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Rapid Prototyping

Sunrise Metal is one of leading companies in rapid Prototyping
making real-life products out of customers’ design concepts. “Speeding up your time to market” is our fundamental promise to our customers and is the key priority for Sunrise prototyping shop.

State of the art technologies and materials combined with proven production processes are applied to produce prototypes in metals as following:

1. No-Ferrous Metals:
Aluminum 6061-T6,6063-T6,Copper,Brass and Titanium etc.

2. Die Casting Material:
Aluminum(A380,A360,ADC12,ADC10etc.)rapid Prototyping (2)
Zinc (Zamak 3# and Zamark 5#)

3. Steels
Stainless Steel SUS304,SUS303 etc.