Delivering Quality as a Leading Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in China

As a top-class aluminum die casting supplier in China, Sunrise leverages high-tech manufacturing equipment and skilled engineering staff to produce the best outcomes for global clients. Our teams are trained in providing technical support to leading manufacturers and have more than a decade of experience in the design and execution of mechanical and aluminum die cast parts.

We have been catering to high mix, low & medium volume orders with the best technology and capabilities for 10+ years in the field. Sunrise is proud to produce cost-effective manufacturing solutions while producing high-quality aluminum die castings in house.

Measurement and quality assurance labs at Sunrise provide careful inspections and guarantee that only the highest quality precision metal parts make it to the assembly line. Orders are prepared in all sizes and weights, choosing the best environment for your project, and enabling the best properties of aluminum as an alloy.

We customize all orders to suit your budget and business plan so that you can run your production lines smoothly!

Helping Your Projects Succeed With Sunrise Metal Aluminum Die Casting Benefits

We are confident that our aluminum die casting process best illustrates our level of manufacturing capability. Send us your detailed request now!
Turnkey Solution for Aluminum Die Casting

Our aluminum die cast parts are applied to an extensive range of industries in China and worldwide. Outstanding serviceability and top-grade production expertise determine us as the most reliable aluminum die cast supplier for automotive, medical, electrical, telecom, and marine sectors, among many others. Capabilities include: Rapid Prototyping & Aluminum Die Casting Tooling & Aluminum Pressure Die Casting &  CNC Precision Machining & Surface Finishing and Treatments.

Experience That Surpasses All Other Aluminum Die Casting Suppliers

Compared to local aluminum die casting manufacturers in China, Sunrise Metal proudly boasts features that stand tall in the face of all competition:

  • Super-precision machinery for complex aluminum die casting parts
  • Highly experienced and qualified engineering teams
  • In-depth customization for clients from a wide range of sectors
  • Strict quality control measures in line with international standards

The Best Cost Optimization For Aluminum Die Casting

Offering competitive pricing and best cost optimization in China, we make sure your business is able to optimize costs without compromising for quality. Our engineering capabilities are valued very highly by clients as we take care of all orders from assessment to delivery. All stages in the production process are carefully articulated to meet all your requirements. A skilled representative will be in touch at all times to ensure that you are satisfied with your aluminum die casting supplier.

  • Mold-Design-Review-for-aluminum-die-casting-projects-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Manufacturer
  • Second-Surface-Finishing-for-aluminum-die-casting-parts-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Manufacturer
  • trict-Quality-Control-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Manufacturer

Aluminum Die Casting Production Capabilities At Sunrise Exceed Your Expectations

  • Sunrise-Metal-Die-Castign-Workshop-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Manufacturer
  • Aluminum-die-casting-machine-ADC-Equipment
  • CNC-Machining-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Manufacturer
  • Precision-CNC-Machining-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Manufacturer
  • Cleaning-line-for-aluminum-die-casting-parts-Aluminum-Die-Casting
  • Powder-Coating-Line-for-aluminum-die-casting-projects
  • Aluminum-Plating-Line-Aluminum-Die-Casting-Manufacturer
1Mazak 7-axis turning&milling MachineØ658*1011MM1
2Mazak  /Hass 5axis CNC machineØ850/Ø6004
33-axis CNC machine center2000*1500MM1
44-axis CNC machine centerØ250*800MM8
53-axis CNC machine center1000*600*600MM20
6CNC LathesØ320*800/Ø610*1000MM2
7Sodick Wire cutting Machine400*400*200MM3
8EDM machine500*400*400MM2
9Surface grinder600*300*200MM1

1CMMCarl Zessis1
6X-ray DetectorSANDT1
7Cleanliness Test EquipmentChina1
8Leakage Test EquipmentChina2
9Salt Spray Testing EquipmentChina1
10Pneumatic Measuring InstrumentChina2
11Hardness Testing MachineChina1
12Color Meter MachineChina1
13Thickness Testing MachineChina1
14Electronic BalanceChina1
15Density BalanceChina1

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If you are looking for a Chinese aluminum die casting manufacturer, contact Sunrise Metal. When you have any hesitation or any design doubt on your aluminum die casting projects, Sunrise Metal Engineering Team can be your free consulter.  Sunrise Metal gives suggestions on your aluminum die casting parts at 3 aspects:

1. Your design evaluation.

2. Feasibility analysis for mass production.

3. Project time and part’s cost-saving.

Contact us now, to see how we can help you with your Aluminum Die-casting projects.   



Need the best solution for large volume production of your products? Then you probably need an Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer. They can give you the best manufacturing solution by balancing the production cost and quality of your parts.

Sunrise metal is a Chinese Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We pride in our aluminum die casting capabilities, and we are confident to give you a fast and reliable solution for your project.

Leading Aluminum Die Casting Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in China

What is Aluminum Die Casting?

Aluminum Die Casting is a widely used metalworking process for producing metal parts with great accuracy and durability. It is one of the most common production method used by manufacturers all over the world.

Aluminum Die casting is mostly done in a cold chamber die casting machine. The parts are made by injecting fluid aluminum into a die casting mold under high pressure using a plunger. However, there are several steps involved before and after casting the parts.

In order to ensure the highest quality for your parts, it is necessary to execute all the steps involved die casting with proper quality control. It is where an experienced and inexperienced manufacturer can play a big role in your project.

Process Aluminum Die Casting

Why Should I Choose Aluminum Die Casting?

There are various facts that make aluminum die casting an excellent solution for your products. Let’s have a look at its multitudes of benefits that can greatly enhance your experience with the manufacturing industry.

It’s Economical

Aluminum is the third most abundant element and the most abundant metal on earth. About eight percent of the earth’s crust consists of aluminum. Due to the abundance in nature, aluminum is very cheap and available all over the world.

Due to the low cost of raw material, aluminum has become extremely popular in the metalworking industry in a relatively short period.

Lightweight Parts

Aluminum is almost three times lighter than cast iron. This fact alone has been a major driver for preferring aluminum parts. Now developers can make fuel-efficient vehicles. The use of metal in portable goods also became a common scenario as well.

The aerospace industry, in particular, has shown more interest in aluminum die cast parts. Its excellent strength-to-weight ratio makes it the ideal material for this job.

Corrosion and Wear Resistance

Aluminum die cast parts have exceptional protection against corrosion. It has good wear resistance too. So they are suitable for the corrosive environment and heavy loading conditions. It also minimizes the need for costly surface protection measures.

Increases Production Capacity

Modern die casting methods have made the production of huge volume parts easier than ever. It can produce more parts at a particular time frame when compared against other methods of metalworking. So, it can significantly shorten the project lead time and increase your production capacity.

Enhanced Conductive Properties

Aluminum die castings offer great electrical and thermal conductivity. Aluminum parts exhibit exceptional heat dissipation characteristics, RMI-EFI shielding properties. So, they are extensively used for heat sinks, enclosures of many consumer electronic products.

What is the Influence of Aluminum Die Casting Companies in the Industry?

Until the last century, steel and iron parts had dominated the metalworking industry. They were the most reliable option for high-quality parts with good strength. Back then, aluminum used to be a luxury metal due to a lack of proper technology for refining aluminum.

When aluminum was first discovered, its price was very high and even exceeded that of gold. In 1889, the first industrial process for aluminum production was invented. After that, aluminum prices rapidly dropped and became available worldwide.

The application of aluminum continued to grow in numerous products that relied on other metals before. The global aluminum production increased multi-folds by the mid-20th century. Aluminum became a common metal in everyday goods.

After the Second World War, another industrial revolution took place, which completely restructured the manufacturing industry. With the industrialization of advanced machining and casting tools, manufacturers began mass-production of aluminum parts.

After that, we were introduced to newer and better technology every decade. And modern computer numerical controlled machined further simplified every manufacturing methods. Manufacturers started to look for cheaper and efficient ways to produce parts.

With the advancement of technology, previous casting equipment was optimized for better production capacity with less cost. Now, aluminum die casting became one of the most cost-effective approaches for metal parts production.

New aluminum die casting suppliers are emerging every year. And the global market share of aluminum die casting is rapidly increasing worldwide. The industry is estimated to grow even more in the upcoming years.

What Services are Offered by an Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer?

Aluminum die casting vendors in China usually provide multiple types of services associated with your die casting project. The number of services a supplier can provide simply demonstrates the ability to handle your project better.

Die casting suppliers usually offer the following type of services to their customers.

  • Help Mold Design and analysis
  • Provide Design for Manufacturing
  • Die tooling with CNC machining
  • Cold chamber die casting
  • Surface finishing for completed parts

These are commonly desired services that every customer want from their supplier. Make sure the company you are partnering with has these services.

Why Should I look for an Aluminum Die Casting Supplier Instead of a Zinc or Magnesium Die Casting Supplier?

Aluminum is more commonly used for production compared to other non-ferrous metals such as zinc and magnesium. Here I have explained the features of zinc and magnesium die casting to help you decide when aluminum might be a better choice.

Zinc has material properties similar to that of aluminum. It has excellent strength, corrosion, and wear resistance. The raw material cost of zinc is almost equal to that of aluminum. It has a lower melting temperature and easier to cast than aluminum.

But zinc is several times heavier than aluminum. And zinc die cast parts can’t retain strength under high temperatures. So, even with some benefits, zinc is a less preferable option for production. However, zinc is used for producing small parts with intricate details.

Aluminum Die Casting vs Magnesium and Zinc Die Casting

Magnesium alloy products are lighter than aluminum, which is a desirable feature for any product. Magnesium parts have excellent machinability as well. But magnesium die casting manufacturers face some production difficulties.

First of all, magnesium parts are costlier than both zinc and aluminum. They are lightweight but tend to buckle under heavy loads. Magnesium is very susceptible to corrosion and wears as well. So, expensive coatings are required for magnesium die cast parts.

Although there are some special applications for magnesium die cast products in aircraft and sports equipment. But, the slight reduction in weight accompanied by significantly higher production cost and durability issues is not something most preferable by a die casting company.

What are the Technologies Used by Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer?

There are different aluminum die casting technologies available. Each has its pros and cons. And not all of them are suitable for every task. Different die casting machines may offer better precision, faster production, or support casting of specific materials.

Some of the common aluminum die casting technologies are,

  1. Low-Pressure die casting
  2. High-Pressure die casting (Cold Chamber)
  3. Semi-solid die casting
  4. Vacuum die casting
  5. Squeeze die casting

Low-Pressure Die Casting

Porosity is an annoying issue for any die-cast parts. Low pressure die casting is a way of making aluminum parts with reduced porosity. Low-pressure die casting applies additional pressure during the casting. It allows more compact and defect-free parts

But its use is rather limited due to its slower casting cycle, which hampers the production capacity. So, most of the aluminum die casting vendors focus on its faster alternative, the high-pressure die casting.

Low Pressure Aluminum Die Casting

High-Pressure Die Casting (Cold Chamber)

When you demand high-quality parts and need them fast, high-pressure die casting is what you are looking for. It is more like a standard for aluminum die casting all over the world. That’s why mainly focused on this method in the rest of the guide.

However, there are two high-pressure casting processes, namely the hot-chamber and cold-chamber process. Aluminum has a high melting point. Due to this, it needs to die cast in a separate furnace and manually carried onto the die casting machine with a cold chamber setup.

Cold Chamber Aluminum Die Casting

Semi-solid Die Casting

This aluminum die casting method handles metals that are in between a state of solid and liquid. Metals with such fluidity are called thixotropic fluids. This state of the metal is commonly known as semi-solid. It allows casting aluminum with higher precision.

The semi-solid casting procedure is used for making parts that have delicate applications. Mainly aircraft, medical devices, defense equipment, etc. are produced using the semi-solid die casting method.

Semi-Solid Aluminum Die Casting

Vacuum Die Casting

Vacuum die casting is an improved version of the pressure die casting processes. A pressure die casting equipment is often equipped with a vacuum mechanism to deal with the gas pores trapped inside an aluminum die casting mold.

That’s why it is also known as vacuum-assisted high-pressure die casting too. It significantly minimizes casting defects involved during die casting and helps to reduce wastage.

Vacuum-assisted Aluminum Die Casting

Squeeze Die Casting

It is a simpler form of the high-pressure die casting process. It is often a cheaper alternative for making certain types of parts. It works by pouring a preheated die with molten aluminum and pressing it with another die to form the casting.

Squeeze die casting’s capabilities are rather limited. The casting cycle is usually slower than other methods.

Aluminum Squeeze Die Casting

What Aluminum Die Casting Process is Most Popular in China and Why?

China has the largest share in the production industry, and manufacturers are racing against each other to develop cost-effective and efficient production methods. High pressure die casting is by far the most widely used die casting technology in China.

As we stepped into the modern era, our demand for high-quality products kept on increasing. In order to meet the growing demand of end-users and manufacturers need faster and economical production approach.

With so many die casting companies available right now, assurance of the highest quality is of prime importance. High-pressure die casting is the most viable process for mass production of aluminum parts. Some manufacturers are also adopting vacuum-assisted machines for better quality.

What are the Qualities of a Good Aluminum Die Casting Supplier?

It would be best if you verified some basic qualifications of the die casting factory before you hand over your important project to them. Here are some important tips for you.

  • Die casting vendors should have experienced engineers to help you optimize your design to suit their production facility.
  • All necessary die casting equipment should be available in-house. There is equipment with varying accuracy rating. Make sure they have the right set of tools to meet your requirements.
  • The foundries should have proper safety measure and hazard-free work environment. It provides added security for your projects from any unprecedented incidents.
  • The latest technology machining tools should be available for handling complex tasks. Your die casting molds are one of the main determinants of the quality of your parts.
  • Sometime you may face unusual demand for your products. Your supplier should be well equipped to tackle your demands.
  • Proper QA test equipment and expertise should be available. Often quality control can play a more critical role than the casting itself.
  • Suppliers with an in-house surface treatment facility are preferable. It can save you both time and money wasted behind looking for a separate surface finishing company.

Where is Sunrise Metal’s Aluminum Die Casting Foundry Located in China?

Sunrise Metal factories are located in the Jiangsu province of China. We have a total of four foundries right now. Two of them are located in Nantong prefecture, and two of them are located in the Kunshan sub-prefecture.

Among these four, two of our foundries specifically carries out die casting operations. They are located in Nantong and Kunshan. Having two die casting facility at two cities help us operate easily and partner with more companies.

Are You a Certified Aluminum Die Casting Vendor?

Yes, Sunrise was issued the ISO9001 certification in 2015 and the IATF16949 certification in 2016. These certifications signify our superior quality management systems. The ISO9001 evaluates the quality management system of our company as a whole.

ISO9001 certificate is given when a company fulfills the following criteria,

  • All regulatory and statutory requirements stated in the manual are met
  • Should have efforts towards improving the production efficiency and quality
  • The quality management system should be strong and efficient
  • Should have satisfactory customer service to develop business relationships
  • Take proper measures for creating quality awareness among the employees

Sunrise ISO9001 certification

The IATF16949 certification is an international standard for quality management for the production of automotive parts. The following conditions must be satisfied to obtain this certification.

  • Regulate the company services and product quality for improving customer satisfaction
  • Should have continual development in existing production and quality control measures
  • Proper technical expertise and QA test equipment to avoid any product defects
  • Adopt processes with less waste generation and resource consumption
  • Efforts towards enriching existing production facilities and workforce

Can You Design My Parts and Execute Mold Flow Analysis for Aluminum Die Casting production?

Yes, we have experienced designers and the necessary hardware required to design parts for you. We are also capable of creating effective simulations for a mold flow analysis of the die casting process in advance.

So, our talented engineers can design your parts with a high degree of accuracy and optimize them for easier production. It helps to cut down the production cost as well. Our advanced mold flow simulations can prevent inefficient design approaches and defects.

Do You Provide Aluminum Die Casting Services for Companies Outside of China?

Yes, Sunrise Metal is a global aluminum die casting supplier. We provide our aluminum die casting services worldwide. We have extensive die casting experience for many foreign companies outside of China.

Till now, our client list extends over five hundred and still counting. Most of our customers are from Europe, Asia, and North America. We are eager to extend our reach to more customers and provide our services to other regions too.

Sunrise Metal’s Global Aluminum Die Casting Service

What are Your Aluminum Die Casting Capabilities?

We are a leading aluminum die casting company in China. Our vast capabilities have enabled us to handle critical projects and provide on-time delivery. Here are some of our die casting services and facilities that might be helpful for you.

Advanced Die Casting Equipment

Our die casting shop is fully equipped with the latest technology aluminum die casting equipment. These are all cold chamber die casting equipment with different tonnage to match your precision requirement and size of the casting.

Some of the equipment is optimized to carry out a critical die casting project. We also have vacuum-assisted systems for reducing casting defects and offer higher quality parts.

High Precision QA Test Devices

We have advanced QA test devices that can measure the accuracy of your parts to a great extent. We can also detect any defects in your parts. We thoroughly check every part and make sure you get the absolute best quality from us.

Vast Choice of Alloys

We allow popular aluminum alloys, e.g., ADC12, A380, AlSi9Cu AlSi10, etc. for production. You can also request us to use other aluminum alloys of your choice as well. We try our best to meet our client’s demands to the fullest.

Sunrise Metal’s Aluminum Die Casting Services

Do You have Machining Facilities for Aluminum Die Casting Tooling?

Yes, we have CNC machining facilities! We pride in our first-class CNC machining capabilities that allow us to complete delicate die casting tooling projects. In fact, we have a dedicated tooling shop located in the Nantong prefecture of China.

Our CNC Machining capabilities include,

Machine Centers

Machine centers are convenient for their ability to carry out machining tasks with minimum human interactions. They are equipped with a tool magazine that can automatically change tools and perform multiple CNC machining processes.

Multi-Axis CNC Machines

We have the latest 5-Axis and 7-Axis CNC machines that are capable of carrying out intricate machining tasks that are often difficult or impossible with normal CNC Machines. So, we can confidently accept any die casting tooling project.

Assurance for Accuracy

We have sophisticated instruments for measuring the precision of our work. Our Coordinate Measuring Machine can accurately calculate the geometric coordinates of the die casting mold and finished parts. So, you can rest assured about the accuracy of your parts.

Sunrise Metal’s Aluminum CNC Machining Facility

Can You Provide Surface Finishing for My Aluminum Die Cast Parts?

Yes, we have our in-house surface finishing facility. We want to ensure an economical surface coating solution for you. So we provide most of the basic surface finishes such as cleaning, shot blasting, etc. within our factories.

We are also partnered with expert surface finishing agencies to avail more options for you. When you need more advanced surface finishes, we can arrange it for you. So, you can get powder coating, chrome plating, anodizing, nickel plating, etc. services from us too.

Sunrise Metal’s Surface Finishing Service

How Does Sunrise Carry Out Aluminum Die Casting Operations?

Sunrise focuses on aluminum die casting manufacturing. That’s why we use cold chamber equipment for die casting aluminum parts. It is a variant of the high-pressure die casting process. It is used for materials like aluminum that has a high melting temperature.

Our die casting procedure is explained below for a better understanding.

3d Modeling of Parts

We need a model of your parts before we can get started. Submit the 3d model of your parts to get a quote of your die casting project. You can also ask us to help you with your design.

Mold Design and Flow Analysis

The next step is optimizing your Design for Manufacturing. Our engineers will design the die casting mold according to your parts design and run simulations. It helps to find out any possible defects associated with the design.

Die Tooling

Once the design is final, we proceed with creating the die casting mold. The molds are made using high precision CNC machines. It will offer excellent dimensional stability and accuracy for you die cast parts. When the tooling is complete, assemble the molds in a die casting machine.

Material Preparation

An aluminum alloy of your choice will be selected based upon your requirements. We assess the quality of raw material and send it to a furnace for melting. We shall add proper additives if required, to improve the metal quality and get rid of impurities.

Metal Injection

The molten aluminum alloy is carried into the die casting machine using a ladle. The melt is poured into a cylinder and shot inside the die cavity using a plunger. The high pressure exerted by the plunger will ensure that the melt reaches every recess of the cavity.

Casting Removal

After injection, the fluid aluminum is left inside the mold to cool down and solidify. Once solid, the die is ejected, and casting is retrieved from the machine. Then the machine is sprayed with a water jet to prepare it for the next cycle.


The completed casting is trimmed down to remove sprue, runners, gates, flash, etc. It will also separate multiple aluminum parts that were cast together. Then you can choose to apply your desired type of surface finish for your parts.

What are Your Material Options for Aluminum Die Casting?

Aluminum alloy used for casting is different from those used in machining or forging. Casting requires the materials to have good fluidity. Aluminum is alloyed with some elements to increase its fluidity properties and make it more suitable for die casting.

Some of the aluminum alloys we recommend and use ourselves are,

  • A380
  • ADC12
  • AlSi10
  • AlSi9Cu3 etc.

There are many other aluminum alloys available in the market too. You are welcome if you want us to use a particular alloy for die casting. We shall assess its suitability for die casting and arrange it for you if possible.

 Aluminum Alloy Raw Material

What Type of Companies have You Worked with Before?

We have over 10 years of experience in the metalworking industry. Within the course of these years, we have worked for many companies worldwide. They were from different industries, and the parts were manufactured considering their possible applications.

Till now, the total number of clients served by us is more than 500. They were different regions of the world. We have successfully ensured high-quality parts and on-time delivery for each of our clients.

We have rich experience in die casting automotive parts and medical devices. We have also successfully supplied parts maintaining proper protection standards for the marine environment. We produced tons of parts for telecommunication devices and general consumer goods as well.


Can You Utilize Aluminum Die Casting Resources from Other Manufacturers?

We shall try our best to meet our client’s satisfaction. We will thoroughly assess any previous resources (e.g., die casting molds) you have from your last die casting project. We will utilize the dies in our project if possible.

But do not worry if the resources you have are not in perfect shape and needs repairs. We provide die repair and maintenance services to utilize your old dies and preserve it for long term usage.

What are the Production Capacity and Minimum Order Quantity of Your Company?

We have enriched die casting facilities with modern equipment and experienced employees supervising the projects. Our properly executed supply chain management allows us to work efficiently and boost our production capacity.

We can produce up to 5000 aluminum parts on our current die casting facilities. We accept orders for any high-mix, low-volume projects as well. Unlike other big suppliers, we offer maximum dedication and customer support for all our customers.

So, startup companies and OEM/ODM can greatly benefit from our services.

Companies served by Sunrise Metal

How Can I Request for Quote (RFQ) from Your Company?

We need some basic details about your project to give you a probable estimate. You can either contact us through our online chat or mail us the required information. Some important information you should mention in your RFQ is as follows.

  • Submit a 3d CAD file of your model. Attach any 2d model as well if available, they help us better assess the design. You can also contact us if you need help completing your model.
  • Let us know your quality, precision, and strength requirements. If you have a preference for a particular aluminum alloy, mention that as well.
  • Specify your order quantity and preferable deadline.

Write up the information in detail for an accurate quote. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.


Can You Provide PPAP and Patent Our Work?

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is an essential part of the automotive and aerospace industry’s product development process. We shall help you through the entire approval process. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

We also patent any unique manufacturing techniques used for a client’s project. We provide customized solutions to our clients that suit the requirements of their project. We are always looking forward to finding innovative production approaches.

How Can Your Company Reduce the Production Cost of Aluminum Die Cast Parts?

A significant cost associated with aluminum die casting is due to the high tooling cost. Because die casting tooling is done using CNC Machines. And CNC machining can be pretty expensive based on the complexity of the parts you are producing.

Certain design tips can greatly reduce machining time and cost for you. Some of them are discussed below.

Maintain Adequate Draft Angle

Draft Angle is the vertical inclination of outer walls along the parting line. It is provided to allow easier removal of casting from the die. You can see a similar feature in cupcakes as well. They have a larger diameter at the top and a smaller diameter on the bottom.

Keep Undercuts Minimum

Avoid undercuts in your design. If your product must include some undercuts, at least keep them aligned with the parting line. If undercuts are not appropriately placed, they complicate the casting process. Thus make it too expensive or impossible to cast.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Any sharp edges in your dies make both machining and casting difficult. Machining sharp edges require CNC machines with high accuracy, which are also more expensive. And sharp edges in dies makes it difficult to remove a casting and often damage the edges.

Avoid Intricate Features

Tooling cost will drastically increase with the rise in complexity. Keep your design simple, and avoid unnecessary details. Try not to keep any deep pocket and avoid thick walls in your designs. Maintaining a uniform wall thickness is advised as well.

Following these guidelines can significantly simplify the machining process and reduce the production cost of aluminum die casting.

How to Find a Reliable Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in China?

China is dominating the manufacturing industry right now. Due to the abundant land resources, raw material availability, and substantial human resources; Production cost in China is much more reasonable than any other country in the world.

So, companies from abroad are depending on Chinese aluminum die casting manufacturers for production of their products. But there is too many aluminum die casting manufacturers in China, and it is a tough decision to find the right supplier for your project.

So, when you are looking for an Aluminum die casting supplier in China keep these following facts in mind.

  • Look up the online business directories for a supplier
  • Check out recommendations from your business contacts
  • International trade shows are a great opportunity as well. Review the recent trade shows to find a vendor that interests you
  • Check out the company’s die casting equipment and quality management system
  • Try to find any customer feedback about the company
  • Make sure the company complies with the international standards

You can follow these guidelines to find a suitable manufacturer for business.

How to Maintain Good Cooperation with Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in China?

Client-Supplier relationship is a crucial parameter for any business. There must be a proper understanding between them in order to get mutual benefits. Here are some tips that will help you maintain a good relationship with your supplier.

  • Explain your project in detail. Communication is the key. Keep your terms and requirements clear. It can minimize the chances of conflict with the trade.
  • If you are from a different country, respect the cultural differences of each other.
  • The employees may not be familiar to your language or have a different tone of speaking. Keep consideration for such occurrences.
  • Meeting with your supplier will leave a positive vibe, and you will hopefully notice the differences later on.

Keep these tips in mind for a successful partnership with your vendor.

Why Should You Choose Sunrise Metal as Your Aluminum Die Casting Partner?

Sunrise Metal is one of the rising aluminum die casting manufacturers in China. With our excellent customer service and quality of work, we have secured a safe position for ourselves in the global die casting market.

Sunrise Metal Aluminum Die Casting Shop

Here are some of the remarkable things about our company which should convince you why we are the right partner for your project.

Priority Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We aim for maximum customer satisfaction and try our best to help you with your project. You shall guide you in every step of your production and give you the best possible solution for your project.

All-in-One Solution

Sunrise Metal is not just a die casting factory. We have all sort of necessary production and quality control equipment required before and after casting. We have capabilities to help you from the beginning to completion of your project.

Two Die Casting Factories

Sunrise owns two die casting factories at Nantong and Kunshan. It should give you a good idea about the scope of our business. Our die casting facilities are enriched with the latest technology machines and are capable of handling complex die casting jobs.

Sophisticated Quality Management System

We pride in our superior quality management system. Our strict quality control measures and corporate culture ensures the perfection of your work. We used advance QA test equipment and employed a dedicated team for assuring the quality of your castings.

Wide Range of Equipment

We have a large collection of die casting equipment ranging from 280T to 800T. So we can carry out any small to medium volume die casting operation with ease. We can maintain your required precision requirements as well.

Strong Command of English

It is a crucial trait for any Chinese aluminum die casting company. We have to deal with many foreign clients, so all of our employees are instructed to maintain communication in English. We focus on giving you a welcoming feeling.

You can find out more about our services in other guide articles and blog. You are welcome to check them out as well.

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