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Top 10 Aluminum Die Casting Machine Brand

Top Aluminum Die Casting Machine Brand

The die casting industry is booming right now. So, there is high competition among the manufacturers to produce the most cutting-edge die casting machine. In this article, we have compiled together a list of the renowned high pressure die casting machine manufacturers worldwide.

Here is a list of the top 10 aluminum die casting machine brand:

    1. Bühler
    2. Toshiba
    3. Frech
    4. Idra
    5. LK Machinery
    6. Yizumi
    7. Kurtz Ersa
    8. UBE
    9. Albertini
    10. Sodic

There are numerous other die casting equipment manufacturers out there. Their products are not necessarily bad. But, the aforesaid companies have a long history in the industry. Therefore, they can be relied upon for high-quality die casting equipment.

The brands above are likely to assure the performance and efficiency of their products. Moreover, they are more likely to have very active customer support. So, the suppliers can immediately reach out to the equipment manufacturer in case they run into any problems during production.

A supplier’s interest in brands can be a good indication of their experience in the industry. It is advised that you check out the equipment list of your supplier beforehand. Given that, an experienced die cast company would understand the benefits of using equipment from good brands.

Sunrise Metal Acknowledges Brand Value

Sunrise Metal Die Casting EquipmentWe pride ourselves on our superior die casting facilities. Our die casting facilities has the latest technology aluminum die casting machines from renowned brands. Therefore, we are confident about our capabilities and can guarantee the quality of our die casting service.

Our existing equipment are from the following high-pressure die casting machine manufacturer,

  • Bühler
  • Toshiba
  • LK Machinery
  • Yizumi

Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers and earn their satisfaction. That’s why we utilize high-end aluminum die casting machines for production. It has empowered us to stay confident about our part’s quality and consistency.

Currently, we have four factories close to Shanghai. Two of our facilities are entirely dedicated to die casting. Our large collection of aluminum die casting machines has a capacity ranging from 280T to 1600T. Thus, we can take on small to large die casting projects regardless of the size and quantity.

We also invest in advanced quality control devices to keep our quality management system up to date. Not to mention, we prefer good brands for our QA testing devices as well. For instance, we have purchased Carl Zeiss’s Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) for inspecting our part’s dimensions.

Therefore, you can put your trust in Sunrise Metal for high-quality die casting parts.

What Brands of Aluminum Die Casting Machine Do You Have?

LK 1600T Die Casting Machine

All of our aluminum die casting machines are from renowned manufacturers. Our die casting facilities located at Kunshan and Nantong have various aluminum die casting equipment, with 280T to 1600T of clamping force.

Currently, our Kunshan die casting workshop has four die casting machines from LK Machinery. The Nantong die casting workshop has four die casting machines from LK machinery and one piece of equipment from Bühler, Toshiba, and Yizumi.

We are continually investing in expanding our facilities even further. So, we will be purchasing more equipment in the future to increase our capabilities.

What is the Significance of Die Casting Machine Tonnage?

Die casting machine tonnage refers to the clamping force of a machine. It is the extent of pressure a machine can exert to hold the die halves together. Note that it must always be greater than the separation force exerted during casting. Otherwise, the flash will form along the parting line.

The clamping force applied on the dies resists the expansion of the casting upon solidification. So, it helps the casting to retain its shape. The tonnage value of a machine is an indicator of the precision achievable by a machine. Additionally, it gives an idea about the size of parts that can be successfully cast using a particular machine.

What Determines the Cost of Aluminum Die Casting Machines?

Several factors affect the cost of a die casting machine. We have discussed some of the main cost affecting factors below:
Cost Increases with Clamping ForceClamping Force
Aluminum die casting machines are differentiated from one another mainly based on the part’s maximum weight that can be cast using a particular machine. It is measured in terms of kilograms.
Casting Area
A larger casting area will allow you to cast larger parts. But, die casting machines with a larger casting area will be bigger in size. The cost of the machine will increase along with an increase in the casting area.
Multi-slide die casting machines become necessary when dealing with a very complex part. However, die casting machines with slides will cost way more than a traditional one. The equipment cost will be greater depending on the number of slides.
Brand Value
While this is not a technical specification, brand value has a significant impact on the cost of die casting equipment. We tend to consider some brands to have more reliability than others in terms of quality, performance, and durability.

Therefore, equipment from some high-pressure die casting machine manufacturers has more demand than the other. So, the cost can differ based on the brand value.

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