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413 is an aluminum die casting alloy that is cast using the cold chamber die casting process. It has a balanced combination of physical and mechanical properties which makes it a good choice for many die casting applications.



Aluminum 413 alloy has some unique features that make it suitable for die casting. Some of the key advantages include,

  • Balanced thermal and mechanical properties
  • Excellent fluidity
  • High-pressure tightness
  • Hot cracking resistance


Aluminum 413 has various die casting applications where its special properties are desirable. The excellent fluidity of the alloy makes it suitable for casting intricate parts. Moreover, it has good pressure tightness which makes it ideal for manufacturing hydraulic cylinders.

Mechanical Properties

Brinell Hardness80 HB
Ultimate Tensile Strength295 MPa
Yield Strength (0.2%)145 MPa
Shear Strength170 MPa
Fatigue Strength130 MPa
Elongation2.5 % in 50mm
Modulus of Elasticity73 GPa

Physical Properties

Electrical Conductivity31.0 % IACS
Thermal Conductivity113 W/mK
Melting Point (average)574 – 582 °C
Specific Heat Capacity963 J/Kg.K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion20.4 µm/m°K
Density2.66 g/cm³

Alloy Composition

Aluminum (Al)Balanced
Silicon (Si)11-13 %
Magnesium (Mg)2.0 %
Zinc (Zn)0.5 %
Tin (Sn)0.15 %
Copper (Cu)1.0 %
Manganese (Mn)0.35 %
Nickel (Ni)0.5 %
Iron (Fe)2.0 %
Other0.25 %

Aluminum A413 vs 413: What’s the difference?

Aluminum 413 alloy should not be confused with A413 alloy. While both A413 and 413 are alloys of aluminum, they have slightly different characteristics. 413 Alloy has a higher Magnesium content than A413 but has a lower Iron content. The Elongation at the break for 413 is 2.5% while A413 is 3.5%. Also, A413 has higher thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion. Other than these, most of the mechanical and physical properties are quite similar.

A413 alloy is great for parts that must have high-pressure tightness. 413 has more balanced properties and is suitable for common die-casting applications. But it’s easy to get confused with so many choices for aluminum alloys. You can contact us without any hesitation if you need help choosing the right alloy for your project.

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