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Looking for multiple solutions under one roof? Sunrise is your go-to die cast manufacturing company.

Expert die casting capacity and high-precision manufacturing facilities combine at Sunrise to give you high-class products. You can be in any industry, and we will be ready to provide solutions. Our client industries include Medical, Marine, Automotive, Telecommunication, and many others.

Sunrise is the premium aluminum die casting supplier creating finished products from design to manufacturing. Extraordinary teams at Sunrise assure customers’ design intent is met at all times.

2500+ Aluminum Die Casting Parts Manufacturing Experience For 500+ Global Clients

  • Lamp-Holder-Die-Casting-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Aluminum Die Casted Lamp Holder
    For Japanese Client
  • Aluminum-Die-cast-heat-sink-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Aluminum Die Casted Heat Sink
    For Germany Client
  • Aluminum-Diecast-Radar-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Aluminum Die Casted Radar Parts
    For Canadian Client
  • Aluminum Die Casted Coated Plate
    For American Client
  • Aluminum-Die-Casting-power-cover-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Aluminum Die Casted Power Cover
    For American Client
  • Aluminum-Die-casting-braket-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Aluminum Die Casted Bracket
    For American Client
  • Aluminum-Diecast-frame-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Aluminum Die Casted frame
    For Canada Client

Helping Your Projects Succeed With Sunrise Metal Aluminum Die Casting Service

Our rapid engineering solutions add value to each business while delivering satisfaction.
Quality Industrial Parts Designed To Boost Your Business

You can choose Sunrise aluminum die-cast production services to give your business the lift it needs. We are constantly reviewing our processes to make sure they solve customer worries effortlessly and improve your operational efficiency. Not only this, you are assured of compliance with international standards for all industrial components manufactured at Sunrise.

A full meteorology review before the production phase, part evaluation, statistical process control for the production run, and a complete audit of parts is carried out by our ASQ certified engineers. Our experienced team believes in maintaining quality standards with the most economic solutions.

Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting Services


You can avail the perfect aluminum alloy die casting production services for a wide range of products. For more than 10 years, Sunrise has been serving and consulting large industrial manufacturers in the aluminum die casting process. We excel in:

Design      Assembly       Testing

Product designers and architects can get in touch with us to turn ideas into a reality using economical methods and customized designs. Our aluminum alloy die-casted products are lightweight and offer top-grade strength. Aluminum makes it possible to produce versatile products and unmatched resistance again corrosion.

  • Aluminum-Die-Casting-Mold-Design-Review-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
  • Second-Surface-Finishing-for-aluminum-die-casting-parts-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service-Advantage
  • Strict-Quality-Control-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service

Your Perfect Aluminum Die Casting Parts Coming From Sunrise High End Manufacturing Equipment

  • Sunrise-Metal-Die-Castign-Workshop-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Die Casting Workshop
  • Aluminum-die-casting-machine-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Aluminum Die Casting Machinery
  • CNC-Machining-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    CNC Machining Centers
  • Precision-CNC-Machining-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    CNC Milling Machining
  • Cleaning-line-for-aluminum-die-casting-parts-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Chromate Production Line
  • Powder-Coating-Line-for-aluminum-die-casting-projects-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Powder Coating Line
  • Aluminum-Plating-Line-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Service
    Plating Production Line

On-Going Aluminum Die Casting Projects

The best aluminum die casting services in China can be found right here at Sunrise. And we make sure all our global clients get the exact service and price to suit their business.

You can book orders for aluminum and its alloys’ die casted products to meet all kinds of high and low volume requirements. The two dedicated die casting facilities in Kunshan and Nantong contain machinery ranging from 280T to 1600T, which help you get manufacturing parts to meet complex industrial die casting needs.

Bring your concept to Sunrise. From design to finishing, we offer it all.

No. Name Stroke Q’ty
1 Mazak 7-axis turning&milling Machine Ø658*1011MM 1
2 Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machine Ø850/Ø600 4
3 3-axis CNC machine center 2000*1500MM 1
4 4-axis CNC machine center Ø250*800MM 8
5 3-axis CNC machine center 1000*600*600MM 20
6 CNC Lathes Ø320*800/Ø610*1000MM 2
7 Sodick Wire cutting Machine 400*400*200MM 3
8 EDM machine 500*400*400MM 2
9 Surface grinder 600*300*200MM 1

No. Name Brand Q’ty
1 CMM Carl Zessis 1
2 CMM SanYou 1
3 Spectrometer China 1
4 Microscope China 1
5 Projector China 2
6 X-ray Detector SANDT 1
7 Cleanliness Test Equipment China 1
8 Leakage Test Equipment China 2
9 Salt Spray Testing Equipment China 1
10 Pneumatic Measuring Instrument China 2
11 Hardness Testing Machine China 1
12 Color Meter Machine China 1
13 Thickness Testing Machine China 1
14 Electronic Balance China 1
15 Density Balance China 1

Simple Ways To Meet Your Die Cast Manufacturing Needs

With over 10 years of experience, Sunrise Metals has become one of the most reliable die casting companies of China that offers the most advanced solutions. We made sure you get the right service from our elaborate mix of prototyping processes:

Aluminum die casting & CNC Machining & Surface Finishing & Testing and Assembly & Aluminum Enclosures

At Sunrise, our expert engineers ensure the smooth running of every manufacturing process throughout its life cycle. We are making the production stage even more cost-effective with the integration of thriving technologies every day.


There are various variables while considering an aluminum die casting project or service. While tackling the aluminum die-casting projects and parts, you need to realize you’re acquiring services from the aluminum die-casting experts.

These experts comprehend the ins and outs of the business and able to offer you the best possible guidance regarding which methods are the most appropriate for you.

What are the Aluminum Die Casting Services?

A large number of the machines, parts, and items we use in our everyday lives, for example, smartphones, spigots, razor handles, door handles, eyeglass frames, power devices, football spikes, and golf clubs, go through the aluminum die casting process.

An assortment of different industries, including automotive, aerospace, computer, HVAC, and numerous different segments, depending on this inexorably well-known manufacture process.

Aluminum die casting, a term used to give meaning to aluminum finished part, alludes to a manufacturing strategy that considers the large-scale manufacturing of aluminum parts by utilizing high pressure to force molten aluminum into reusable die cavities.

Aluminum die casting services, which have been around since the last part of the 1830s, has a long history of accomplishment. Before, these services built up a reputation for costly machinery and die, since quite a while ago set-up times, and high piece costs.

Today progresses in technology, better material science, improved manufacturing processes, and cleaner and more effective machines have joined to make aluminum die casting services a more tremendous amount of a precise science.

Also, better die design and forefront software empower quicker die fabrication, improved performance, and less waste.

The entirety of this, alongside constant computerized process-monitoring and automation, has improved the general assembling process, brought down material waste, and decreased the variety in quality.

Aluminum die casting clients would now be able to anticipate more robust, more durable, and denser parts with unique repeatable quality, higher production rates, and lower costs.

The Best Aluminum Die Casting Services offered by Sunrise Metal

What are the Aluminum Die Casting Services for the Custom Parts?

Aluminum die casting makes custom parts that are lightweight maintain high working temperatures, and give exceptional corrosion resistance. Aluminum is likewise very versatile and is able to keep up a high level of dimensional security and protection with thin walls and can be utilized in every possible industry.

Aluminum die casting is viewed as a non-expandable technique that can be more than once used to create various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses of aluminum alloys for custom die casting.

Moreover, the aluminum die casting service process can precisely deliver parts in a broad scope of shapes that are tastefully satisfying.

Probably the more appreciated advantages of aluminum die casting services is that it manufactures and machine parts that are lighter and offer the most surface finishing options than any other manufacturing techniques.

A portion of different points of interest related to custom aluminum die casting, include:

  • Can produce enormous parts
  • Can structure complex shapes
  • High-quality parts
  • Exceptional surface finish with precision
  • High production rate
  • Low labor cost



What are the Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting Services?

Sunrise Metal offers dozens of aluminum die casting services which offer a majority of essential benefits to our customers, including:

  • Part Customization: It encourages the accomplishment of parts with complex shapes and difficult structures, making it simple to customize the aluminum die casting parts to explicit assembling processes.
  • Higher Production Rates: Our aluminum die casting services are able to manufacture aluminum parts at a lot higher rate than any other alloy.
  • Lightweight strength: Aluminum castings offer an exceptionally esteemed mix of lightweight and predominant strength.
  • Low cost: Aluminum die-cast parts are more affordable and require less cost to manufacture than other metal alloys.
  • Strong Corrosion-Resistance and Flexibility: Our manufactured aluminum parts always offer outstanding corrosion-resistance and flexibility.
  • High Temperatures: Aluminum can likewise withstand the most noteworthy working temperatures of all the die-cast alloys.
  • Excellent Hardness: Maximum hardness and strength. Broadened die existence without the requirement for consistent support.
  • Complex Geometry: Aluminum die casting services manufacture and machine aluminum parts that are strong and dimensionally steady.
  • Precision: Our aluminum die casting services offers tolerances running from +/ – 0.003″ – 0.005″ per inch, and even as close as +/ – .001″ contingent upon customer specs.
  • Custom Finishes: Die-cast parts can be delivered with smooth or finished surfaces and an assortment of paints and plating finishes. Finishes can be picked to shield from corrosion and improve corrective appearance.

Why prefer Aluminum Die Cast Manufacturing?

There are various reasons why the aluminum alloys are the best to die-cast on the planet. As a perfect metal, aluminum is lightweight and the most standard reason behind its common use is that it makes strong, light, and parts with exceptional properties with a good surface elemental resistance.

The parts die-casted utilizing aluminum have more surface finishes than any other material and can withstand a higher-level of working temperatures.

Aluminum die casting parts have an exceptionally supreme resistance against corrosion, significantly conductive, have extraordinary solidness, and strength-to-weight proportion.

The process of aluminum die casting relies on the rapid production and manufacturing of die-casted parts.

The die-casted aluminum parts are the most favorite of buyers around the globe and the reasons why they are preferred because of their characteristics and advantages. Some of these exceptional advantages and characteristics are the following:

  • Durable and extremely Lightweight
  • Excellent Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Exceptional Corrosion-Resistance
  • Supreme Electrical Conductivity
  • Completely Recyclable and Reusable in Production

Why Prefer the Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturing

What are the innovative tools for Aluminum Die Casting Services?

A key motivation behind why Sunrise Metal is one of the primary aluminum die casting makers in China is our progressing responsibility to deal with improvement, which incorporates the utilization of inventive apparatuses and machines.

Sunrise Metal has been putting resources into the top of the line hardware to deliver the most noteworthy and high caliber aluminum items and parts in high and low volumes.

Our aluminum die casting plant envelops the state-of-the-art technology, including mechanized machines. Robotic die cast cells offer the upsides of unrivaled cycle consistency, accuracy, effectiveness, and diminished work costs.

Other examples of the technologically advanced equipment our aluminum die casting industry uses include:

  • A broad scope of die casting hardware, including a collection of cold chamber machines.
  • Sunrise Metal automated die casting hardware, including the most exact and especially top-class die casting machines and tools that satisfy the die casting services with at most precision.
  • Die casting process hardware, for example, monitoring systems at each machine with process limits monitors, oil recycling units, and vacuum units.
  • Fully furnished melting division with low energy profoundly influential aluminum holding heaters and a melter/holder blend heater.
  • A completing office containing a vibratory mill, and a completely automated polishing robotic cell.

What is involved in the process of Die Casting Aluminum?

The process involves pouring molten hot aluminum into molds that structure the hot aluminum into shape. This process is a straightforward process.

Nonetheless, just specialists in aluminum are associated with the process as temperature and pressure change can undoubtedly influence the result of the aluminum.

The best-particular industry to see is a custom aluminum die casting manufacturer that will guarantee the best outcomes.

Aluminum die-casted parts are significant segments of products involved in almost every industry and these parts can be as easy as the sink factor and as complex and hard as the connector.

It is one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods for creating a broad scope of aluminum parts. Nonetheless, to accomplish the greatest benefits from this process, it is essential that designers work together with the die caster at the beginning phase of the product design and development.

Devouring with the die caster during the design stage will assist resolve with issuing influencing tooling and production while recognizing the different compromises that could influence by and large expenses.

Aluminum die casting is an effective, efficient process offering a broad scope of shapes and parts than some other assembling procedure.

Parts have a long assistance life and might be designed to supplement the visual intrigue of the encompassing parts. Designers can increase various points of interest and advantages by indicating die-casting parts.

Die-casting gives complex shapes inside closer tolerances than some other large-scale manufacturing process. The overall die casting process of assembling items to a particular sort has been advanced with the state of the process, which is commonly working over monitoring and control with the assistance of a fixed human-machine interface.

Despite the fact that it is conceivable while the capacity is finished by showing altogether through HMI graphically, here, each progression of the process over die casting is commonly considered to show with a fixed arrangement of extents esteem. Additionally, progress is working with the program as per the PLC controller.

What is the Logical Process of Aluminum Die Casting?

The aluminum die casting process is profoundly severe and working with numerous complex units. In aluminum die casting industries, automation assumes a crucial job to show signs of improvement bring about quality, amount, time-devouring in the manufacturing process.

The process is by and large managing a Programmable Logic Controller as a computerized computer used to mechanize in electromechanical processes.

The automation system coordinates with Human Machine Interface to show die casting boundary constantly esteems in a graphical way.

In such a process, there is a need of humans to monitor and control the set extents in Human-machine Interface, which shouldn’t go differed at a timeframe; if time disappears, there will be an opportunity of machine blunder to happen.

For this reason, the proposed system is assuming the indispensable job by review the progression processes with set scopes of the whole working system’s profit in industry distantly with the monitoring technology Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

On this premise, administration engineers can without much of a stretch view the states of industry automation, analyze problems, and help engineers to monitor and control the current activity in the control room itself.

This system is executed to bring graphical data of individual automation arranged Human Machine Interface to a single monitor, and simulation result has been accomplished utilizing an assortment of monitoring computer software.

Aluminum die casting is a process of manufacturing aluminum parts that is described as “forcing molten hot aluminum under high tension into cavity of the die casting mold.”

The mold cavity is manufactured using a pair of steel dies, which have been machined into a proper shape with precision.

What is the Vacuum Aluminum Die Casting?

Vacuum die-casted parts have numerous applications in the automotive industry, just like various other business industrial sectors.

The primary benefits of vacuum die casting, instead of other more conventional strategies for casting, incorporate a more excellent surface finish, improved mechanical properties, and general better-finished item stability.

Vacuum Aluminum Die Casting Process

These process benefits incorporate improved mechanical properties over normal casting processes, excellent surface finish, short process durations, high volume capacity, excellent repeatability, and dimensional stability. The most ordinarily utilized alloys in this process are of aluminum.

The assortment of methods results from the various manners by which gas can be eliminated from the cavity, how the injection system works, or how much heat is lost during the process.

Process Mechanism of Vacuum Aluminum Die Casting Process

Through vacuum die casting, it is conceivable to create top-notch thin-walled parts with expected and repeatable mechanical properties, with or without heat treatment or welding.

Vacuum die casting extended quickly around the globe from its origin China. Vacuum die casting has some significant points of interest: the vacuum systems eliminate the air from the cavity diminishing gas porosity.

Likewise, thin segments can be projected effectively; good surface finishing properties and appearance can be acquired with no requirement for additional machining.

Furthermore, utilizing this procedure, casting defects are low, and the dismissal of the part is decreased. The overall principle is equivalent to low-pressure die casting.

Is Die-Cast Aluminum Rust Proof?

Die-cast aluminum doesn’t rust, yet it can discolor and build up a hollowed or unpleasant surface. Aluminum is influenced via air poisons.

The surface will seem to have slight coarseness adhered to the surface; however, it won’t clear off. In the event that you take a gander at an aluminum letterbox that has been exposed to the components for a few years, you will perceive what happens to aluminum.

At the point when exposed to air, uncovered (for example, the stuff that hasn’t been painted) aluminum is able to build up a microscopic surface oxide layer.

This surface oxide layer goes about as a barrier that protects aluminum by shielding against the outer environmental components and corrosion.

Furthermore, this property is the most attractive characteristic of aluminum parts. It’s able to climate any atmosphere and environment and any precipitation calculation and measurement. Die-cast aluminum is considered as the most reliable choice for open-air environments.

Why should I prefer Aluminum Die Casting Services over Zinc or Magnesium Die Casting Services?

Aluminum, magnesium, and zinc are considered as the most well-known alloys for die casting services. Aluminum and magnesium are both viewed as moderately “lightweight” die casting materials. However, the zinc alloys are viewed as the material that is preferred in services and applications required thin walls.

But, as from a general perspective, aluminum contains combined properties of the magnesium and zinc as well as, because of its uniqueness and as a material with most benefits and die casting advantages, aluminum is most suited for die casting services.

Choosing the most appropriate alloy for your needs and requirements depends on the use of the die-casted part which can be typically founded in the design specifications of the required part – afterward, the alloy which gives the most suitable mechanical and physical properties got selected.

It’s significant for engineers to focus on the required aluminum item and decide the most preferred aluminum die casting service and alloy as well as, offer the most appropriate benefits involved.

Aluminum is by a wide margin the most utilized die casting alloy in whole work. The most widely recognized aluminum die casting services alloy is A380 and the reason why it’s the most common because it offers the exceptionally supreme blend of material properties and castability.

Furthermore, aluminum die casting alloys are used in a wide assortment of applications and industries. It is not unexpected to see an aluminum alloy in electronics, interchanges hardware, automotive parts, gear cases, lawnmower lodgings, hand and force apparatuses, and numerous different items.

Preference Art of Why prefer Aluminum Die Casting Services over Magnesium and Zinc Die Casting Services

Why should I choose Aluminum Die Casting Services over Aluminum Forging Services?

While the majority of manufacturing projects usually rely on aluminum die casting services and be better served through these services. However, there are some pre-defined situations where aluminum forging services are a better fit.

Aluminum die casting services are more modern and technologically improved as compared to aluminum forging. There are a number of reasons to prefer aluminum die casting over forging.

For one, aluminum die casting services are less expensive than aluminum forging since the forging does not absorb as much impact as die casting during the manufacturing process.

In addition, aluminum die casting is way more efficient, better-defined, output more quality parts, and time-saving than aluminum forging.

Furthermore, if the aluminum part wear is an issue, aluminum die casting services are preferred over the forging because one of the many features our customers can have is exceptionally supreme surface properties that also enhances the aluminum part strength and durability.

You can have better mechanical and physical properties, resistance against corrosion, wear-resistance, strength, quality, and durability alongside with many others by selecting the aluminum die casting services for your part.

How to choose the best Aluminum Die Casting Method?

Aluminum die casting services are a proficient and flexible set of processes utilized in aluminum part processing, fit for delivering endless assortments of aluminum parts utilized in a broad scope of industries, fields, sectors, and applications it serves.

In any case, it’s critical to consider a focused number of logical factors into consideration during the phase of decision making between the different methods of aluminum die casting like the decision between pressure and gravity die casting. These factors include:

  • The required batch and production quantities
  • The item and part design complexity and selection of suitable surface finish
  • Aluminum die-casted part wall thickness
  • The type of aluminum alloy you prefer
  • The lead time of the project and deadline

So as to get the authentic finalized aluminum parts and products, it’s urgent and important to make a right call by choosing the most appropriate choice based on your specifications.

Furthermore, to discover which method and process is an exact fit for your products and project, connect with our experienced and skilled team at Sunrise Metal.

How to get the Quality Aluminum Die Casting Services?

Quality comes with experience, and Sunrise Metal has 23+ years of Aluminum Die Casting Services experience and is known for its quality products from China.

For the best possible output results, you can always rely on custom aluminum die casting companies that offer all the services related to aluminum die casting.

Furthermore, it’s essential to choose the aluminum die casting company that uses quality standards to enhance and maintain the quality of its products and services.

You can learn and experience more by connection with our team at Sunrise Metal so an in-depth knowledge can be gained.

Why is CNC Machining critical in Aluminum Die Casting Services?

CNC machining can be useful for eliminating edge adjusts and draft angles, which is regularly needed to finish the high-pressure aluminum die casting processes.

Our precision aluminum CNC machining services can successfully eliminate these elements and improve the general surface quality of the aluminum part.

The level of the machining that is required can likewise change essentially, starting with one item then onto the next. For example, fundamental die cast parts may just require drilling or turning, which can regularly be practiced without CNC machining services.

Then again, more complex parts —, for example, those created for the media communications industry — need high-precision machining that can be accomplished through the CNC machining process.

As one of the primary CNC machining industries in China, Sunrise Metal has the expertise to figure out which sort of machining process is generally fitting for your items.

The Importance of CNC Machining in Aluminum Die Casting Services

Why choose Sunrise Metal for Aluminum Die Casting Services?

Bring your 2D and 3D soft-copy designs to us or generally ideas related to the desired product and you’ll have possibly the best aluminum die casting services including the design, assembly, and testing.

Furthermore, Sunrise Metal also offers manufacturing support as well as, our clients face a reduced amount of errors and risks for quality concerns and intellectual property theft. We’ll protect your IP and product design.

Sunrise Metal is a firm believer and a solid aluminum die casting services provider. We manufacture aluminum parts worldwide to different companies related to different fields and applications. We help improve the overall industrial economy and quality of aluminum products and parts.

Learn more about our exceptional aluminum die casting services and learn how we will manufacture your products with precision and quality.

Sunrise Metal is completely able to help its customers in regards to reducing processing and manufacturing times, high-level communication improvements, reducing the overall and handling costs, minimizing the die failure risks, and much more.

Top Level Aluminum Die Casting Services Provider from China

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