enclosures. The main focus is to increase portability while ensuring proper strength and performance. A common example would be a smartphone, laptop, watch, camera, etc. gadgets with aluminum enclosures.

Diecast Aluminum Smartphone Enclosure


Lastly, there are way more applications of die cast housing. Even so, we have tried to discuss some of the most common ones to give you an idea of its use scope.


What Industries has the Highest Demand for Cast Aluminum Enclosure?

Industries with the highest demand for cast aluminum enclosure would be the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Telecom, Marine, and Medical sectors. These industries have been using aluminum enclosures for a lot of purposes.

Firstly, the industries mentioned above have a great impact on our lifestyle. The products produced by these industries are either very useful in our everyday life or have great significance on our health. For example, it is crucial to ensure the highest quality for automotive and aerospace engine housing to avoid unexpected accidents. And the same goes for marine and medical devices.

These industries want to ensure maximum quality and endurance, thus chooses to die cast aluminum enclosures as a safe bet. In addition, our lifestyle has become attached to different electronics and telecom devices. So, the industries need a huge amount of aluminum enclosures to tackle our demand.

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