Best 5 Magnesium Die Casting Manufacturers in China


Magnesium die casting is not nearly as popular compared to aluminum die casting. Yet, magnesium parts are very useful in some specific applications. Magnesium components are becoming more popular lately, and the number of magnesium die casting manufacturers in China is increasing.

Here is a list of the Best Five Magnesium Die Casting Companies in China:

  1. Dynacast
  2. ECO Die Casting
  3. Maxtech
  4. CNM Tech
  5. SYX Die Casting

The abovementioned Chinese magnesium die casting manufacturers seemed promising with their service. However, there is more good magnesium die casting companies out there. You should keep in mind the following things when dealing with a Chinese supplier.

  • Learn about their facilities in advance to ensure that they can carry out what they claim.
  • Check whether or not the magnesium die casting company has proper certifications regarding their services.
  • If possible, visit the company facilities in person before proceeding with the contract.
  • Keep track of the production cycle from start to end.
  • The supplier has a good command of English. Then you will be able to discuss your project more conveniently.

Best Magnesium Die Casting Manufacturer in China

However, we advise you no to limit your options to magnesium die casting manufacturer. You should review your product’s requirements thoroughly to affirm the need for magnesium parts. Because magnesium die casting is generally costlier.

Therefore, if your requirements can be fulfilled by aluminum die casting, it is highly recommended to go with it. If you are not sure where to begin, you can contact Sunrise Metal for assistance.


Does Sunrise Metal Provide Magnesium Die Casting Service?

No, Sunrise Metal does not provide magnesium die casting service yet. We mainly specialize in aluminum die casting. We prefer aluminum die casting for its superior quality, strength, and affordability.

However, we do have hot chamber die casting facilities. But, currently, we are only providing zinc die casting services to our customers. We may help you find suitable sourcing in china if you want.

Which Industries Need Magnesium Die Casting?

Magnesium die casting is mainly used in industries that have a demand for lightweight parts. Below we have listed some of the major sectors that need magnesium die cast parts:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics
  • Defense
  • Medical

Magnesium components are becoming increasingly popular for different transportation mediums such as automobiles, aircraft, bicycles, etc. Magnesium has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. So, it enables magnesium die casting companies to produce lighter parts without sacrificing strength.

The lightweight achieved by magnesium components provides more hauling capacity for the same amount of fuel. So, it has enabled manufacturers to produce more fuel-efficient cars.

Magnesium Die Cast Car Chassis

Moreover, magnesium alloy is widely used to create frames or housing for various products. The EMI/RFI shielding properties make it ideal for telecommunication, medical, and electronic devices. It provides equally good results than other heavier metal parts.

Magnesium Die Cast Laptop Chassis

Is It Cost-Effective to Outsource Magnesium Die Castings from China?

Yes, you can manufacture magnesium die castings in China at a relatively lower price point than in other countries. There is many magnesium die casting manufacturer in China. So, there is good competition in the market.

Therefore, the magnesium die casting companies in China tend to offer competitive pricing for their service. Moreover, China has better raw material availability and has inexpensive labor costs. These, in turn, significantly reduces the overall production cost.

Let’s not forget about the unique properties of magnesium itself. The high castability and easy machinability of magnesium make it easier to manufacture. Therefore, you will notice a significant difference in the production cost.

Can Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers Produce Magnesium Parts?

Aluminum die casting manufacturer can design a magnesium part, similar to how he would have designed an aluminum part. However, aluminum and magnesium alloy require different types of equipment to cast.

Magnesium alloys have a relatively lower melting point than aluminum alloys. So, aluminum die casting is done in a cold chamber die casting machine. While magnesium die casting is done in a hot chamber die casting machine.

To conclude, the DFM, tooling, and quality control of aluminum and magnesium die casting can be similar. But, unless the manufacturer has a hot chamber die casting machine designed to diecast magnesium, it would not be feasible to cast magnesium parts.

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