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As an ISO9001 & ISO 13485 & IATF 16949 certified professional CNC precision Machining manufacturer, Sunrise Metal focuses on Aluminum precision CNC machining service for over 10 years.

  • We can offer you technical Proposals and cost-saving suggestions with our Design for Manufacturing and Feasibility Analysis.
  • Our CNC Milling Shop equips with ultra-precise CNC machines, like Mazak 7 axis and Haas 5 axis, their precision tolerance can up to 0.005mm.
  • Sunrise Metal invests in many high advanced Inspection Instruments, such as an X-ray detector, spectrometer, cleaning test lab, etc. Our Carl Zeiss CMM-with automatic scanning function has a 0.001mm measuring precision.
  • We offer a 1-stop solution service to your CNC machining parts. It surely includes anodizing, chrome plating, powder coating, wet painting, E-coat paint, silk printing, laser etching, etc.
  • Our Fast production system and rapid CNC fixture technology can always assure you on-time delivery.
  • We welcome your low volume, high mix projects. MOQ can be even 1pcs.
  • About 70% of our business is export business. Our parts are wildly used in Automotive Engine & Electronics, Medical & Health Care device, Marine Electronics, Industrial & Commercial, Communications & Networking, Aerospace Electronics, Smart Metering, LED Lighting, etc.

We have customers like Cummins, Parker, Southco, Flir, Thales, Mindray, Analogic, etc. Most of them are the hidden champion in their markets.

Your Perfect Precision CNC Machining Parts Coming From Sunrise High-end CNC Machining Equipment

  • CNC-Machining-on-Aluminum-Parts
    CNC Precision Machining Process
  • Complete-CNC-Machined-Center-CNC-Precision-Machining-Equipment
    CNC Machining Centers Layout
  • CNC-Milling-Machine-CNC-Precision-Machining-Equipment
    High Accurate CNC Milling Machine
  • CNC-Turning-Machine-CNC-Precision-Machining-Equipment
    CNC Turning Machine
  • High-accurate-CNC-Machining-Machine-CNC-Precision-Machining-Equipment
    Precision CNC Machining Tools
  • Strict-Machining-Process-Control-CNC-Precision-Machining-Equipment
    Strict Machining Process Control

Helping Your Projects Succeed With Sunrise Strict Quality Control Capability

Proven Record of Top CNC Precision Machining Parts With Sunrise High-end Measuring Equipment
High Precision Measuring Instrument

As a precision CNC machining manufacturer in China,  Sunrise Metal invested many modern measuring instruments, such as Carl Zeiss CMM, X-ray Detector, and Spectrometer and Cleanliness testing Lab, etc. To assure you of good quality with your precision CNC machining parts, we will continually invest in inspection instruments and training on our employees.

Quality System Certification

To achieve our promise on quality to our customers, we introduced the third parties to help improve our quality control Management system. We have built a very effective QC management system under the instruction of ISO. We are ISO9001 & ISO13485 & IATF 16949 certified CNC machining manufacturer in China.Your quality is the top priority of our work.

Strict Quality Control System

Sunrise has a very stable and rich-experienced QC team here in Shanghai, China. They are not only good at making SIP per Control Plan–CP and flow charts–FC, but also very familiar with our production processes. So they know When and Where the defects will happen, and how to avoid them in advance. To assure you of good quality with your parts, we will continually invest in Inspection instruments and training on our employees.

  • High-precision-CMM-CNC-Precision-Machining-Measuring-Instruments
  • Strict-Quality-Control-on-machined-parts-CNC-Precision-Machining-Measuring-Instruments
  • X-ray-test-porosity-CNC-Precision-Machining-Measuring-Instruments

10000+ Precision CNC Machined Parts Manufacturing Experience From 500+ Global Clients

  • High-Precision-CNC-Machined-Display-Frame-CNC-Precision-Machining-Part
    CNC Machined Display Frame
  • CNC-Milling-Mount-Bracket-CNC-Precision-Machining-Part
    CNC Milling Mount Bracket
  • CNC-Milling-Automotive-Engine-Housing-CNC-Precision-Machining-Part
    CNC Milling Automotive Engine Housing
  • CNC-Machining-Medical-Base-CNC-Precision-Machining-Part
    CNC Machining Medical Base
  • CNC-Machined-Robot-Wheel-CNC-Precision-Machining-Part
    CNC Machined Robot Wheel
  • CNC-Machined-Medical-Fluid-Dispenser-CNC-Precision-Machining-Part
    CNC Machined Medical Fluid Dispenser

Various Surface Finishing For CNC Machining Parts

We try all our efforts to offer a 1-stop solution precision CNC machining service to your CNC machining parts.

Wide range of materials: Al6061, Al6063, Al5052, Stainless Steel, Copper, other materials, etc.

Second finishing source: Anodizing, Chromate, Powder coating, wet painting, E-coating, Plating, Silk printing.

All our parts meet ROHS and REACH requirements.


No. Name Stroke Q’ty
1 Mazak 7-axis turning&milling Machine Ø658*1011MM 1
2 Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machine Ø850/Ø600 4
3 3-axis CNC machine center 2000*1500MM 1
4 4-axis CNC machine center Ø250*800MM 8
5 3-axis CNC machine center 1000*600*600MM 20
6 CNC Lathes Ø320*800/Ø610*1000MM 2
7 Sodick Wire cutting Machine 400*400*200MM 3
8 EDM machine 500*400*400MM 2
9 Surface grinder 600*300*200MM 1

No. Name Brand Q’ty
1 CMM Carl Zessis 1
2 CMM SanYou 1
3 Spectrometer China 1
4 Microscope China 1
5 Projector China 2
6 X-ray Detector SANDT 1
7 Cleanliness Test Equipment China 1
8 Leakage Test Equipment China 2
9 Salt Spray Testing Equipment China 1
10 Pneumatic Measuring Instrument China 2
11 Hardness Testing Machine China 1
12 Color Meter Machine China 1
13 Thickness Testing Machine China 1
14 Electronic Balance China 1
15 Density Balance China 1

Get A Free Consultation

When you are looking for a CNC precision manufacturer in China,  you should contact Sunrse Metal.  Our skillful and experienced engineering team consults for your CNC precision machining parts.  Specialized and project relevant advice will be based on your CAD and Step drawings.

Here is just one part but important way that we’re serving you on CNC precision projects.

Sunrise Metal can offer full chain service if you have any demands on aluminum die casting projects. Looking learn more about aluminum die casting.


As a professional CNC precision machining supplier, Sunrise Metal values customer convenience and satisfaction over everything else. That’s why we have prepared this guide for you. We are hopeful that you will find most of your queries about precision CNC machining and our company in this guide. If you still have any other questions in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support for help.

What is CNC Precision Machining?

CNC Precision Machining is a computer-controlled process of producing parts of extremely accurate dimensions.

It is done by trimming down raw material into the desired shape. The raw material that is worked with is called a workpiece.

It is a subtractive process where the material is removed for producing parts. Thus, this is also known as Subtractive Manufacturing. It is the opposite of Additive Manufacturing.

Here the term CNC implies Computer Numerical Control. The CNC Machines are designed to convert a design into a suitable machine code and operate as per the codes.

Since CNC machines are computer operated, hence there is very little chance of errors. The finished product is so precise that any difference between the product. And the design can’t be distinguished with a regular measuring instrument.

What are the types of precision CNC Machining Processes?

There are many types of precision CNC machining processes. The usage of a particular machining process usually depends on the geometry of the product being manufactured. The most common  precision CNC Machining Processes are:

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Turning

These are all different processes and require a different type of cutting tools. The similarity among them is that in each case, either the tool is rotated against the workpiece or the workpiece is rotated against the tool.

However, these are not the only machining processes. There are other miscellaneous processes such as,

  • Grinding
  • Boring
  • Sawing
  • Reaming etc.

While the processes are done by different machines, the parts may require using multiple machining processes for attaining the desired shape.

How does precision CNC machining work?

The precision CNC machining process is controlled by a computer. CNC machines can prototype a 3d model into actual parts. There are computer programs that enable machining from a digital drawing file such as a CAD.

But the machines can’t read a model directly. The model in the CAD file must be converted into a special code called G Code.

A programmer is needed for this job, who will do the programming and use CAM software to generate G Code from the CAD file.

G Code commands the machine about how to work. The machine moves according to the G Code, and the rotation speed is also controlled by it.

You can learn more about it from this video:

What is the process of CNC Precision Machining?

There are several steps to follow before one can produce a part using precision machining.

CNC Precision Machining processes by steps:

  1. Design model of the part using a CAD software
  2. Generate G Code from the model with a CAM software
  3. Analyze what type of machining is required
  4. Carry out the precision machining of the part
  5. Apply the required level of surface treatment

What types of engineering materials are suitable for CNC Precision Machining?

CNC precision machining can be done on a wide range of engineering materials. But, the suitability of an engineering material depends on the scope of usage of the parts.

There may be difficulty in the usage of a certain material due to the type and size of a part being produced. So, before you can select a material several factors, you have to keep some factors in mind.

The commonly used engineering materials are:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Foam etc.

That’s not all. There are different variants and alloys for each type of material. You have to choose one that perfectly meets your requirements.

What are the advantages of using precision CNC machining?

Precision CNC Machining has revolutionized the machining industry. It has great advantages over other conventional methods of manufacturing. Here’s a list of perks and benefits that CNC precision machining can provide:

  • It is extremely precise.
  • Manufacturing time is less compared to other methods.
  • It is a computer-operated process, so very little chance of errors.
  • Fewer errors also mean fewer waste materials produced.
  • Very complex models can be manufactured.
  • Production cost is less due to a reduction in time, labor, and material waste.
  • It has a high production capacity and can operate for more extended periods.

Now that you know what a CNC machine is capable of, you should be more confident about choosing precision CNC machining for your product manufacturing.

How much precision can CNC precision machining reach?

CNC Precision Machining usually has a precision of about 0.005 inches. But that’s not all. All CNC Machines aren’t the same. The level of precision of CNC precision machining depends on the type of parts used.

The accuracy of machining is measured in thou, which refers to Thousandth of an inch. Normal machining work has a tolerance of about 0.005. But that can cab be reduced by finer machining to reach an accuracy of 0.001.

Think about changing the length of something by 0.001 inches; any physical change in the object wouldn’t be noticeable by the eye. But You would be surprised to know that precision CNC machining can reach precision even beyond that.

Machines used for surface treatment can reach even greater precision. That can be as high as 0.00005 inches.

What industries use CNC Precision Machining?

CNC precision machining is widely used by manufacturers of various industries for producing machined parts. CNC precision machining also has a wide range of applications as well. That makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing.

So, Industries use CNC precision machining as a solution for varieties of applications. Some major industries using CNC precision Machining are:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Telecommunication
  • Marine
  • Agriculture

There are other sectors and individuals who may require CNC precision Machining services for their projects.

What does Axis refer to in CNC Machines?

The Axis refers to the degree of freedom of a CNC Machine. CNC machines are labeled as per the number of axes it can move or rotate. The greater the number of axes, the greater is the capability of a machine.

For example, A 2 Axis CNC machine can perform machining jobs in only 2 dimensions (X and Y-axis). While a 3 Axis CNC machine can move in 3 directions.

CNC Machines with more than 3 axes also incorporates the ability to rotate with respect to a particular axis as well.Till now, the most advanced one is a 7 Axis CNC Machine. It can perform any kind of machining operations, no matter how complex the design is.

What is the difference between CNC precision machining and 3d Printing?

CNC precision Machining is a Subtractive Manufacturing process. While 3D Printing is an Additive Manufacturing process.

Subtractive manufacturing is done by removing matter from a solid block to form a part with specified dimensions. While Additive Manufacturing is done by placing material successively in order to form a design of specified dimensions.

Both of them are computer-controlled processes. But their working principle is totally different. Whether one should go for an Additive or Subtractive Manufacturing depends on a lot of parameters and economy as well.

3d Printing may seem promising, but it is a relatively new technology. The machines are not yet capable of mass production. Because tooling a single part can take a lot of time.

On the other hand, CNC machining is an established technology with a lot of support and options to choose from. If you want the fastest and most economical solution for manufacturing your products, Choose Sunrise Metal’s world-class CNC Machining services.

Is CNC precision machining expensive?

Not really. CNC precision Machining may be the only reasonable option available if you need the best quality and extreme accuracy in your product. It offers good production capacity, and it is much faster compared to other precision manufacturing methods.

OEMs and ODMs new to precision machining may assume CNC precision machining as expensive. Because it is a computerized process that requires advanced machines, sophisticated program tools, and qualified programmers.

CNC precision Machining has been in practice for quite a while. There is a lot of support, and options are available to choose from. The cost of CNC precision Machining usually depends on the complexity of your task.

If your model is simple, then you can manufacture your parts very economically. In the case of very complex models, you may not have many options available in your hand anyway. But the savings in production time, capacity, and material make precision machining a much more economical choice.

What is the difference between CNC precision machining and injection molding?

CNC precision machining is a computer-controlled process of producing parts of very accurate dimensions. It is done by removing matter from a stock material for producing parts of specified dimensions. Precision CNC machining may require using different equipment and toolset to get the job done.

Now, injection molding is the process where molten materials are injected into a mold or die under pressure. This process is suitable for batch production of any machine parts or products. But the accuracy level may not as high as CNC Machining.

An interesting fact is that the die used in injection molding is actually made by CNC Machining. Later on, the die is used for batch production of a product.

If your product doesn’t require extreme precision, you can go for injection molding. But for the highest precision and best quality, CNC precision machining is the obvious choice.

How is precision CNC machining important in the industry?

Any industry that needs high quality, durable and precise machine parts will need precision CNC Machining to get their job done. In many industries such as the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics Industry requires the manufacturing of extremely precise parts for their products.

Such a level of detail and precision is hard to achieve using any other manufacturing techniques. On top of that, Manufacturers require the production of parts in a massive quantity with the most economical technology available.

Another important thing is the repeatability of CNC precision Machining. CNC precision machining can maintain minimal tolerances. Manufactures require identical machine parts to be manufactured in large quantities.

To meet all these conditions, CNC precision machining is the best solution. Sunrise Metal is one of the leading companies for manufacturing high precision CNC machining parts in China. You can trust us for the highest quality precision machining service for your company.

How to control quality during CNC precision machining manufacturing?

Any Manufacturer who needs CNC precision machining demands a high level of accuracy for his work. So, quality control is essential when it comes to CNC machining. Let’s have a look at how quality is controlled in machining works.

  • Quality control should be ensured by the designing stage. It is essential to properly program a model for tooling in the machine. Neglecting this can lead to unexpected incidents.
  • It is very important to be sure of all the parameters before machining. Proper instructions about how you want the product to be manufactured should be clear from the beginning.
  • Machines are required to be checked regularly. A proper cycle of maintenance can save the manufacturer from a great deal of trouble.
  • Recording activities of a project can be beneficial. It provides quick insight into the entire project’s progress. It makes scheduling maintenance periods easier as well.

Manufacturers may adopt different quality control measures according to the work environment.

What do OEM or ODM should look for when hiring a precision CNC machining manufacturer?

OEM and ODM should keep some facts in mind when looking for the right precision CNC machining manufacturer to hire. They should take into consideration the facilities, capabilities, experience, and experience before hiring. Let’s have a look at the details.


Manufacturers should have a wide range of machines available at their workshop. Because precision machining requires using various types of equipment based on the complexity of the model. Always choose a properly equipped manufacturer to get the best result.


Going to different companies for modeling, tooling, and die-casting can be really frustrating. You would want to get a one-stop solution for your business. That would end up saving a great deal of money and time.


Experience is a prerequisite for getting any job done in the most efficient manner. Because an experienced manufacturer can provide you the best solution. Proper execution of the production process is much more efficient in the hands of an experienced manufacturer.

Customer Support

You would expect a quick response to your queries. A good manufacturer must have excellent customer support to help you with any information you need. It helps to build trust between the customers and the manufacturer.

Sunrise Metal has all the qualities of a great CNC precision machining manufacturer. You can put your trust in us for manufacturing your products.

What are parameters that determine precision CNC machining cost?

Machining cost totally depends on your need. CNC is an advanced process, and there are several things that actually determine the initial cost of machining. There are some points given below what are the main factors what changes the price:

  • Machining time is the most important thing that determines the initial price of CNC machining. Basically, the more time it will take, the costlier it gets.
  • Since it is a computer programmed base work, so depending on the concept and design, it may take more time to complete a job and give it perfection. If the programmer finds it a complex work, the price will definitely go up.
  • The material used for production is a critical parameter in determining the cost of machining. If the raw material is cheap, then it will also cost less.
  • If you want a higher precision rate and if you would like to add the special design along with a tight tolerance rate, then it may cost you more money compared to regular machining.

Overall, if you can choose an elegant but easy design, and in the meantime, if your raw material cost is low, then you can save a lot of money. As per your requirement, the total price may go a little bit high, but if you compare the work with other machining tools, it will not disappoint you.

What’s the standard lead time for CNC machining?

That actually depends on a lot of parameters. Such as your parts size, complexity, variation, and accuracy level required. Standard lead time for rapid prototyping of a small batch can be a few weeks. Lead time for rapid tooling can be up to a month.

But Sunrise has superior engineering capabilities and advanced machining facilities. We can shorten the standard lead time of the machining process by up to 50 percent.

Our rapid prototyping facilities can complete the prototyping of quantities less than 200 pcs within only 1-2 weeks. The variation in time is due to variation in model geometry and precision requirement of a product.

Our production tooling service has a lead time of only 2-4 weeks. Any regular tooling can be completed within the course of 2 weeks. The complexity of the model may cause the lead time to go up a bit.

When compared to other companies, we can provide machining services much faster without compromising the quality of work. Our rapid prototyping and tooling facilities allow us to ensure quick production delivery to our customers.

What’s the most popular aluminum material for CNC machining?

Al6061 is the most popular aluminum material for CNC machining. It is a precipitation-hardened alloy that consists of magnesium and silicon as the alloying ingredients.

It has an excellent mechanical property that makes it suitable for CNC precision machining works.

Some of its distinguishing properties are given below:

  • It has a tensile strength of 18-42.1 Ksi, which is suitable for any general purpose.
  • It has good weldability.
  • It has excellent corrosion resistance as well.
  • It is very suitable for extrusion and forging.

Aluminum Al6061 is widely used as a raw material for extrusion machining products and other manufacturing products.  It is an application that can be found in every industry. Aircraft, Automobiles, Electronic hardware have countless applications for aluminum.

What are the types of CNC machines?

There are different types of CNC Machines available. Each of them serves a different purpose. Multiple types of CNC Machines may be required for manufacturing a model. CNC Machines are classified based on the purpose they serve.

Here is a list and short description different of types of CNC Machines:

Lathe Machine

It is one of the most frequently used CNC machines that are used for precision machining. It works by attaching the workpiece in the main spindle and rotating it against the cutting tool.

Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machines operate by rotating the cutting tool against the workpiece. Milling machines can move and rotate in multiple directions. It is what transforms a virtual model into reality.

Router Machine

CNC Router machines functions in a similar way to that of a milling machine. But they are typically used for precision machining. They are usually used for cutting and engraving details on large boards or panels.

Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma cutters are used for cutting metals by means of the accelerated hot plasma jet. They are widely used in the automobile industry and fabrication shops.

Laser Cutting Machine

As the name suggests, laser cutters use a laser for cutting materials. Laser cutters can maintain tight tolerances and provide a nice surface finish at the edges.

There are other types of CNC machines available as well. Most of them may have a different name but shares the same working principle as the ones mentioned above.

Now, You may be looking for CNC machines that specialize in precision machining. CNC machines are often classified by their workability. It’s generally defined by the number of axes they can move in.

It is ranged from 3/4/5/7 Axis CNC Machines. At present, the 7 Axis CNC machine is the most advanced one. It can manufacture almost any part that can be drawn on a computer.

How to choose the right surface finishing for your CNC precision machining products?

You need to keep in mind the cost, time, material, and effect of the surface finish. Surface finishing is depended on your choice of what you want to achieve. A proper finishing can ensure hardness, durability, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. to your product.

For example, if you are producing electronic parts, you may require your parts to have high electric conductivity. In the case of wheels, you may need high corrosion resistance since it will be subjected to harsh weather.

There is also the fact of what material is being surface treated. Because different metals have different types of surface finishes that are more suitable and cost-effective for that specific type of metal.

The time and resources required for surface finishing is also a crucial parameter. Because it will ultimately have a big impact on the budget.

Properly analyze all the parameters carefully for getting the most economical solution.

Do you have a machining center and is it necessary for production?

Yes! We have 23 sets of machining centers. A machining center is not mandatory for manufacturing. But it allows us to do a wide range complex of machining work and provide our customers with quality products within the shortest period.

Machining centers are advanced multi-functional CNC machines that can perform varieties of machining operations. It serves as an all-purpose machining solution. That allows the manufacturers to produce parts more efficiently.

Machining Centers have an integrated Tool Magazine. The tool magazines contain all kinds of tools in it, and it automatically changes the tools during the machining process. It greatly boosts productivity by reducing the time required for production.

When Machining Centers didn’t exist, manufacturers had wasted a lot of time just by changing tools or reattaching the workpiece in another machine. That had a huge impact on the production time and required more labor as well.

Machining centers have revolutionized the machining industry by automation of the whole process.

How do I Request for Quote (RFQ)?

Getting a quote is simple. Provide us with the necessary information about your product, and you are good to go. Here’s a step by step instruction about getting a quote.

  • Tell us the details about your work and what service you are looking for.
  • Give us an estimate of the volume of your project. Parts size and quantity can help us estimate the material required.
  • Let us know if your project is required to be completed within a fixed schedule.
  • Specify the level of accuracy and finish you desire.
  • Provide us the model file. That can help us assess the difficulty level of the project. If you don’t have any model ready model, our engineers can help you with that as well.

If you are not sure about all these. No need to worry. Our customer support is dedicated to helping you understand any questions you may have.

How can you ensure the quality of your work?

Quality will be the least of your concern when you are here at Sunrise Metal. Our world-class machining facilities and superior engineering capabilities are always aimed at the satisfaction of our customers.

ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 & IATF 16949 certified

We are an ISO 9001 & ISO13485 & IATF 16949 certified company. A company is declared to be ISO 9001 certified when they achieve the ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and gain satisfaction. They should also have strong management, corporate culture.

IATF 16949 certification is given if the company can show continual improvement in its services and customer support. They have to strictly follow some guidelines to prevent any product defect and reduce wastage.

Advanced Measuring Equipment

We are continuously investing in advanced QA Test equipment. It is because we want to provide our customers with flawless products. We always make sure of the accuracy and completeness of our work.

We have advance devices such as X-Ray Detector, Cleanliness Tester, ZEISS CMM, Digital Caliper. They can detect any defect that may be present in your product.

Dedicated Quality Control Team

We have a well trained and experienced team of experts who are dedicated monitor the quality of production from the incoming material to finished parts.

With our strict quality control measures, you can rest assured to expect quality work and delivery on time.

Do you provide machining services to retail customers?

No, we do not provide any retail service right. But we are open to any OEM and ODM looking for a place for their High mix, low to medium volume projects. If you want to batch produce parts of a good quantity, you may contact us and tell us the details of your product.

We will be happy if we can help you in any way.

Do you provide Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and PPAP?

Yes, we can provide you the Design for Manufacturing and PPAP. We have superior engineering capabilities and a brilliant team of experts who can help you make constructive design proposals and mechanical design parts in the design stage.

We can also help you with the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). So, you can expect quality parts with excellent consistency and repeatability. We are optimistic that it will make manufacturers more confident about the product they are getting.

We are always looking forward to customer satisfaction and aim to provide you a one-stop solution from design to manufacturing of parts.

How do I choose the right material for my parts?

Choosing the right material will greatly affect the cost and performance of your product. There is a wide range of materials to choose from. But the costliest material may not always be the most ideal choice. While the cheapest material may not meet your required specifications.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before selecting the material.

  • The mechanical properties of a material are of utmost importance. Absolutely make sure that the material has enough strength properties. If the parts aren’t subjected to any load higher than that in-service condition, you are good to go.
  • Where you use your parts is a crucial factor. The parts might require some special features such as insulating properties or corrosion resistance. Find out which material has that property.
  • If your parts need very tight tolerance, then you have to choose materials that can withstand it. You should be careful to select the proper material since it will affect your overall productivity.
  • Temperature is also important. If your parts are used in places where there will high temperatures, then choose a material with a high thermal conductivity or resistance according to your requirements.
  • The application of your parts should be taken into consideration, as well. If your parts are going to be used as fasteners, then you also have taken into consideration the other parts it will be holding together.

Cost is the most important parameter for any kind of production. If your product meets the strength requirements with a low-cost material, then there is no need to unnecessarily increase the production cost using costly materials that exceed your requirements.

When should I go for precision CNC Machining?

Precision CNC Machining is best for Low to Medium volume projects. It ensures unparalleled accuracy and the highest quality parts. Some may prefer other methods for high volume projects. But if you want to ensure your customers the best quality, then precision CNC Machining is the only go.

Here are some facts about precision CNC machining that will clarify your thoughts:

  • When part precision is of utmost importance, then nothing can beat precision CNC machining repeatability. Precision CNC Machining can even maintain tolerances in the micrometer range. For any sophisticated products, CNC machine manufactured parts is the best solution.
  • If your product is High-Mix, then CNC precision machining can provide the most economical solution. Because it is not rational to adopt tooling when you have a variety of parts to be manufactured.
  • Low to medium volume projects should always be done with CNC machining. Because the cost of tooling will ultimately increase your production cost. And it won’t have the high-level precision that Precision CNC machining can offer.
  • When time is of the essence, CNC Precision Machining can get the job done in time. Since you don’t need prototyping, you can get started right away.

We hope we were able to give you a good idea about the matter. If you think CNC precision machining is what you need, then contact us now to get started. If you think your project might need some other manufacturing method, then no need to worry.

Sunrise Metal can provide you the solution for other manufacturing processes as well. We can help you with prototyping and tooling as well.

Why should I choose Sunrise for Precision CNC Machining?

Sunrise metal has advanced Precision CNC machining services to perfectly meet your requirements. Take a look at our facilities and achievements to determine whether we are the best option for you.

10+ years of experience

We have over 10 years of engineering experience. Experience is something that can’t be traded with money. We have been in this field for quite a while, and we can guide and suggest the most economical solution for your project.

Half the standard lead time

Our fast solution can save you up to 50% of the project time. We have advanced Precision CNC machining equipment and machining centers. It greatly reduces the time required for production.

Wide Range of CNC Machines

We have all sorts of CNC machines available here. We have 23 CNC machines equipped with machine centers and 4 dedicated lathe machines. Here’s a link to the full list of our CNC machines.

Superior Engineering Capability

We have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you throughout the whole process. They can conduct a feasibility analysis for your design or even help you create a model from scratch. They will ensure strict quality control and can give you economical suggestions.

Still, have any questions in mind? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries. We are hopeful that we can provide you the best solution. You can check out our company video to find out more.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our target is to take orders of high mix, low volume projects, and deliver them to you when you need them. Because we want to help customers who are struggling with scattering demands of projects. That’s why we accept,

  • Prototyping order of quantity ≥ 1 pcs.
  • Mass Production order of quantity > 100 pcs.

That’s just our minimum order quantity. We can mass produce up to 5000 parts for you. So, whether you have a low volume project or medium volume project, Sunrise is here to help you with it.

What is the most advanced CNC machine you have and what are its machining capabilities?

We have a MAZAK 7-Axis Turning & Milling machine and four 5-Axis CNC machines. For most companies, a 5 Axis CNC machine is the best they can offer. Yet 5 Axis CNC machine is powerful enough, then think about the possibilities a 7 Axis CNC machine has.

The capabilities of a 7 Axis CNC machine are endless. They are the latest technology in precision machining. No matter how complex your model is, it can get the job done. Because it has the ability to move and rotate in 7 directions.

With that level of degree of freedom, the possibilities of a 7 Axis CNC machine are endless. It can craft any model you can imagine into a reality.

We pride in our facilities and capabilities. We are always updated to the latest technology and dedicated to serving you with the best we can offer.

Can I reduce machining costs by improving the design?

Yes, you can definitely reduce the manufacturing cost by adopting some design considerations. Because CNC precision machining cost is directly proportional to the level of details of your model. Here’s a guide to what can simplify your design.

  • You can divide complex models into re-attachable simple segments. That will have a big impact on the time required for production.
  • No. of orientation your model needs to be rotated plays a big part as well. If you can restrict the model orientation to 3 axes, it will significantly simplify the machining.
  • Allows use fillets/round up the corner of any sharp edges. That can greatly reduce the machining time. Use fillets of the same radius at all corners.
  • Avoid deep pockets and very small details. That will consume a lot of time and requires frequent tool change.
  • Avoid any tight tolerances and thin walls. They take time and care for the machine. That will make the cost go up.

These are the most basic guidelines you should follow. Of course, there are tons of other tips and tricks to successful designing. You will learn more as you keep working with us.

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