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Sunrise Metal Build A Library for Children Deep in Mountain

On May 20, 2021, at the Hexiang Primary School in Pu’er Yunan, a group of children received the books donated by volunteers with happy smiles. To show their respect and gratitude, they also put on clean and beautiful national costumes to celebrate.

Children are receiving the books from Sunrise Metal's library

In this candlelight event, Sunrise Metal, as one of them, built a library for children in poor primary schools. We work with YTT to jointly promote the public welfare of rural school libraries.

YTT organization and Sunrise Metal Company

In this library named Meiyuan, there are rows of shelves filled with books of all kinds. We hope this is a small beginning for the children in the mountains to lead a better life.

Sunrise Metal's Library for Children in rural Primary School

The children were choosing their favorite books, and their little hands are almost unable to hold them. They still stare at the colorful books, and can’t wait to read them all at one time.

Children are choosing books in Sunrise Metal's library

The library allows the children to feel the care and love from society, and their smiles and eyes are full of longings and expectations for a better life in the future.

Children and Sunrise Metal's Welfare organariton

We always hope that the growth and progress of the enterprise we are pursuing can bring goodwill to society. In the future, Sunrise Metal will continue to devote more goodwill and more strength from the team to rural schools in need in public welfare activities, continue to provide reading subsidies and services to rural schools in resource-poor areas and create good reading for rural children surroundings.

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