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As a professional die casting manufacturer, Sunrise performs a vacuum die casting service to provide more accurate and precise parts.

We have been dedicated to high-quality standards in the manufacturing of top-quality parts that widely serve the medical, automotive, telecommunication, and networking industries.

As an advanced and high-integrity die casting process, vacuum casting uses special aluminum alloys. The results include lightweight, high-performing products with reduced casting defects.

Our vacuum die casting manufacturing processes are trusted by global customers for their quality, precision, and performance. Production processes are compliant with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards, eliminating critical defects and irregularities.

Customers benefit from our expert knowledge and experience in the production of vacuum die casted products for several industries.

2500+ Die Casting Parts Manufacturing Experience From 500+ Global Clients

  • Engine Component-Vacuum Die Casting-Part
    Engine Component--Vacuum Die Casting
    For Japan Client
  • Medical Back Frame-Vacuum Die Casting-Part
    Medical Frame Component--Vacuum Die Casting
    For Germany Client
  • Lamp Holder-Vacuum Die Casting-Part
    Medical Operation Holder--Vacuum Die Casting
    For American Client
  • Radar Housing-Vacuum Die Casting-Part
    Radar Housing--Vacuum Die Casting
    For American Client
  • Heat Sink-Vacuum Die Casting-Part
    Medical Heat Sink--Vacuum Die Casting
    For American Client

How Sunrise Vacuum Die Casting Manufacturing Capability Help Your Projects.

Vacuum die casting process best illustrates our level of manufacturing capability. Send us your project details and request now!
Vacuum Die Casting System

Sunrise Metal uses the vacuum die casting system DIEVS200-CVC2, imported from Japan. We utilize the vacuum die casting system to improve the density of our castings and reduce wear on the die by evacuating the air in the cavity before alloy injection. This helps to bring better surface finish, while reducing gas porosity and leakage problems for our products.

Superior R&D Capability

Sunrise engineers’ capability and knowledge in the production allow us to produce products with regards to the final application. They can design mechanical parts and provide technology support of DFM & PPAP, etc.

Turnkey Solution

Integrating Rapid Prototyping, Die cast Tooling, Die casting, Machining, Assembly, and various surface treatment, together with value-added services.

To continuously provide better service, we combine updated vacuum die casting technology and production skillfulness.

Strict Quality Control System

All output meets stringent quality requirements achieving authenticity and defect-free. We do strict inspections of all processes from raw material to final shipping. With our high-level measurement lab, Sunrise ensures all the parts manufactured are up to the standard requirements.

  • Vacuum System-Vacuum Die Casting
  • Engineering Technology Discuss-Vacuum Die Casting
  • Turnkey solution-Vacuum Die Casting
  • Strict Quality Control-Vacuum Die Casting

Advanced Aluminum Die Casting Parts Completed with Sunrise High Precision Manufacturing Equipment

  • Aluminum die casting machine-Vacuum Die Casting-Equipment
    Aluminum Die Cast Equipment
  • CNC Machining-Vacuum Die Casting-Equipment
    CNC Machining Center
  • CNC Machining-Vacuum Die Casting-Equipment
    CNC Milling Production
  • cleaning line for die casting parts -Vacuum Die Casting-Equipment
    Chromate Production Line
  • Powder coating-Vacuum Die Casting-Equipment
    Automatic Powder Coating

Recent Vacuum Die Casting Projects

Sunrise Metal executes the whole production with the best tools, expertise, and production capacity. We take full ownership of your project to ensure that all products are delivered timely and with high value.

Sunrise Metal has excellent and complete organization teams, including rich experienced engineers, professional customer service persons, strict qualtiy controller and skilled production worker. They get along with each other and work well together. They are ready to serve for you.

Sunrise Metal's professional team are here to serve your die casting projects


With 4 dedicated facilities,182 skilled professionals, we provide our customers 1-stop aluminum die casting solution including rapid prototyping, die casting tooling, aluminum die casting, CNC machining and surface finishing.

Sunrise Metal aluminum die casting factory

Our company is located in Yangtze River Delta, with 9 Airports, 2 world busiest ports of Shanghai & Ningbo. And the densest High-speed train networks in China/world.

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If you have trouble finding the right supplier, Small suppliers cannot ensure the quantity. You need Sunrise Metal where our mission satisfies the demand of your high mix and low to medium volume die casting projects.

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Vacuum Die Casting is preferred by the leading industries as a cost-effective solution for the production of high-quality parts. Sunrise Metal is your reliable Vacuum Die Caster who will ensure you quality, and economy. You will find answers to most of your queries regarding Vacuum Die Casting in this guide.

You can also contact our Customer Support If you need any additional information about Vacuum Die Casting.

What is Vacuum Die Casting?

Vacuum Die Casting is also known as vacuum-assisted high pressure die casting. It is a high-pressure die casting process where a vacuum pump is used to remove the air and gases trapped within the die cavity.

Vacuum Die Casting can be thought of as an upgrade to the traditional die casting process. The process of die casting remains almost the same. Only some adjustment for creating a vacuum in the system is incorporated.

Vacuum Die Casting is usually coupled with a Cold-Chamber Die Casting process. It helps to overcome some difficulties and reduce casting defects that occur during a die casting process.

Sunrise Metal has advanced Vacuum Die Casting facility that will ensure you high-quality parts that are free from defects.

What is the process of Vacuum Die Casting?

Vacuum Die Casting process can be done in different ways. It is mainly differentiated based on how the vacuum is created in the system. The two main actions that take place in the whole process are the Injection of the melt and the creation of a vacuum.

The Vacuum Die Casting process can be controlled in three ways.

  • The injection of the molten metal and vacuum creation is done simultaneously.
  • The vacuum is created inside the die cavity first, then Injection of the molten metal takes place.
  • The injection and vacuum creation timing are controlled by sensors.

So, the Vacuum Die Casting process may be done in either of these ways. But a generalized process will be discussed here to give you a better understanding of Vacuum Die Casting.

Melting the Metal

The first thing to do before getting started with Vacuum Die Casting is meting the metal. While it may seem like a simple task, it definitely isn’t. The metal is often required be to melt in a controlled environment for better results.

Slow Injection under low pressure

The melt is poured into the cylinder, where the melt is driven inside the die cavity with the help of a piston. In the case of Vacuum Die Casting, the melt is slowly pushed inside the die cavity under low pressure.

Vacuum Creation

The vacuum valve is then opened and air inside the die cavity is removed using a vacuum pump. Once the air is removed and there is enough negative pressure inside the die cavity the vacuum valve is closed.

Fast Injection under high pressure

After creating a vacuum, the melt is rapidly driven inside the die cavity under high pressure. Due to the vacuum, the melt uniformly spreads inside the die cavity without leaving any pores or voids.

Solidification and removal of the casting

Allow the melt to cool down and solidify inside the die cavity. Then eject the dies and take out the finished part. After that, the machine will be ready for the next casting operation.

You can also check out the link below to get a better idea and visual representation of the Vacuum Die Casting Process.

What are the advantages of Vacuum Die Casting?

Vacuum Die Casting has been very popular among the leading industries for its multitudes of advantages. Let’s have a look at the advantages Vacuum Die Casting can offer.

Reduce Defects

This is a big reason why Vacuum Die Casting is preferred over a traditional die casting method. Normally there are many types of defects that take place during die casting.

Vacuum Die Casting can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate different types of casting defects and improve the quality of the manufactured parts.

Improved Mechanical Properties

Vacuum Die Casting reduces defects and allows uniform distribution of the melt. That ensures better integrity of the parts and improves the mechanical strength. It also allows heat treating your parts to improve some characteristics.

Better Surface Finish

Another charm of Vacuum Die Casting is that the finished parts have a really great finish. That minimizes the need for additional surface treatment and helps you reduce the production cost of your parts.

Dimensional Stability

Traditional die casting often fails to properly produce parts that have undercuts and thin walls. Vacuum Die Casting can overcome these limitations and allows the provision of these critical geometric parameters.

Short Cycle Time

Vacuum Die Casting allows rapid casting under high pressure without compromising the quality. That helps to reduce the time of production because other post-casting operations are not required in Vacuum Die Casting.

Now that you know the benefits Vacuum Die Casting can offer, you can be more confident about manufacturing your parts using this method.

What industries are using Vacuum Die Casting?

Most of the industries that need high-quality parts for their products choose Vacuum Die Casting over traditional die casting methods.

Some of the major industries that prefer Vacuum Die Casting are,

  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Telecommunication
  • Medical etc.

This is just to give you an idea of the scope of this process. The use for Vacuum Die Casting is way more than that.

Is Vacuum Die Casting expensive?

Vacuum Die Casting can be more cost-effective than a traditional die casting method. But the vacuum system is mainly an addition to the traditional die casting methods and that comes with some installation fees.

So, how is it a cheaper option? Even though some additional investment is required for Vacuum Die Casting, it will ultimately save more money than it will cost. Because it reduces the need for many post-casting operations.

Vacuum Die Casting will yield high-quality parts without defects and improved mechanical properties. That reduces the need for some quality control measures and reduces wastage due to the production of defective parts.

The finished parts also have a very good surface finish that reduces the need for further surface treatment. So, Vacuum Die Casting has the potential to save the money spent behind the post-processing of the parts

Taking into consideration these facts, we can conclude that Vacuum Die Casting is more cost-effective in the long-term production.

What are the casting defects that can be overcome by Vacuum Die Casting?

There are different types of casting defects that may take place during die casting. It is undesirable to have any defects in the finished parts. Vacuum Die Casting can eliminate most of the defects that occur during a traditional die casting process.

Casting defects that can be overcome by Vacuum Die Casting listed below.


Porosity is one of the most common type of casting defects. It is the entrapment of gas or air that causes void space to form inside or at the surface of a casting. Porosity greatly hampers the appearance and reduces the strength of parts


Blisters are casting defects that become apparent when heat treating a die-cast part. It is also a result of gas pores trapped inside the die cavity. Vacuum Die Casting can improve the microstructure of metal to allow heat treating.


Misrun is the failure of the molten metal to reach certain areas in the die cavity. It is a common phenomenon in traditional die casting. Usually, it happens due to the provision of thin walls in the design.

Cold Shuts

Cold Shuts are void space that occurs when molten metal entering through two different gates fail to merge properly. Vacuum Die Casting can reduce the chance of cold shuts.

How does Vacuum Die Casting reduce Gas Porosity?

Porosity is the gas pores or voids that are formed during die casting. It is usually formed due to air or gas trapped inside the die cavity. It can also occur when a large amount of dissolved gas is present in the melt that is released upon solidification.

There are other reasons as well that can cause gas pores to form in a casting. Such as the turbulence during pouring the melt or due to metal shrinkage which causes vacuum holes to generate.

Vacuum Die Casting can greatly reduce the chance of porosity that develops due to entrapped air inside the die cavity. Because air and gas present in the die cavity is removed using a vacuum pump.

How does Vacuum Die Casting increase weldability?

Weldability is a feature that is mainly exclusive to metals. But it is not the same for all the metals. Some metals are easier to weld than others. The weldability of metal mainly depends on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the metals.

Vacuum Die Casting creates a better microstructure and increases the integrity of parts. That increases the weldability of a die casting without having to use costlier materials with higher weldability.

Does Vacuum Die Casting allow Heat treating of parts?

Yes, parts produced using Vacuum Die Casting can be given heat treatment.

Heat treatment is a process of altering the physical and mechanical properties of a metal. The rate of diffusion and cooling within the microstructure of metal can be manipulated using heat treatment.

The manufacturers can give heat treatment to a die-cast part to improve its strength, ductility, hardness, elasticity, etc. So, it is a great way to achieve better mechanical properties using less expensive metals.

What Vacuum Die Casting does is improves the microstructure of the parts. It makes it possible to provide heat treatment for the finished parts.

How does Vacuum Die Casting improve surface finish?

In the Vacuum Die Casting process the air and gas present inside a die cavity is removed to create a vacuum. That allows the molten metal to uniformly spread throughout the die cavity. It reduces the chance of pores to form along the surface of a casting.

So, the surface of your parts remains free from defects. That reduces the need for further surface treatment of your parts as well. That’s why Vacuum Die Casting can yield parts with a better surface finish.

Can Vacuum Die Casting increase the precision of the castings?

Yes, Vacuum Die Casting can increase the precision of your parts. Although the precision of die-cast parts mainly depends on the accuracy of tooling, there are some limitations in traditional die casting that doesn’t allow some geometric features.

When you provide thin walls and undercuts in your design, the die casting process becomes complicated. That will lead to defects and incomplete castings.

Vacuum Die Casting allows you to include complex features in your design. So, you can expect more precise parts with Vacuum Die Casting.

Why should I choose Sunrise for Vacuum Die Casting?

Sunrise metal has advanced Vacuum Die Casting facilities. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality parts.  Take a look at the capabilities we have,

10+ years of experience

Sunrise has more than 10 years of experience in this field. Our previous experiences help us improve and provide better service to our customers. We are always improving and using our experience to provide you the best possible solution.

Half of the project lead time

We have advanced Vacuum Die Casting facilities that can reduce the production time by up to fifty percent. We ensure high-quality prototypes while keeping the production time minimum. So, you can rest assured to get on-time delivery.

Advanced Die Casting Equipment

We have a wide range of Die casting machines incorporated with Vacuum systems at Sunrise Metal. We also have advanced QA Test equipment to ensure the highest quality possible for your parts. So, you can rest assured about our Vacuum Die Casting capabilities.

Superior Engineering Capability

We have 182 skilled professionals dedicated to providing you with high-quality parts. They can help you design, manufacture, and control the quality of your parts. We can also provide you with cost-effective suggestions for Vacuum Die Casting.

You can learn more about us on our company website.

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