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6 Tips to Find Reliable Aluminum Manufacturer in China

Finding an aluminum manufacturer in China isn’t difficult. Rather you will be confused about which supplier to pick, as there are numerous aluminum components companies in China. But what matters is whether or not that supplier can live up to your expectations.

Here are six tips that will help you find a reliable aluminium parts manufacturer for your project:

1.Visit the Trade Fairs

China holds many public trade fairs every year. Here countless manufacturers open stalls to showcase their products. One such event is the Canton Fair, which is pretty popular in China. It is an excellent way to get in touch with Chinese suppliers.

2.Search Online B2B Marketplaces

There are some great B2B platforms to find Chinese suppliers (e.g., Alibaba, Made in China). You will find a lot of good aluminium parts manufacturer there. But make sure to do a good background check on the supplier to avoid getting scammed.

3.Thoroughly Scan Supplier Website

A good supplier usually has a sophisticated website with all their services appropriately listed. You can explore their site to learn about their services and policies.

4.Seek English Communication

It is always better to partner with a company that has employees with good English skills. You will be able to discuss your project and make effective decisions.

5.Be careful With Trading Companies

Trading companies aren’t very reliable as a supplier. There have been many cases of scams with trading companies lately. Moreover, many fraud trading companies can have a fancy website and pretends to be a manufacturer.

6.Make a Visit Before Closing the Deal

We advised you to visit the manufacturing facility at least once before you close the deal. Because you can never fully trust the information, you get from online sources. It is more crucial for big projects.

Sunrise Metal |

Your Reliable Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in China

10 Years of Experience

Aluminum Manufacturer in China for die casting

Sunrise Metal is an aluminium manufacturing company in China with more than ten years of experience. Thus, our expertise allows us to make fast and effective decisions regarding a project. Moreover, our experienced engineers can provide cost-saving suggestions and tips to enhance the quality of your parts.

One-Stop Manufacturing Solution

Sunrise Metal has multiple facilities in China to carry out different types of manufacturing processes. Our services include,

As you can see, we can provide a complete solution from design to the finishing of your aluminum parts.

Strong Command of English

We encourage you to maintain a strong command of English within our company. Because we aim to carry out a seamless conversation with our foreign customers, increasing our customer’s experience and helping them make better choices.

Advanced Aluminum Casting Equipment

Sunrise Metal has four production facilities equipped with high-end aluminum manufacturing equipment. So, you can rest assured about our ability to handle big projects. However, we are open to our customers regardless of the order quantity.

Inspecting Quality of an Aluminum Part in a China Aluminum Manufacturer

Superior Quality Control

We maintain high-quality control standards for our manufactured goods. Moreover, we use advanced quality inspection devices to check our products thoroughly. Our strict quality control measures have earned us the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certification.

What Industrial Zones in China Have Good Aluminum Manufacturing Facilities?

China is one of the most swiftly developing countries globally and has made marvelous advancements in the manufacturing industry in the last few decades. The manufacturing industry of China is located in some specific industrial zones.

We have discussed the three most popular industrial zones here.

Jiangsu ProvinceDie Casting Factory in Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu is a coastal province in China. It is one of the most prosperous provinces in China and has the second-highest GDP. Many cities located inside this province are major economic hubs and core of industrial development. Numerous die casting factories are located here. All of Sunrise Metal’s factories are located in this province as well.

Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang is also a coastal province bordered by the Jiangsu province. Major industries driving Zheijiang’s economy are textiles, chemical, construction material, food, and electromechanical industries. This province has a good number of die casting facilities.

Guangdong Province

Guangdong has the largest population and is the richest out of all provinces. It is commonly known as Canton province. It has the 4th largest sub-national economy in the world. Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the two economic hubs of China, are located in this province.

What are the Types of Aluminum Manufacturer in China?

We have classified the types of suppliers available in China into three categories.

  • Manufacturer/Factory
  • Trading Company
  • Sourcing Agent
Aluminum Manufacturer/Factory

Manufacturers/Factories produce your products. In general, an aluminum manufacturing company can offer you products at the cheapest price point. However, manufacturers are usually focused on mass production and lack the infrastructure to provide retail manufacturing service.

Trading Company

Trading companies are resellers that source parts from the factories and sell them to you. They have the benefit of offering a wider variation in products and has lower MOQ. But they are an intermediary, thus will be cost you more than a factory. People new to sourcing parts from China often mistake trading companies as manufacturers.

Sourcing Company/Agent

A sourcing company or agent expresses your interests directly with a manufacturer. Unlike trading companies, they are more likely to represent your interests in case of disputes. They do not sell anything themselves. Rather they help you close the deal with manufacturers.

You can learn about the type of suppliers in more detail from this link.

Can I Trust an Chinese Intermediary Aluminum Company?

There are lots of resellers nowadays. You will often encounter trading companies pretending to a factory. You will also come across sourcing agents who will take care of the manufacturer’s bidding on your behalf.

However, it is not like all trading companies are scams. There are many legit trading companies out there. Sometimes, trading companies have an exclusive deal with the factories, and they can source parts cheaper than you could.

However, it is best to deal with the manufacturer yourself if possible. Having more middle-man in your business means more stakeholders trying to benefit from it. Developing a sustainable supply chain directly with the manufacturer can ensure a better economy.

Moreover, intermediaries usually can’t provide you with any after-sales service. Small scale trading companies can’t afford to take liability for damaged or defective products, unlike the supplier.

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