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Aluminum Pressure Die Casting, Most Economical Solution for Metal Parts

What is the Process of Aluminum Pressure Die Casting?

Components of a cold chamber pressure die casting equipment

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting involves pushing fluid aluminum inside the mold under pressure. Based on the extent of pressure applied, pressure die casting can be classified into two categories.

It is pretty obvious by their names that the HPDC process uses a higher extent of pressure process compared to the LPDC process. But, the equipment used is not the same for the two processes.

Most of the die cast aluminum is done by the HPDC process. A typical HPDC system will consist of a fixed and a moving die which forms a die cavity, shot chamber, piston, ejector pins, etc.

Components of low pressure aluminum die casting equipment

Now, HPDC equipment can be of two different types, the hot chamber machine, and the cold chamber machine. But Aluminum uses a cold chamber machine. Because it is designed to deal with metals with a higher melting temperature like Aluminum.

In this process, aluminum is melt in an external furnace and poured into the machine by a ladle. The piston injects the melt aluminum inside the mold under high pressure. The casting is ejected upon solidification and a new cycle begins.

In LPDC process the furnace placed below the die casting setup. Air pressure is applied within the furnace which forces fluid aluminum to rise through a pipe that is connected to the mold. It gradually fills up the mold cavity and casting is formed.

Advantages of Aluminum Pressure Die Casting

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting is favored by manufacturers all over the world. The value for money of aluminum die-cast products easily outweighs any other metal casting technologies being used right now.

More Economical

It is a well-established standard for cost-effective mass-production of metal parts. Coupled with Aluminum, it stands out as one of the most economic production methods. Due to the wide-spread availability of aluminum raw material, Aluminum is currently one of the cheapest metal available in the market. So, the production cost is drastically reduced.

Lighter Parts

Aluminum Pressure Die Cast parts are lighter than most other material parts. Aluminum has a specific gravity of only 2.7. Which several times lighter compared to steel. So, Aluminum castings are being used as an alternative for steel to manufacture lighter vehicles. Their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio has been the main appeal for manufacturers.

Faster Production

It is an excellent mass-production technique. Manufacturing a large volume of parts is possible within a very short time frame. Although LPDC is a bit slower compared to HPDC. HPDC has faster casting cycles thus more production capacity.

Intricate Details

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting allows the production of parts with intricate details. The added pressure allows the molten aluminum to reach all corners. It also allows a thin wall section in the design. So, that incorporates a further reduction in weight as well.

Fewer Defects

Another great thing about Aluminum Pressure Die Casting is that casting defects such as porosity, cold shuts, misruns, etc. are significantly minimized. So, that reduces wastage and post-operation after casting.

Better Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum is well known for its superior corrosion resistance. So, you can get durable parts with aluminum die casting that are suitable for use in harsh conditions. They also omit the necessity for additional surface finishes like steel parts.

Suitable Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Alloy

There are numerous types of Aluminum Alloys available. Each alloy has a variable composition of alloying agents. The alloying elements modify some properties of aluminum to make a suitable for a specific task.

Pressure Die Casting also needs a special type of aluminum alloys. Some of the common alloys used for it are,

  • A360 Alloy
  • A380 Alloy
  • A383 Alloy etc.

Aluminum Alloy raw material

Here, A380 is the most balanced one out of them all. This aluminum alloy is most commonly used by manufacturers for pressure die casting. It has good strength, dimensional stability, conductivity, and resistance to corrosion.

A360 has less fluidity than A380 which makes it hard to work with. But other mechanical properties such as resistance to corrosion, ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity is better. When aiming for these properties A360 may be chosen.

A383 alloy can withstand higher temperatures and has better fluidity compared to the A380. But the corrosion resistance is lower than A380, so it is comparatively less durable. It is better for casting complex parts with micro details and thin walls.

Need a Good Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer? Sunrise Metal is the right one.

The demand for aluminum pressure die casting in the Market is rapidly increasing. It has been widely adopted by most industries for meeting the demand of end-users for higher quality products at a low cost.

Expert Aluminum pressure die casting manufacturer

Sunrise Metal has been successfully providing die casting services to customers for over ten years. We are an expert aluminum die casting manufacturer with experienced professionals and up to date equipment.

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