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What is Aluminum Forging?

Aluminum forging—a process that seems to mesmerize its ability to mold durable components critical in a range of fields. Aluminum alloys are made to transform into tailored shapes using the effects of stress and retained heat; that then forms the foundation of virtually all industries. Yet, forging isn’t only about strength- it’s about subtlety. It’s […]

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What is Lost Wax Casting?

Precision casting or lost wax casting, holds a perfect balance between artistry and precision engineering. It’s given the name precision casting due to its ability in creating parts with utmost precision and its ability to achieve tight tolerances up to +/- 0.005. Its unique process separates it from any other die-casting process. The wax patterns

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Die Spray & Lubricate

Die spray and lubrication technology is of great importance as it undertakes the majority of the critical tasks in die-casting operations. It’s responsible for keeping the die cool and well-lubricated during each cycle of the die-casting process. A heated die can lead to an increase in production of defected castings hence die lube spray systems

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