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Sunrise Metal, a China-based aluminum die-casting manufacturer, is located in the Shanghai-Suzhou region. With over 10 years of experience, 3 facilities, and  182 skilled professionals, we provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for all your aluminum die-casting needs.

  • 1-Stop precision aluminum die casting manufacturer
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 & IATF 16949 certified
  • Use of advanced technology like vacuum die cast, semi-solid die cast, and massive venting technique

By choosing us, you can save costs and run your projects more smoothly. Contact us with your next project.



Our 1-stop aluminum die casting manufacturing service starts from rapid prototyping to quality surface finishing. We help you get your aluminum die-casted parts in one place.

Rapid Prototyping

We have CNC prototyping services. The wide range of materials includes:

Plastic: ABS, PC, POM, PMMA, Nylon, etc.
Metal: Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel, etc.

Equipped with a different number of axis machines, which can meet your low to medium volume demand, verify your design, fabricate your parts, and reduce your time to market.

Our major prototyping equipment includes:

Mazak 7-axis CNC Machine1Ø658*1011mm
Mazak/Hass 5axis CNC machine2Ø850/Ø600
3-axis CNC machine12000*1500mm
4-axis CNC machine8Ø250*800mm
3-axis CNC machine center161000*600*600mm


Die Casting Tooling

The in-house tooling shop allows us to do the die-casting mold design, mold Fabrication & mold maintenance in the same workshop.

Our mold engineers will review your drawings and propose suggestions by mold flow analysis, which can help you prevent potential issues or risks that may happen in later production.

EDM8From 438mm to 1100mm
CNC5From 850mm to 3015mm
Wire Cutting2800*630mm
Milling Machine41000*800mm
High-speed Cutting Machine1750mm
Grinder4From 380mm to 1600mm


Aluminum Die Casting

Sunrise Metal has been focusing on precision aluminum die casting. It’s worth saying we own a remarkable engineering team with over 23 years of professional die-casting experience. This enables us to provide excellent technical support to customers.

We produce precision die-cast components and products with our promised lead times in the industry. To ensure high-quality products and processes, we continuously implement the latest technologies.

Die Casting Machine2280T
Die Casting Machine1300T
Die Casting Machine2400T
Die Casting Machine2500T
Die Casting Machine1630T
Die Casting Machine2800T

CNC Machining

Sunrise Metal not only processes die-casted parts but also provides machining from solid, extrusion, gravity casting, forging, etc. The high-tech engineering and precision machines allow us to provide a precise and highly accurate CNC machining service according to your requirements.

We are good at high-precision machining products. The highest positioning precision is ﹢/﹣0.0015(JIS B6336). Welcome to your high-mix, low to medium-volume projects.

Makino F5 3-axis CNC2900*500mm
Makino A51NX 4-axis CNC1900*600mm
Makino 5-axis CNC1Ø850/Ø600
3-axis CNC machine12000*1500mm
4-axis CNC machine8Ø250*800mm
3-axis CNC machine141000*600*600mm
CNC Lathe1Ø320*800mm
CNC Lathe1Ø610*1000mm

Surface Finishing

We have a cleaning and shot blasting service in-house, which can give a matte look to your die-casting parts and machining parts. We also have outsourced suppliers close to our factory to offer other finishing:

Anodizing provides a clean, uniform, corrosion-resistant coat normally for machined products.

Powder coating & liquid painting have a corrosion-resistant layer and meet different appearance requirements

Silk screening, pad screening, and laser carving provide an ID or logo recognition.


As a professional aluminum die-cast manufacturer, our dedicated and experienced engineering team will help your business throughout the whole project from early concept to full production.

We can help customers with the following:

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) to ensure the feasibility of products.
  • Simulation Moldflow Analysis to predict mold filling, solidification, and cooling for reducing the risk of defective die-casted parts.
  • Value engineering solutions to reduce costs throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Process control and the whole Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) package to ensure consistent quality.

With these engineering services, we can help you save time and money while ensuring high-quality products.


Working closely with trusted partners, including a leading aluminum die casting manufacturer, is crucial to achieving your quality standards. At Sunrise Metal, Quality is our first priority. These systems help serve our customers with superior quality products.
IATF 16949
Quality management system requirements of automotive components or services for an organization.
ISO 9001
It specifies requirements for a quality management system for an organization.
ISO 13485
This standard is applicable to the regulatory environment of medical devices.
Compliant with RoHS & Reach requirements and terms for an organization.


Comprehensive testing including mechanical, chemical & metallurgical analysis to meet industry standards and customer requirements.
Zeiss CMM Equipment
Full Dimensions Measurement
Spectrum Meter for material composition analysis
Spectrum Meter
Material Composition Analysis
X-ray Machine
Porosity Condition Check


As an expert aluminum die casting manufacturer, whether you need small precision die castings or large complex parts, we have the expertise and capability to produce high quality products for different applications.


We pride ourselves on our client's satisfaction.
Technical Buyer

I am very appreciated. The BK products that you folks support are on an upswing, so hopefully, 2020 will be prosperous for both companies. I also want to thank you for your support in cost reductions and pulling in deliveries. Much appreciated.

Project Engineer

Sunrise never let me down, whatever the new projects or current ongoing parts. They do have rich experience and this great help. I like their perfect DFM, really fast, and on-time delivery.

Mechanical Engineer

Thank you, the quality is very well. I wish next year will be successful so that we can do more business with you.


We hope we can be your trusted and reliable manufacturer one day. Contact us now if any aluminum die casting needs.
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