Sunrise Metal Owns Full Capability For Aluminum Die Casting Manufacture
Self-inspection on aluminum die casting production


Sunrise offers dynamic solutions to aluminum die casting manufacturing needs, with 10+ years of experience. Services include Rapid Prototyping, Die Casting Tooling, Aluminum Die Casting, CNC Machining, and Surface Finishings. As an ISO9001 & IATF16949 certified die casting manufacturer, we serve OEM/ODM companies with high requirements of quality.

Why you should choose Sunrise for Rapid Prototyping?

Professional evaluation & technical support

Our engineering team consists of well-educated professionals. We review each of your parts carefully and verify the manufacturability when receiving your 3D CAD file.

Full serial service

CNC prototyping & 3D printing & Prototyping tooling

A broad scope of plastic and metal material

Plastic: ABS, PC, POM, PP, PMMA, Nylon, etc.

Metal: Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, Copper, Stainless steel, etc.

A wide range of finishes

Including painting, printing, polishing, sand blasting, anodizing, and plating.

Undertake Small order with many varieties

With most parts, quantities ranging from 1 to 200+ completed within 2~7 weekdays.

Multi-axis CNC machines

Sufficient Multi-axis machines of 7 axis & 5 axis & 3 axis, meet your demand of small volume and wide variety, help you to build your parts and verify the design, and reduce the time to market.

1Mazak 7-axis turning&milling MachineØ658*1011MM1
2Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machineØ850/Ø6004
33-axis CNC machine center2000*1500MM1
44-axis CNC machine centerØ250*800MM8
53-axis CNC machine center1000*600*600MM20
6CNC LathesØ320*800/Ø610*1000MM2
7Sodick Wire cutting Machine400*400*200MM3
8EDM machine500*400*400MM2
9Surface grinder600*300*200MM1

Why you should choose Sunrise for Die Casting Tooling?

Validation technology & Mold stimulation

Our die cast and mold designers utilize the latest technology in engineering and mold flow analysis, including flow technology & other engineering software used by Pro Engineer/CREO & AutoCAD.

Technical mold design team

Team of experienced mold engineers can help you with your concept visualization, functional analysis, mold flow analysis, and complete mold design.

One-stop tooling solution in-house

Tooling design & Mold construction & Tool validation & Repair and Maintenance.

Complete mold processing equipment

Equipped with Grinding, Milling, CNC, EDM machines and etc.

Rapid Tooling Service

2-4 weeks lead time for rapid tooling.

Lifetime guarantee on molds

Follow the mold development and manufacturing process, check and accept the mold before trial. Through well heat treatments on new mold, and keep regular mold maintenance.

Tooling Shop (Nantong)BrandTypeStrokeUnit
GrinderTATUNG-OKUMAKGS-615AHDFrom 380mm to 1600mm4
DrillingShenYang MachineZ3050*16/11600mm1
LatherShanghai 2nd MachineC6250A1000mm1
EDMEDM Korea YIHAWJET TaiwanNAFrom 438mm to 1100mm8
CNCLocal BrandSONYU-SL850From 850mm to 3015mm5
Wire CuttingLocal BrandDK7763800*630mm/1000*800mm2
Milling MachineLocal BrandQJM-S2NA4
High-speed Cutting MachineLocal Brand906148750mm1
Deep Hole DrillingLocal BrandDHD-15131513mm1
Die Spotting MachineNice DongguanNC150-15111400mm1
EDM/wire cutting Combined MachineLocal BrandDK7755550*630mm1
EDM for very small holeLocal BrandDD703300*400mm1
3D Laser ScannerSikan HangzhouHSCAN771NA1

Why you should choose Sunrise for Aluminum Die Casting Production?

Long-standing expertise

Sunrise, as a professional aluminum die casting solutions provider, mainly focus on the projects of high precision and complex geometry over 10 years.

Superior R&D capability

A strong engineering team with professional die casting background, most of them have over 10 years of experience. They can design mechanical parts and provide technology supports of DFM & PPAP and etc.

Turnkey solution

Integrating rapid Prototyping, Tooling, Diecasting, Machining, Assembly in house and various surface treatment, together with value added services.

Strict control of quality system

We do strict inspections of all process from raw material to final shipping. With our high-level measurement lab, Sunrise ensures all the parts manufactured are up to the standard requirements.

Wide range of aluminum material

The most we used aluminum alloy are the following: ADC12, A380, AlSi9Cu, AlSi10 and etc. The special alloys can be used upon request.

Four facilities near Shanghai

Convenient for export and business contacts.

Die Casting
Shop 1 (Kunshan WorkShop )
Die Casting
Shop 2 (Nantong WorkShop )

Why you should choose Sunrise for CNC Machining?

Offer all types of machining

Various types Sunrise provide are: Drilling, Milling, turning, grinding and sewing and etc.

Superior R&D capability

Offer technical support on design, drawing reviewing, and give value-added suggestions.

Strong production capability

Sunrise has the machining workshop equipped with 23 sets machines, which allows to do a wide range complex of machining work and provide our customers with strongest period.

Major in high precision projects.

Sunrise, as a professional die casting solution provider, mainly focus on the projects of high precision and complex geometry.

Guaranteed quality

Our advanced measurement equipment and full set instrument perform accurate and strict quality control for our products’ dimension control.

Fast delivery

We are dedicated to low to medium volume projects. With own machining center, we can reach on-time delivery for normal order.

1CNC Lathe4
2CNC Machining Center17
3Fanuc CNC Machining Center2
4Hass CNC Machining Center2
6Grinding machine4
7Saw Machine1
8Drilling Machine2

Why you should choose Sunrise for Surface Finishing?

Supply all types of finish

We have cleaning, shot blasting service in house, and also specialized partners that allows us to offer various surface treatments in the form of painting, powder coating, chromate, anodize, plating and etc.

Strict QC ability

We do strict inspections from raw material to finished parts. With our high-level test lab, to meet your requirements.

Strong engineering team

Our professional engineers can provide the technical support whenever our customers need it.

Well-package design

Specialized engineer to design the packaging for your products. A safe method suitable for foreign transportation.

Good control of appearance

Equipped full set instruments and well -trained QC for appearance and performance test.

ROHS, REACH compliance

Adhere to sustainable die casting manufacturing and good environment protection management.

Choose Sunrise Metal To Meet Your Aluminum Die Casting & Tooling & Machining Needs


Die Casting Tooling
High Pressure Die Casting Machine in Sunrise Metal workshop-Capability
High Pressure Die Casting
CNC Machining


Sunrise is an industry leader in aluminum die casting solutions, providing a comprehensive set of services for manufacturers across major sectors. For more than a decade, the company has spearheaded the die casting market, serving OEM/ODM companies and upholding high ideals of quality.

Top grade products manufactured by Sunrise Metals are being used in a wide set of industries ranging from medical and telecommunication, to marine and automotive. The die cast products are a solution to the most demanding and difficult industry applications, and Sunrise tailors its production processes to ensure that customized options are provided to each one.

We specialize in catering to your high mix, low and medium volume die casting projects that small suppliers cannot do while maintaining quality. At the same time, you may have witnessed a lack of interest on the part of large-scale suppliers who do not find your small projects lucrative enough.

At Sunrise Metal, we supersede both such manufacturers and offer fast switch technology for die casting, machining and coating production. For quantities ranging from 1 to 200+, we can deliver small orders within 7 business days.

Our superior engineering capabilities and effective designs increase productivity in each industry, adding value to our clients’ projects every step of the way. We take pride in the manufacturing of precision die cast parts for high-rank companies in need of metal parts. High or low volume supplies are met by Sunrise with the utmost diligence, rapidly increasing our project demands and client base over time.

Capabilities and Competence at Sunrise

Sunrise provides integrated services ranging from part conception to finished production. Our engineering team is capable of providing services that find the most suitable solution. Rapid prototypes and die casting components are created by following a protocol outlined as follows:

  • Feasibility analysis is carried out for the metal component design
  • The team uses the CAD system and Mold Flow Analysis to analyze the process
  • Manufacturing problems are perceived and solutions are suggested to avoid potential flaws in the products
  • Value engineering is applied in order to reach lower costs for the clients

This protocol is followed to provide the best solutions to our most valued customers. Our engineering staff and production team work together to make our customers explore our capabilities to the fullest.

There are 5 main capabilities offered by Sunrise. Here’s a detailed view of each:

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the fabrication of the product that is to be manufactured. It is a digital mockup of the part and is made using technologies like CAD. It uses the technique of additive manufacturing and produces a part that is close to the proposed finished product.

Sunrise Metals uses this technique to bring the customer’s design to reality. The prototype we create is a high-fidelity product prototype and closely matches the final product.

This gives the client a complete picture of the working and design of the product. The customer can change the design in the early stages using this technique to ensure that the end product meets their requirements. The chances of errors in the end product are reduced to a great extent.

Advantages of choosing Sunrise for Rapid Prototyping

Benefits of using Sunrise include but are not limited to the following:

Rapid technical response

Our engineering team will provide competitive technical and support services to review your 3D-CAD file. A careful review of each part is completed by professional evaluation methods. Verifications are then provided about the manufacturing possibilities for clients’ needs.

Full-service package

Sunrise offers a complete series of services including CNC prototyping, 3D printing, as well as prototyping tooling using a broad range of materials. Both plastic and metal parts are used to produce industrial parts of the best grade.

For finishing purposes, a wide scope of techniques is used such as painting, polishing, sandblasting, anodizing, and plating.

Our usefulness knows no bounds, and clients will continue to attain fringe benefits such as the following:

  • Ability to make changes to the initial component design
  • Reduce the risk of costly errors during the design stage
  • Option to provide new designs after judging the prototype
  • Actual physical product prototype to allow client more insight
  • Flexible processes that allow unlimited design revisions
  • Fast delivery of the desired product in line with international standards

Sunrise Metal uses the most advanced techniques to carry out the process of rapid prototyping. Many different kinds of machines are used for the completion of this step. We proudly maintain the classification of each and every equipment that is used in the process.

Sunrise has the ability to create standard prototypes in a short amount of time using elite pieces of machinery in the process. We have worked with over 500+ global clients and has produced more than 2300 die casting parts.

Here’s a rundown of the state-of-the-art machines that we use in the process:

Japan MAZAK 7axis Turning and Milling CNC

This machine can create customized parts and implements a high standard. It is a 7- axis CNC machine therefore it can create the parts by moving in 7 directions. This allows for a wide array of applications. A complex range of products can be made through this machine. It has a stroke of 658*1011MM. This allows for the construction of every object imaginable in varied types of industries.

Hass 5-axis CNC machine

This machine gives us the edge of manufacturing an infinite number of possible parts. The machine can turn in 5 axis i-e x, y, z and two rotating axes that let the machine reach any side of the part to be produced. 5 sides of a single set up are processed through this machine.

Die Cast Tooling

Sunrise Metals shows great variety in the manufacturing of die cast tools

We manufacture a diversified range of tools in different shapes, sizes, and designs, using our process simulation technique. This is to optimize the production rate of the die cast tools and produce quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

The production of the most optimal tools is assured using different simulation software. The design process follows the reviews of the customers and corrections are made using simulation techniques before the tool is built. This process is repeated untill the final stage of production.How Sunrie help your tooling project

Our engineering team is richly experienced in this area. Rapid tooling is carried out by the team that gives us a competitive edge in global die casting markets. A combination of precision machines with drilling, grinding, drilling, and some other machines are used to produce the final product. Single or multi-cavity tools are produced using the same facilities.

Advantages of choosing Sunrise for Die Cast Tooling

The tooling processes used by Sunrise Metals are accurate in design, reliable in technology. Some of the features you can be guaranteed include:

Supreme Design and Technology

Sunrise employs the latest in engineering technology and mold flow analysis, using software Pro Engineer, CREO, and AutoCAD. Technical teams assist clients in concept visualization, mold design, and functional analysis.

Complete Equipment and Tooling Solutions

Our clients don’t have to worry about the repair and maintenance of tools as we proceed to complete services from design to execution. We require only 2-4 weeks of lead time for a rapid tooling service for our most valued customers.

Getting our services for die cast tooling provides customers the following additional benefits:

  • Automatic production of tools rather than manually controlled levers and handwheels to ensure fewer chances of errors.
  • Premium die cast tooling products including frames, molds, inserts, trim dies.
  • Repairs and modifications of the tools at a high standard
  • Production of complex parts using high-level machinery


Sunrise Metals uses advanced types of machinery and techniques to produce tools of every size and shape. We use cutting edge technologies to produce complex parts that are even used in demanding sectors such as defense, aviation, aerospace, motorsport, automotive.

Some of the technologies and methods we use are as follows:

High Precision CNC machining

Preprogrammed software runs the machines to generate tools. The CNC software dictates the machines to move in different dimensions and produce tools automatically. The code programmed in the machines can be revised and can produce an extensive variety of tools. These machines are controlled electronically hence reducing the chances of any errors.

Milling Machine

Sunrise Metals uses milling machines to cut and shape solid materials. It has a spindle that controls the cutting. The cutter of the machine moves on the piece and shapes it. The machine is controlled mechanically and is automatic.


Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) is also used by our team to shape and cut tools using electric spark. The part to be shaped is subjected to electrodes and rapidly recurring current produces a force that starts cutting the part and shapes it according to the designs.

In addition to EDM, Wire EDM is also used for the purpose, which uses a traveling wire electrode for the purpose.

Aluminum Die Casting

Sunrise Metals provides aluminum die casting services to produce metal parts at lower prices but with greater accuracy and professionalism. High-grade aluminum casting processes are carried out using advanced pieces of machinery to ensure an excellent finish and accurate parts. Our engineers and production team has the necessary expertise and training to make high levels of production possible for a large global client base.

Cold chamber die casting machines are used for the production of different sized parts. We provide complete solutions to your needs and produce parts that are ready to get inserted into your assemblies. We have worked with leading companies and provided them with state-of-the-art services.

Advantages of choosing Sunrise for Aluminum Die Casting

As our topmost manufacturing capability, clients can enjoy distinct features that set us apart from other players in the field.

Outclass Engineering Proficiency

For over 10 years, Sunrise has specialized in high precision and complex geometry as a professional die cast producer. This has been supported by a well-equipped team with strong experiences in design mechanical die cast parts and providing DFM and PPAP technology support.

Sophisticated Solutions

Sunrise integrates rapid prototyping, machining and in-house assembly, along with value-added services to provide users the best one-stop experience. Top-quality metal alloys are used to produces the best output. Clients can also request special alloys to be used to suit their requirements.

Choosing Sunrise Castings will be advantageous for you in all of the following ways and more:

  • The customer can ask for customized parts even the ones with complex structures. We facilitate the production of such metal parts in any form or size.
  • The rate of production at Sunrise Metals is high. This provides for fast order completion and hence fast results for the customer.
  • The automation in the production calls efficient results. Sunrise Metals produces accurate results with all the machinery and robotic die cast work cells.
  • The die-casted parts produced are lower in cost. The customer doesn’t have to worry about the cost even with the order of small volume.

The use of advanced machines and technologies makes the work precise and accurate. The production of high-value parts is made sure by our engineers and production team. We have the ability to produce quality parts at economical rates.

To ensure this, our team uses the following aluminum die casting machine in the manufacturing:

Aluminum die cast LK

Sunrise Metals uses LK 280-tonne machinery for the die casting of parts. In addition to this, machinery weighing 400 tons, 500 tons, 160 tons and 800 tons are also used. These pieces of machinery provide the latest vacuum and automation technology die casting techniques as well as conventional methods. They also offer flexibility in production.

Aluminum die cast Toshiba

Toshiba built die casting machinery is used in Sunrise Metals’ die-cast processes. The weight of the machinery is 250 tons and 350 tons each. These types of machinery are used in the manufacturing of large-sized die-cast products such as automobile parts.

Zinc die cast LK

LK machinery is used by our production team for the production of zinc die casted parts. These machines are available in 38 ton and 88 tons of weight. The machinery produces high-quality results for the customer.

 CNC Machining

Sunrise Metals make use of CNC machinery in the die casting process as well as machining for solid, extrusion, gravity casting, forging, and much more. We are your most preferred supplier for all the CNC machining services of your metal parts.

Using CNC machining, we create the metal parts exactly as needed, all the while ensuring the highest precision of the metallic components. Our engineers prepare technical support plans in order to achieve the best possible results with the use of precision machinery. On the other hand, our production team works on plans and generate high quality machined products.

Automotive CNC machining product

Advantages of choosing Sunrise for CNC Machining

Sunrise Metals provides ways to perfect your CNC machining products based on project requirements.

Here’s how our rich capabilities and contemporary machining can help you achieve your goals:

High Precision Projects

Our team’s wide experience in the production of the machined parts gives our customers a broad range of customized products. These orders are delivered at fast rates to keep your production processes moving with high efficiency.

Wide-array Machines

A variety of simple, robust, and productive machines are deployed to provide our customers with a better experience for drilling, milling, turning, and grinding.

Our performance knows no bounds. Clients enjoy:

  1. Timeliness of complex and long production processes
  2. Minimum human error in CNC machined products
  3. High accuracy and precision in the final product
  4. Low maintenance and repair required
  5. Non-traditional and reliable production methods
  6. Endless design possibilities and plans

Sunrise Metals uses 23 set CNC machining Center and 4 CNC lathes in order to obtain desired results. Additional machining offered by us gives our customers an edge of consolidating different services from one supplier.

With our machines, our customers get guaranteed high-quality products. Here is a list of our equipment:

CNC machining center

Our machining centers are deployed for maximum productivity. The machining centers available at Sunrise Metals provide stability, power, and accuracy when combined with our proven technologies. These centers provide automation for our products.

CNC lathes

Our CNC metal lathe machinery lets us meet the requirements of our customers. High precision spindles in the lathes gives dynamic performance.

Sunrise Metals believes in the automation of the processes in order to reduce man errors. CNC machining and other techniques are moving towards automation for the same purpose. Our engineering team is researching new ways to reduce errors and to attain accuracy in all the processes. We are proud of our techniques and ways that make our customer-supplier relations stronger.

Surface Finishing

Sunrise Metals gives its customer a complete solution being a one-stop-shop. The products are manufactured with consistency and are finished with a great texture. To ensure high-quality finishing of the castings and parts, our team designed surface finishing techniques. We apply aesthetic, functional, and protective coatings for our products and attain a certain quality completely.

The surface finishing is used for the improvement of certain properties of a metallic part such as:

  • Appearance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Hardness
  • Conductivity
  • Control of surface friction
  • Removal of surface flaws
  • Wear resistance

Different techniques used for the finishing of products are also used for the repair and maintenance of the products.

Advantages of choosing Sunrise for Surface Finishing

Sunrise Metals being a modern shop for all your die casting and other metal part solutions are beneficial for you in different ways.

All-encompassing Finishing Features

In-house services are provided to cover cleaning, shot blasting, and other surface treatments such as liquid painting, anodizing, and pad screening, among others.

High-level Quality Standards

Sunrise implements strict standards for inspection of all materials involved in the process.  Sophisticated labs and well-established performance tests translate into the best quality product in the market. We also proudly offer well-packaged designs for easy transportation.

The finishing of products specifically helps by:

  • Keeping products accurate and having a long lifespan of metallic parts.
  • Applying bead blasting services to clean the metal parts and get rid of impurities without damaging the surface.
  • Anodize and chromate the parts to increase corrosion resistance and improve lubrication.
  • Making the products comply with RoHS and REACH. This limits the products to damage the environment.

Strict quality protocols at Sunrise Metals

To attain all these benefits, Sunrise Metals uses advanced techniques and machinery. The parts go through different machining to be availed in the required form. Essential functional properties are provided to the metal parts using state-of-the-art machinery.

The following techniques and more are applied to the metal parts to achieve efficient results:


Sunrise Metals uses this technique to make the metal unreactive. The surface coating of the metal is changed using the inert coating. This process also makes the metal parts more durable hence increasing the life of the specific part.


Finishing aluminum parts especially is mostly done through anodizing at Sunrise Metals. We fully integrate the metal with its oxide so the peeling doesn’t occur. The process is carried out under the expertise of our professional team.


The metal parts when manufactured can have rough surfaces. In order to smooth those surfaces, Sunrise Metals uses a number of surface finishing techniques including the tumbling technique. The surface of the metal is smoothed, washed, and polished. The process is carried out with extreme precision by our professionals.

Powder coating

We use a dry finishing used to apply a dry coating material. Finely ground particles are used to create a hard finish, which in turn produces a surface that is tougher than conventional paints. Aluminum and other steel alloys can easily be powder coated to achieve this result.

Liquid painting

A liquid metal coating can be applied to any surface. In case there are paint colors that are very specialized and cannot be matched through powder coating, we make use of the liquid coating. It can easily be done in batches, and make surfaces more durable and highly versatile.


We use metal coating in which a thin layer of metal coats a substrate or conductive surface. Different kinds of plating methods are used by Sunrise to offer options to customers. These include electroplating, vapor deposition, and metalizing.

At Sunrise, we use careful measurements and carry out each of the aforementioned processes with the help of experienced professionals to achieve high levels of satisfaction for our customers.

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